File Title
1 US approves licence for Taiwan submarine plan
2 Dutch roll out 'orange carpet' to woo post-Brexit business
3 Dubai splashes billions on mega projects ahead of Expo
4 Feds seize, websites in enforcement action
5 Planet orbiting a brown dwarf or a brown dwarf binary? Astronomers use cosmic lens to find new substellar system
6 Exotic binary stars
7 Hunting for dark matter in the smallest galaxies in the Universe
8 How many stars to expect in Gaia's second data release
9 ASU Online science course brings to life a new way of teaching
10 Dark matter might not be interactive after all
11 Giant solar tornadoes put researchers in a spin
12 Dead star circled by light
13 What's happening in Orion's Horsehead Nebula?
14 Paucity of phosphorus hints at precarious path for extraterrestrial life
15 Hubble makes the first precise distance measurement to an ancient globular star cluster
16 New study suggests tens of thousands of black holes exist in Milky Way's center
17 Astronomers discover a 'super-Earth' exoplanet orbiting a low-mass star
18 Supercomputer simulations shed light on the heliospheric interface
19 Astrophysicists map the infant universe in 3-D and discover 4,000 early galaxies
20 Artificial intelligence helps to predict likelihood of life on other worlds
21 Magnetic hot spots on neutron stars survive for millions of years
22 Perseus cluster: Scientists surprised by relentless cosmic cold front
23 Telescope larger than the Earth produces image of black hole jet formation in the core of a radio galaxy
24 NASA funds project to study feasibility of using robot bees to study Mars from a new perspective
25 Gravitational waves created by black holes in the centre of most galaxies
26 X-rays could sterilise alien planets in otherwise habitable zones
27 Is the Milky Way getting bigger?
28 Astronomers find 72 bright and fast explosions
29 First age-map of the heart of the Milky Way
30 NASA's mission to touch the sun arrives in Florida
31 Image: Cloudy Venus
32 Bound for Mars--countdown to first interplanetary launch from California
33 Image: Hubble finds an Einstein ring
34 Global sodium variation revealed by satellite optical spectroscopic observations
35 Image: Gullies of Matara Crater
36 Space-based telescope can image Earth and beyond
37 Image: Ariane 5's second launch of 2018
38 Cosmic magnetic fields with astonishing order
39 Virgin Galactic conducts first powered flight of new spaceship (Update)
40 Look up--it's a satellite!
41 Giant clue in the search for Earth 2.0
42 'Rockoons' may soon make launching satellites into space more accessible
43 New NASA X-plane construction begins now
44 From car engines to exoplanets
45 Researcher documents exact locations, times of Ansel Adams' Alaska photos
46 Video: The sweet smell of life support
47 Cargo-packed Dragon arrives at space station
48 Scientists observe mirror-like physics of the superconductor-insulator transition
49 Machine learning could help search for gravitational waves
50 For identical quantum channels, order matters
51 Neutrino experiment at Fermilab delivers an unprecedented measurement
52 Unlocking the secrets of ice
53 Fluorescent dye could enable sharper biological imaging
54 New technique more accurately reflects ponds on Arctic sea ice
55 A different spin on superconductivity--Unusual particle interactions open up new possibilities in exotic materials
56 Creating a 2-D platinum magnet
57 Researchers unravel 3-D locomotion of the nematode C. elegans
58 What makes a bestseller: Fiction, thriller and a Christmas release
59 Can we imitate organisms' abilities to decode water patterns for new technologies?
60 King penguin breeding colonies are structured like fluids
61 Twisting laser light offers the chance to probe the nano-scale
62 New camera inspired by butterfly eyes improves image-guided cancer surgery
63 Oldest magnetic record in the solar system discovered in a meteorite
64 'Frogs' and 'mushrooms' bubble up in quantum fluids
65 Physicists zoom in on mysterious 'missing' antimatter
66 Breakthrough made in atomically thin magnets
67 Mechanical engineer's method to control growth of carbonate-based crystals featured in PNAS
68 Scientists create 'Swiss army knife' for electron beams
69 Physicists demonstrate demixing behavior of rotating particles
70 A new metasurface model shows potential to control acoustic wave reflection
71 Researchers develop nanoparticle films for high-density data storage
72 Long-lived soundwaves in crystalline solids
73 Suspension system for high-performance microscopy results in perfect images
74 Why nuclear fusion is gaining steam--again
75 Crystals could help uncover mysteries of dark matter
76 Thermoelectric nanodevice based on Majorana fermions is proposed
77 Dynamics of microtubules
78 Photonic communication comes to computer chips
79 Theorists described an inertial lift of particles in microchannels
80 Study suggests the elusive neutrino could make up a significant part of dark matter
81 Interactions within quantum batteries are key to their charge advantage
82 Computer simulation of boiling phenomena, bubble formation and two-phase bubbly flow inside nuclear reactors
83 Why noise can enhance sensitivity to weak signals
84 Physicists show why it's hard to clog a drain with soft particles
85 Easing uncertainty
86 Finding order in disorder demonstrates a new state of matter
87 A novel test bed for non-equilibrium many-body physics
88 Hanging by a thread: Why bent fibers hold more water
89 Sandcastles and surprising origins of basic cellular functions
90 Stars turn out for Stephen Hawking's funeral (Update)
91 Non-invasive, adhesive patch promises measurement of glucose levels through skin without finger-prick blood test
92 Researchers develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats
93 How do very small particles behave at very high temperatures?
94 New 'NanoZymes' use light to kill bacteria
95 Scientists explain what happens when nanoparticles collide
96 Nanoparticles may cause DNA damage to brain cells across a cellular barrier
97 Self-healing metal oxides could protect against corrosion
98 Ancient paper art, kirigami, poised to improve smart clothing
99 Water purification breakthrough uses sunlight and 'hydrogels'
100 Stretchable, twistable wires for wearable electronics
101 Cracking eggshell nanostructure: New discovery could have important implications for food safety
102 IBM scientists demo rocking Brownian motors for nanoparticles
103 Chaos that will keep you warm: Researchers improve heat insulation using deliberate chaos
104 Scientists build army of metal-organic nanoflowers to treat cancer
105 Twisting graphene into spirals--researchers synthesize helical nanographene
106 Scientists mix the unmixable to create 'shocking' nanoparticles
107 Scientists develop sugar-coated nanosheets to selectively target pathogens
108 Fire alarm wallpaper detects, resists, and warns of house fires
109 Quantum-dot lasers are promising for integrated photonic circuits
110 New 'nanotweezers' open door to innovations in medicine, mobile tech