File Title
1 Brain-Uploading Company Has No Immediate Plans to Upload Brains
2 Female Mass Killers: Why They're So Rare
3 Reference: Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects
4 Neanderthals' Big Noses Get an Airy Explanation
5 Tiny, Lab-Grown Minibrains Sprout Blood Vessels
6 Snow Monkeys Love Hot Baths Just like Humans Do, and Now We Know Why
7 What on Earth Is this Fiery Blob?
8 'Stingray' Spy Devices Are Eavesdropping in Washington, D.C.: Here's How
9 The Most Precise Measurement of Antimatter Yet Deepens the Mystery of Why We Exist
10 500 Million Years Ago, a Sea Worm Hosted a Poop Picnic for His Shelled Friends
11 What's in a Fat Cell?
12 Can Eating Pasta Really Help You Lose Weight?
13 A Third of Young Millennials Are Confused About this Incontrovertible Fact
14 Could Boeing's 'Starliner' Spacecraft Be a Next Step for Reaching the Moon and Beyond?
15 Reference: Spleen: Function, Location & Problems
16 Teeth-Baring 'Zombie' Raccoons Scaring Residents of Ohio Town
17 These Scientists Say Scott Pruitt Is Trying to 'Kill' the EPA
18 Meet 7 Versions of BB-8, the Lovable 'Star Wars' Droid
19 Scientists Find Very Young Cells in Even Very Old Brains
20 Stop Peeing in Walden Pond!
21 'Killer Robot' Lab Faces Boycott from Artificial Intelligence Experts
22 A 5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Just Struck Southern California
23 How Did an App Know an Earthquake Was Hitting California Before It Happened?
24 Reference: Angkor Wat: History of Ancient Temple
25 This Prehistoric Sea Monster Was About to Be an Octomom
26 Military-Funded Study Successfully Tests 'Prosthetic Memory' Brain Implants
27 Is Dark Matter Made Up of Mini Black Holes from the Big Bang?
28 Hurricane Season 2018: How Long It Lasts and What to Expect
29 Sewage Suggests that People Got High for 2017 Solar Eclipse
30 Elon Musk Worries that AI Research Will Create an 'Immortal Dictator'
31 Sprawling, 2,000-Year-Old Desert Carvings Show Up in Drone Photos
32 German Scientists Harvest Their 1st Antarctic Salad, and It Looks Amazing
33 Lin-Manuel Miranda's Shingles: Why He Was 'Quarantined' from His Newborn Son
34 How a Stranded Nurse Saved His Own Life During a Heart Attack
35 Watch These Adorable Baby Eagles Weather the Southern California Earthquake
36 X Prize Is Relaunching a Private Moon Race Without Google (or a Prize)
37 'Space Alien' Mummy Spurs DNA Debate
38 Why Extraterrestrial Life May Be More Unlikely than Scientists Thought
39 Glass 'Bread Crumbs' Could Lead the Way to Missing Crater
40 Could Beasts like Frankenstein's Monster Exist in Real Life?
41 This Mysterious Marijuana Syndrome Is Relieved by Hot Showers
42 Did You Buy Bitcoins? Your Brain's Anatomy Might Be to Blame
43 There's a Lot of Sperm on the International Space Station Right Now
44 The Story Claiming Buzz Aldrin Saw Aliens in Space Is Utter Nonsense
45 Deadly Pressure: Why These Two Men's Muscles 'Blew Up' from the Inside
46 85,000-Year-Old Finger Bone May Rewrite the Story of Human Migration Out of Africa
47 Prehistoric Sea Monster Was Nearly the Size of a Blue Whale
48 Please Help Name These Adorable Bald Eagle Hatchlings. Democracy Depends on It.
49 A Man Ate the 'World's Hottest' Pepper. Then the 'Thunderclap' Headaches Started
50 Weird Neutrinos Can't Quite Explain Matter's Huge Riddle Yet
51 SpaceX Not to Blame for Loss of Top-Secret Spy Satellite
52 This Pouched Rat Can Sniff Out Tuberculosis in Kids
53 Have Archaeologists Discovered the Tomb of King Tut's Wife? Maybe.
54 How (and Where) Did Hannibal Cross the Alps? Experts Finally Have Answers
55 65 Pounds of Plastic Trash Tore this Whale Apart from the Inside
56 If You Want Your Friend to Vaccinate Their Kids, Don't Try to Change Their Mind
57 Greenland Has a Mysterious 'Dark Zone'--And It's Getting Even Darker
58 If 'Oumuamua Is an Alien Spacecraft, It's Keeping Quiet So Far
59 After Death, Your Microbiome Could Still Help the Living
60 That's Cheating! Medieval Dice with No. 1 or 2 Found on Street in Norway
61 Nubian Stone Tablets Unearthed in African 'City of the Dead'
62 This 'Disappearing' Optical Illusion Proves Your Brain Is Too Smart for Its Own Good
63 New Ocean Current Discovered Off the Coast of Madagascar
64 Scientists Solve the Molecular Puzzle of 'Flammable Ice'
65 Spooky Entangled Photons Create Perfectly 'Unhackable' Random Numbers
66 Oceans' Mysterious Magnetic Field Is Mapped in Stunning Detail from Space
67 Synthetic Marijuana Tainted with Rat Poison Linked to 3 Deaths
68 Here's What Causes Some People's Bones to 'Drip' like Candle Wax
69 Whale Sneezes Rainbow, Proving Nature is Beautiful and Weird
70 When antibiotics turn toxic
71 Four-in-one 3D printer paves way for custom-made robots and phones
72 Spy-poison probe, white rhino and Stephen Hawking--the week in science
73 Diamond device paves way for first practical microwave lasers
74 Early birds may have been too hefty to sit on their eggs
75 US science agencies set to win big in budget deal
76 Reduced-calorie diet shows signs of slowing aging in people
77 Ocean scientists work to forecast huge plankton blooms in Arabian Sea
78 NASA reveals major delay for $8-billion Hubble successor
79 Top UN panel paints bleak picture of world's ecosystems
80 Pioneering Alzheimer's study in Colombia zeroes in on enigmatic protein
81 Need to make a molecule? Ask this AI for instructions
82 Delhi funds projects to cleanse its toxic air
83 Divided by DNA: The uneasy relationship between archaeology and ancient genomics
84 Athlete brain bank, costly weather and science on social media
85 Avian flu freezes coastal bird research in South Africa
86 Beguiling dark-matter signal persists 20 years on
87 The scant science behind Cambridge Analytica's controversial marketing techniques
88 EU reforms draw fire from scientists
89 Cancer researchers push to relax rules for clinical trials
90 Huge trove of unknown viruses found in fish, frogs and reptiles
91 Rogue space station, CRISPR crops and French AI pledge
92 NASA's next exoplanet hunter will seek worlds close to home
93 Mississippi River flooding worse now than any time in past 500 years
94 Squeaky clean mice could be ruining research
95 Brain-stimulation trials get personal to lift depression
96 Plan to dismantle Puerto Rico's statistics agency gets green light
97 Beijing launches pioneering brain-science centre
98 Global negotiations set to limit greenhouse-gas pollution from ships
99 UK survey reveals widespread sexual misconduct by academic staff
100 Cutting-edge cancer drug hobbled by diagnostic test confusion
101 Science's vast gender pay gap revealed in UK wage data
102 Web of Science owner buys tool that offers one-click access to journal articles
103 Suspected chemical attack, opioid-crisis cash and nuclear-fusion facility
104 Air-pollution trackers seek to fill Africa's data gap
105 How I scraped data from Google Scholar
106 How gravitational waves could solve some of the Universe's deepest mysteries