File Title
1 Promising drug may stop cancer-causing gene in its tracks
2 Blowin' in the wind--a source of energy?
3 Study challenges previous findings that antidepressants affect breastfeeding
4 LC-MS/MS Identification and characterization of biodegradation products of Nitroproston
5 Hybrid chickadees found deficient at learning and memory
6 Prenatal choline intake increases grey and white matter in piglets
7 New targeted therapy schedule could keep melanoma at bay
8 Combination breast cancer therapy targets tumor cells and the blood vessels that feed them
9 Rapid adaptation
10 In laboratory, SLU scientist turns off chemo pain
11 Animal migrations
12 Portable device detects severe stroke in seconds with 92 percent accuracy
13 Frequent, public drug users may be good candidates for overdose-treatment training
14 Research reveals a new direction for halting the citrus greening epidemic
15 Study offers pearls of wisdom in contested New York oyster restoration
16 How infighting turns toxic for chimpanzees
17 Atomically thin light-emitting device opens the possibility for 'invisible' displays
18 Keeping the genetic code
19 Study explores impact of firms' financial restatements on bank loans
20 The rhythm of genes: How the circadian clock regulates 3-D chromatin structure
21 Infection prevention and control programs are essential to antibiotic stewardship efforts
22 'Phubbing' can threaten our basic human needs, research shows
23 Insect toxin detected in the world's longest animal
24 First IVF bison calf joins NoCo. herd
25 Underground neutrino experiment sets the stage for deep discovery about matter
26 Understanding charge transfers in molecular electronics
27 Vampire bat immunity and infection risk respond to livestock rearing
28 New laser technique may help detect chemical warfare in atmosphere
29 Music lessons improve children's cognitive skills and academic performance
30 How did the guppy cross the ocean?: An unexpected fish appears on a volcanic archipelago
31 The structure is decisive
32 Looking deeper into brain function
33 Who becomes a hero? It is more than just a personality trait
34 Human cytomegalovirus reprograms hematopoietic progenitor cells to achieve latency
35 Alberta's boreal forest could be dramatically altered by 2100 due to climate change, study says
36 Novel blueprint for faster implementation of more evidence-based healthcare solutions
37 Argonne's powerful X-rays key to confirming water source deep below Earth's surface
38 A new way to find better battery materials
39 Study tracks impact of neonatal abstinence syndrome on state Medicaid programs
40 Analysis of the 9p21.3 sequence associated with coronary artery disease
41 Elon Musk's vision to colonize Mars updated in New Space
42 Patients to skip the lab, get immediate results with new blood test technology
43 Rocky habitats need to be protected for endangered amphibians to survive
44 Obesity is shifting cancer to young adults
45 Physicists measured the properties of ultrashort X-ray pulses
46 MSU-based scientists described the collision of a shock wave and a 'star cradle'
47 Ultrathin endoscope captures neurons firing deep in the brain
48 Study uncovers the intricacies of the pursuit of higher self-control
49 MSU-based physicists witnessed the turning of a dielectric into a conductor
50 Values and gender shape young adults' entrepreneurial and leadership
51 Half of vision impairment in first world is preventable
52 Lightweight metal foam blocks blastwave, debris from high-explosive rounds
53 Neural fingerprints of altruism
54 Chance is a factor in the survival of species
55 Britain's emissions dropped by 6 percent in 2016 by switching from coal to natural gas
56 Artificial bio-inspired membranes for water filtration
57 Edges and corners increase efficiency of catalytic converters
58 Drug reduces inflammation in stroke patients
59 New method speeds up development of medication
60 Remake, refill, reuse: Recycling at the synapse revealed
61 Tetrahedrality is key to the uniqueness of water
62 Understanding gravity: The nanoscale search for extra dimensions
63 A simple method developed for 3-D bio-fabrication based on bacterial cellulose
64 Is glass transition driven by thermodynamics?
65 Light is enough to peer through a mouse skull
66 Finnish drivers use WhatsApp, PokemonGo and Tinder while driving
67 Opioid analgesics reduce use of antipsychotics in persons with Alzheimer's disease
68 Superconductivity in an alloy with quasicrystal structure
69 Scientists launch global effort to model pancreatic beta cell, solve diabetes
70 Food waste: The biggest loss could be what you choose to put in your mouth
71 Worsening worldwide land degradation now 'critical,' undermining well-being of 3.2 billion people
72 Sewage sludge leads to biofuels breakthrough
73 Improving human-data interaction to speed nanomaterials innovation
74 New research shows fertilization drives global lake emissions of greenhouse gases
75 Study examines blood lead levels of Flint children before and after water crisis
76 Why does sleep become disrupted in old age?
77 Study: More people rely on government catastrophic drug plans
78 Cancer patients' pain eased by simple bedside chart, study shows
79 Breakthrough in battle against rice blast
80 Reconciling Paris Agreement goals for temperature, emissions
81 Let them eat xylose: Yeast engineered to grow efficiently on novel nutrients
82 Prenatal stress changes brain connectivity in-utero
83 Global carbon emissions could be cut 3 percent by following the UK's example
84 Captured on film for the first time: Microglia nibbling on brain synapses
85 Stanford researchers learn why aquatic mammals need to be big, but not too big
86 Important development could reduce numbers of fish required in toxicology research
87 Study suggests uncertainty in e-cigarettes' usefulness for quitting smoking
88 Children with autism and their younger siblings less likely to be fully vaccinated
89 Top sports leagues heavily promote unhealthy food and beverages, new study finds
90 Yeast adaptation study finds diploids evolve more slowly than haploids
91 Are antibiotic courses prescribed for sinus infection too long?
92 Vaccination rates for children with autism spectrum disorder, their younger siblings
93 Receptivity to e-cigarette ads among young adults in the US leads to cigarette smoking
94 Study finds hospital quality report cards and readmission penalties may not tell whole story
95 Team brings subatomic resolution to 'computational microscope'
96 Why are whales so big?
97 Poor practice on conflict of interest in NHS may be damaging trust in clinicians
98 Epilepsy drug exposure in womb linked to significantly poorer school test results
99 Known risk factors largely explain links between loneliness and first time heart disease/stroke
100 Machine learning model provides rapid prediction of C. difficile infection risk
101 New family of promising, selective silver-based anti-cancer drugs discovered
102 Mitochondrial disease patients face difficult road to diagnosis
103 How to make a good impression when saying hello
104 New standards for ancient protein studies set forth by multi-national group of researchers
105 Caribou drone study finds 'enormous variation' within herd
106 Spiders and scorpions have co-opted leg genes to build their heads
107 Mutation promts lung tumor cells to morph into gut cells
108 New insights into how cellulose is built could indicate how to break it apart for biofuels
109 Oxycodone use shifts in Australia after tamper-resistant versions introduced
110 Themed issue lays foundation for emerging field of collective movement ecology