File Title
1 As antibiotics fail, global consumption of antibiotics skyrockets, further driving drug resistance
2 Antibody removes Alzheimer's plaques, in mice
3 Drug-related mortality rates are not randomly distributed across the US
4 New study finds younger aged children with symptoms of ADHD have reduced brain size
5 Treatment rates for dangerously high cholesterol remains low
6 Smoking in patients with heart attack reduced with varenicline
7 E-cigarettes hampered smoking cessation in study [plus other topics]
8 Trained navigators may improve access to transplantation for disadvantaged patients
9 ACP issues ethical guidance for individuals participating in volunteer medical trips
10 Landslide modeling after Kaikoura Quake provides data to first responders
11 Program to recruit under-represented minority high schoolers into medicine shows promise
12 Genome does not like to excessively change in male germ cells
13 Teaching machines to spot the essential
14 Genes in songbirds hold clues about human speech disorders, UCLA biologists report
15 Surgeons transform static 'Mona Lisa' smiles to joyous ones
16 The connection between diet, obesity, and cancer: Nutrition experts explore the evidence
17 New research shows how submarine groundwater affects coral reef growth
18 Mental health issues linked to risky driving in newly licensed teens
19 New device uses biochemistry techniques to detect rare radioactive decays
20 Vagus nerve stimulation boosts post-stroke motor skill recovery
21 UMN Medical School study uncovers new findings on antimicrobial drug synergy
22 UCLA-designed program helps former HIV-positive inmates maintain health after release from jail
23 Detection of transcranial direct current stimulation deep in the living human brain
24 How do snakes eat live crabs? By being finicky diners
25 Researchers charge ahead to develop better batteries
26 Narcissists don't hunt for partners who are already taken--but it doesn't stop them
27 What the first American astronauts taught us about living in space
28 Gene therapy may help brain heal from stroke, other injuries
29 Putting quantum scientists in the driver's seat
30 Estrogen levels do not rise for transgender men treated with testosterone therapy
31 New scheduling model puts airlines on equal plane while easing congestion
32 Montana State researchers find that beetle odor could help tackle tamarisk
33 3-DIY: Printing your own bioprinter
34 The clouds of spaghetti that keep DNA data safe
35 Repurposing inhibitors may provide new treatment approach for ovarian cancer
36 Newly discovered planet is hot, metallic and dense as Mercury
37 Research hints at double the driving range for electric vehicles
38 Strategic expression
39 BIABooster: A more sensitive device for characterizing DNA in blood circulation
40 New technology reveals secrets of famous Neandertal skeleton La Ferrassie 1
41 New report recommends a nationwide effort to better estimate methane emissions
42 Research Brief: Older adults often prescribed meds linked to higher side effect risks
43 Marijuana may lead non-smokers to cigarettes
44 A football coach's overconfidence has a positive impact on the team's result
45 Molecular prison forces diatomic inmates to cell floor
46 Paper-folding art inspires better bandages
47 NREL discovers enzyme domains that dramatically improve performance
48 Kansas State University researcher studies risk of African swine fever in feed
49 Exploring the thermoelectric properties of tin selenide nanostructures
50 New technique sheds light on body language in job interviews, sales calls, team projects
51 Foul ball! Time to abolish rule protecting MLB from liability when fans are injured
52 Coding at birth: Nuffield Council on Bioethics publishes briefing note on whole genome sequencing of babies
53 MSU-based bioinformaticians studied the evolution of broken genes in a fruit fly
54 Childhood friendships may have some health benefits in adulthood
55 New 'nanotweezers' open door to innovations in medicine, mobile tech
56 Evaluation and treatment of depression may reverse memory and cognitive difficulties
57 CERN experiment sees hints of rare kaon decay: University of Birmingham physicists play leading role
58 Screening high-risk individuals can reduce multiple myeloma mortality
59 The future of photonics using quantum dots
60 Mass extinction with prior warning
61 Untangling the role of climate on sediment and reef evolution over millennial timescales
62 New study shows what interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua can teach us
63 How to deal with embarrassing situations
64 Honeybees may unlock the secrets of how the human brain works
65 Femtosecond laser fabrication: Realizing dynamics control of electrons
66 Understanding the strange behavior of water
67 Research shows why we struggle to get good night's sleep as we get older
68 A combination of cancer immunotherapies could save more lives
69 Moving light-dark exposure could reduce disruption faced by night shift workers
70 Tattoo electrodes from an ink-jet printer
71 Norfolk's iconic swallowtail butterfly at risk from climate change
72 New microsensor enables kidney dialysis to be customized
73 What else can molecular perovskite do?
74 'AGameOfClones': Identification of transgenic organisms
75 Salvage logging is often a pretext for harvesting wood
76 AI improves touchscreen interfaces for users with impairments
77 Humans risked limb ischemia in exchange for bipedal walking
78 Tackling adherence to treatment on several fronts
79 Detecting diminished dopamine-firing cells inside the brain could reveal earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease
80 Study reveals lack of self-awareness among doctors when prescribing opioids
81 On cryptocurrency exchanges, it's better to be a miner than a speculator, study finds
82 Despite reductions in infectious disease mortality in US, diarrheal disease deaths on the rise
83 Preclinical testing suggests some antioxidants may be effective in treating mitochondrial disease
84 Johns Hopkins investigators unravel biological roots of pulmonary hypertension
85 Prosthetic memory system successful in humans, study finds
86 Study highlights need for better treatment of heart failure patients
87 Malaria Cell Atlas launched: Parasite development mapped in unprecedented detail
88 New study on nicotinic receptors & LT memory paves way for targeted dementia therapy
89 From lullabies to live concerts: How music and rhythm shape our social brains
90 Parts of the Amazon thought uninhabited were actually home to up to a million people
91 Antibiotic use increases risk of severe viral disease in mice
92 Hepatitis C virus screening rates remain low among baby boomers
93 Newfound 'organ' had been missed by standard method for visualizing anatomy
94 Compared to nomadic communities, Silk Road cities were urban food deserts
95 Detecting diminished dopamine-firing cells inside brain could reveal earliest signs of Alzheimer's
96 Up to 38 percent of all annual childhood asthma cases in Bradford may be caused by air pollution
97 Hunting turns bear cubs into mama's boys (and girls)
98 Survey finds reducing stigma attributed to Alzheimer's is vital to prevention research
99 Study examines usability of electronic health records, safety events
100 Decline in deaths from most infectious diseases in US, large differences among counties
101 Treating menopause symptoms reduces abdominal fat tissue
102 Sediment core from sluice pond contains evidence for 1755 New England earthquake
103 Some e-cigarette ingredients are surprisingly more toxic than others
104 Abnormal brain connections seen in preschoolers with autism
105 Cardiovascular disease and multimorbidity: More from the special issue of PLOS Medicine
106 Multidisciplinary care likely cost-effective for chronic kidney disease patients
107 High doses of antiviral drug may be effective against Ebola
108 Some e-cigarette ingredients are more toxic than others
109 Gene responsible for electric fish 'spark' found in South American ghost knifefish
110 Patients more likely to accept robotic dentistry for non-invasive procedures