File Title
1 Study found people would rather pop a pill or sip tea than exercise to treat high blood pressure
2 HIV cell dysfunction discovery sheds light on how virus works
3 Older Americans are hooked on vitamins despite scarce evidence they work
4 Drug helps mouse and monkey brains recover from stroke
5 The link between losing a relative during pregnancy and the mental health of the child
6 Pesky mosquitoes provide neural implant solution
7 IBM lab designs molecule to kill drug-resistant superbugs
8 Using mathematical models to determine the best chemotherapy schedules
9 Massive single-cell survey of kidney cell types reveals new paths to disease
10 Scientists build better way to decode the genome
11 New rapid-fire method using pathology images, tumor data may help guide cancer therapies
12 Food allergy is linked to skin exposure and genetics
13 COPD is an adult killer, but its origins may lie in childhood
14 Unexpected finding may deter disabling diabetic eye disease
15 Kids in tough neighborhoods head to ER more often
16 Early intervention may minimise later lung problems
17 New blood test found to predict onset of TB up to two years in advance
18 Three-quarters of COPD cases are linked to childhood risk factors that are exacerbated in adulthood
19 Older adults grow just as many new brain cells as young people: study
20 Attention deficit disorders could stem from impaired brain coordination
21 New 'Pan-Cancer' analysis reveals the common roots of different cancers
22 A heavy working memory load may sink brainwave 'synch'
23 Here is how a cat can hinder children learning new words
24 7-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation
25 Macular degeneration linked to aging immune cells
26 X-linked genes help explain why boys of all ages face higher respiratory risk
27 Connections between two brain regions linked with financial risk tolerance
28 Overestimated mutation rate
29 Animal study suggests common diabetes drug may also help with nicotine withdrawal
30 Targeting neuraminidase--the 'N' in H1N1--could help prevent the flu and limit severity
31 Online message board advice on ICDs reflects inaccuracies
32 High-intensity exercise harmful in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
33 New brain cells in the old? Study stokes debate
34 Leukemia, and its treatment, may pose neurocognitive risks
35 Glycemic extremes in T1DM impact cognitive skills in kids
36 New study highlights benefits of weekly nutrition classes to improve type 2 diabetes
37 Factors ID'd for breastfeeding behavior in women with BMI >30
38 Early intervention service cuts suicide rate in schizophrenia
39 Q&A: Insomnia--what to do when you can't sleep
40 PET tracer could help predict treatment effectiveness for depression
41 New blood test useful to detect people at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
42 High-deductible health plans raise risk of financial ruin for vulnerable Americans, study finds
43 Telemedicine provides accurate diagnosis of rare cause of blindness in preemies
44 Education specialists argue that ILSA scores should not be used to conduct educational policy
45 Friends of friends reveal our hidden online traits
46 Prehistoric reptile pregnant with octuplets
47 Computer simulations show Viking's sunstone to be very accurate
48 Machine learning algorithm suggests ancient hominin remains not part of ritualistic burial
49 Neanderthal nose: All the better to breathe with
50 Partner's finances impact well-being, even in young love: study
51 Ancient sea worm eats, poops and leaves behind evidence of Cambrian biodiversity
52 Study shows changes in anatomy would have made walking easier without reducing muscles for climbing in early hominins
53 Human bony labyrinth used as an indicator of dispersal from Africa
54 Rare Scottish dinosaur prints give key insight into era lost in time
55 Spear points prove early inhabitants liked to travel
56 Extinct monitor lizard had four eyes, fossil evidence shows
57 New Patagonian predator sheds light on mysterious meat-eating dinosaur group
58 Warts and all: Researchers reconstruct face of Cro-Magnon man
59 Poor grades tied to class times that don't match our biological clocks
60 Lesson learned? Massive study finds lectures still dominate STEM education
61 Researchers investigate 'baby' tyrannosaur fossil unearthed in Montana
62 Cracked it! Experts find answer to the knuckle-popping puzzle (Update)
63 Archaeologist discovers Cornish barrow site
65 Three generations of data show how wealthy (white) families stay wealthy
66 13,000-year old human footprints found off Canada's Pacific coast
67 Scientists penalised by motherhood, shows research
68 Africa's scientists encouraged to become the next Einstein
69 Who are the best gift-givers? Not who you'd think, says marketing research
70 Number of doctorates awarded by US institutions in 2016 close to all-time high
71 Genetics of the modern heirs of the Inca shed new light on their origins and lineages
72 Why is it so stressful to talk politics with the other side?
73 Rights of the dead and the living clash when scientists extract DNA from human remains
74 Researchers publish the first comprehensive study of China's STEM research environment in higher education
75 How to deal with life's risks more rationally
76 A paleontologist who teaches anatomy is good for medicine and science
77 Paleontologist believes Cretaceous mosasaur might have specialized in fish
78 Study shows power of imagery in improving perceptions of president
79 Neanderthals cared for each other and survived into old age--new research
80 Students who study and sleep more don't just do better in school--they're happier, too
81 Geographers investigate ancient land use near the Jordan Valley
82 Archaeologists find remains of Greco-Roman temple in Egypt
83 Why suspending or expelling students often does more harm than good
84 Almost 80% of UK firms pay men more than women: data
85 Report shows widespread lack of support for high-ability, low-income students in U.S.
86 Nova-like explosion of spinning live bacteria explained
87 A new class of antibiotics to combat drug resistance
88 Scientists discover hybrid swarm in global mega-pest
89 Bacteria can pass on memory to descendants, researchers discover
90 'Sleeping' stem cells could aid brain repair
91 New discovery explains why cells with identical genes perform unique jobs
92 Researchers identify the cells that trigger flowering
93 Study reveals how unicellular organism repairs itself
94 Lessons from lemurs: To make friends, show off your smarts
95 Gene loss can prove to be an advantage
96 Genome sequencing shows baleen whales intermingled more than thought
97 Ancient origins of viruses discovered
98 Newly discovered hormone helps keep plants from dehydrating
99 Photosynthetic protein structure that harvests and traps infrared light
100 New coronavirus emerges from bats in China, devastates young swine
101 Research shows first land plants were parasitised by microbes
102 A certain protein could possibly be the key to understanding navigation in birds
103 Island emus' size related to size of island homes
104 Bowhead whales, the 'jazz musicians' of the Arctic, sing many different songs
105 Scientists merge statistics, biology to produce important new gene computational tool
106 Australian vine can boost soybean yield, study says
107 Global warming can turn Monarch Butterflies' favorite food into poison
108 Ionizing radiation found to soften tumor cell microenvironment
109 In zebrafish, the cholera bacterium sets off a surprising flush
110 Microbiome study suggests marine nematodes are not picky eaters