File Title
1 Chickens remain optimistic in enriched environments despite exposure to stress
2 New study shows climate change is wreaking havoc on delicate relationship between orchids and bees
3 Wild horses living on the Channel Islands face an uncertain future on the mainland
4 Experts team up to study bluefin tuna and confirm return to UK waters
5 Sowing strips of flowering plants has limited effect on pollination
6 Mechanism vital to keeping blood stem cells functional uncovered
7 In Cambodia, fears tarantula may go off the menu
8 Index measures similarity between cancer cells and pluripotent stem cells
9 Human brain drug uncovers key to plant stress response
10 Bolivia's jaguars facing threat from Chinese fang craze
11 Freezing breakthrough offers hope for African wild dogs
12 Raccoons' bizarre behavior gets locals' attention in US
13 Like human societies, whales value culture and family ties
14 Genes' interplay gives clues to how new cell types could evolve
15 New butterfly species discovered nearly 60 years after it was first collected
16 Bonobos share and share alike
17 Avoid south-facing birdhouses--for the nestlings' sake
18 The ban of the cave bear
19 Reaction adds chiral groups to nitrogen rings without first installing reactive groups
20 How pathogenic bacteria prepare a sticky adhesion protein
21 New cellular insights in bone development
22 Scientists breed bacteria that make tiny high-energy carbon rings
23 Light 'relaxes' crystal to boost solar cell efficiency
24 Scientists reveal cryo-electron microscopy structure of a herpesvirus capsid at 3.1 Angstrom
25 Altering silkworm genes to cause addition of useful protein into silk production
26 Cocoa bean roasting can preserve both chocolate health benefits, taste
27 Researchers developing renewable energy approach for producing ammonia
28 Molecular details of protein crystal nucleation uncovered
29 Titanium carbide flakes obtained by selective etching of titanium silicon carbide
30 Smart ink adds new dimensions to 3-D printing
31 Using water molecules to read electrical activity in lipid membranes
32 Single-cell mRNA cytometry via sequence-specific nanoparticle clustering and trapping
33 Biomimetic chemistry--DNA mimic outwits viral enzyme
34 Engineers turn plastic insulator into heat conductor
35 Polymers that mimic chameleon skin
36 Scientists map important immune system enzyme for the first time
37 Chemical synthesis with artificial intelligence: Researchers develop new computer method
38 Once we can capture CO2 emissions, here's what we could do with it
39 Making rusty polymers for energy storage
40 Exceptionally efficient extraction may improve management of nuclear fuel
41 Researchers identify molecular structure of the GATOR1 protein complex that regulates cellular growth signals
42 It's a trap--Researchers identify the process by which holes get trapped in ZnO nanoparticles
43 Study changes long-held concepts of cell decoding
44 Imaging method evaluates cell functional changes and wound healing
45 Electron transfer and oxidative damage in DNA in a biomimetic crowding environment
46 New liquid modeling technique predicts chemical reactions and lowers drug development costs
47 C9h peptide capped to induce cancer cell apoptosis
48 Marker for cancer stem cells--Fluorescent probe identifies tumor-initiating cells
49 Connecting hearing helper molecules to the ear bone
50 Robotics takes mass spec to the third dimension for forensics, pharma applications
51 Lighting the way to targeted therapies and fewer side effects
52 Cation mixing induces highly efficient sodium storage for layered cathodes
53 How to cool a smartphone
54 MRI technique detects the properties of packaged meats
55 Scientists solve structure of intellectual disability protein
56 Protein analysis enables precise drug targeting
57 Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past
58 Germanium promises better opto-electronic properties than tin for kesterite solar cells
59 Unprecedented contrast agent to measure the age of skin and blood vessels
60 Scientists develop novel chip for fast and accurate disease detection at low cost
61 Unlocking the secrets of ice
62 Engineers pioneer greener and cheaper technique for biofuel production
63 Fluorescent dye could enable sharper biological imaging
64 Wheat research discovery yields genetic secrets that could shape future crops
65 Hunting for dark matter in the smallest galaxies in the Universe
66 Creating a 2-D platinum magnet
67 A new class of antibiotics to combat drug resistance
68 Researchers develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats
69 ASU Online science course brings to life a new way of teaching
70 Dark matter might not be interactive after all
71 New source of global nitrogen discovered
72 Oldest magnetic record in the solar system discovered in a meteorite
73 Perovskite technology is scalable, but questions remain about the best methods
74 Social isolation tackled by Fribo robot connecting real-life friends
75 Faced with global warming, aviation aims to turn green
76 XiaoIce: When a chatbot chat moves up to human-sounding flow
77 Firefox Reality beckons our browser future
78 1.5 bn sensitive documents on open internet: researchers
79 'Squadbox' uses 'friendsourcing' to better support targets of cyberbullying
80 What makes a faster typist?
81 N/A
82 Computer system transcribes words users 'speak silently'
83 Zipline's delivery drone system redesign boosts capabilities
84 Shrimp-inspired camera may enable underwater navigation
85 Linguistic changes in gender and ethnic stereotypes correlated with major social movements and demographic changes
86 Scholarly snowball: Deep learning paper generates big online collaboration
87 What lies beneath: 'Cognitive' GPR could vastly speed urban construction
88 Researchers devise novel ultrafast laser beam steering for autonomous cars that is less complex, uses less power
89 Research overcomes major technical obstacles in magnesium-metal batteries
90 Robot designed to defend factories against cyberthreats
91 Intel shares dive on report Apple making own Mac chips
92 DNS service announced, puts privacy first
93 Biobot made of heart cells and gel looks like fluttering butterfly
94 Researchers in Japan focus on a way to mix rocket fuel ingredients
95 Ski-worthy exoskeleton set to enhance experience
96 Cat-like 'hearing' with device tens of trillions times smaller than human eardrum
97 Temperature heals lithium dendrites
98 Robot takes cues from spider that can walk and roll
99 Opinion: AI like HAL 9000 can never exist because real emotions aren't programmable
100 Lufthansa cancels 800 flights Tuesday in German airport strikes
101 Apple co-founder protests Facebook by shutting down account
102 A new JPEG format for virtual reality, drones and self-driving cars
103 Cambridge Analytica is 'only the beginning,' says data expert
104 5 questions for Mark Zuckerberg as he heads to Congress
105 Child advocates ask FTC to investigate YouTube
106 Facebook to send Cambridge Analytica data-use notices Monday
107 'Ideas' conference to grapple with dark side of tech
108 Robots that can learn like humans
109 Facebook suspends Canadian firm amid data mining scandal
110 Tech sector frets as US-China trade tensions simmer