File Title
1 Achieving healthy, climate-friendly, affordable diets in India
2 The search for dark matter widens
3 Physicists made crystal lattice from polaritons
4 Study IDs important role for specific gene in 16p11.2 deletion autism
5 Specific gene region in hypertension revealed
6 Months-long real-time generation of a time scale based on an optical clock
7 Malaria's most wanted: Identifying the deadliest strains to design a childhood vaccine
8 Pro-environmental programs should take the factors that motivate each gender into consideration
9 Why do some people 'hear' silent flashes?
10 Antibiotics could be key to relieving chronic bladder pain
11 Extreme winter weather, such as 'Beast from the East,' can be linked to solar cycle
12 Why it doesn't pay to be just nice--you also need to be intelligent
13 Two genes cooperate to trigger leukemia development
14 Dogs with noise sensitivity should be routinely assessed for pain by vets
15 Even flies like a familiar song
16 Pressing a button is more challenging than appears
17 Illusory motion reproduced by deep neural networks trained for prediction
18 Good motor skills may enhance reading skills in obese children
19 Beyond the WIMP: Unique crystals could expand the search for dark matter
20 Smithsonian researchers name new ocean zone: The rariphotic
21 Metformin lowers risk of late miscarriage, preterm birth in pregnant women with PCOS
22 Some patients on levothyroxine have continued symptoms
23 New study brings us one step closer to understanding how tidal clocks tick
24 In some elderly patients, levothyroxine may be linked with increased mortality
25 Providing free supplies to low-income families improves type 1 diabetes
26 First population-scale sequencing project explores platypus history
27 Sound new technique tunes into the shifting shapes of biology
28 Music therapy aids healing of military personnel
29 Dinosaur frills and horns did not evolve for species recognition
30 Pipe-crawling robot will help decommission DOE nuclear facility
31 Weight loss after stomach-narrowing surgery eases chronic knee pain
32 Risk of maternal death doubled in pregnant women with anemia
33 Limiting shifts for medical trainees affects satisfaction, but not educational outcomes
34 Switch discovered to convert blood vessels to blood stem cells in embryonic development
35 Research study encourages hospitals to reduce number of paper documents created
36 Limiting medical trainees' hours affects satisfaction, but not educational outcomes
37 Trial shows safety of drugs for irregular heartbeat patients undergoing treatment
38 Women with DCIS at lowest risk of recurrence if they are post-menopausal or ER+
39 Risk of a second breast cancer can be better quantified in women carrying a BRCA mutation
40 Double mastectomy to prevent cancer reduces risk of dying in BRCA1 mutation carriers
41 New linguistic analysis finds Dravidian language family is approximately 4,500 years old
42 Discovered mode of drinking in mosquitoes carries biomedical implications
43 USTC reports diamond ring architecture of a protein complex
44 Blackbirds in the city: Bad health, longer life
45 20 percent of Americans responsible for almost half of US food-related greenhouse gas emissions
46 Potential cognitive effects of targeted drugs in children may be reversible with therapy
47 Children born to mothers with low vitamin D levels may develop autism-like behaviors
48 Are hospitals improperly disposing of personal health information?
49 Rain or snow? Humidity, location can make all the difference, new map shows
50 Chronic fatigue syndrome possibly explained by lower levels of key thyroid hormones
51 Sustained bacterial outbreak in mosquitoes limits spread of life-threatening diseases
52 Tamoxifen and raloxifene slow down the progression of muscular dystrophy
53 Natural sniper kills hospital bacterium
54 Researchers create new low-cost, sustainable material for reducing air and water pollution
55 Study identifies effective parenting strategies to reduce disruptive behavior in children
56 In drawing tests, US children draw female scientists more today than in previous decades
57 High consumption of red and processed meat linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and insulin resistance
58 Ideal heart health less likely among lesbian, gay and bisexual adults
59 3-D-printed models improve medical student training
60 We start caring about our reputations as early as kindergarten
61 US children now draw female scientists more than ever
62 How obesity dulls the sense of taste
63 State-by-state causes of infant mortality in the US
64 Tiny gels sop up intestinal toxins
65 Continuously killing bacteria on coated stainless steel--add bleach to recharge
66 Wildfire intensity impacts water quality and its treatment in forested watersheds
67 'Candy cane' polymer weave could power future functional fabrics and devices
68 Smoked foods are tastier, less harmful with a tip from the auto industry
69 Making fragrances last longer
70 Vegetable compound could have a key role in 'beeting' Alzheimer's disease
71 Archaeologists Have Discovered a Roman Tomb in the Courtyard of the Medical University in Plovdiv
72 Fluted Spear Points Prove Early Native Americans Liked to Travel
73 A Maori ceremonial comb has been discovered in Huntly roadworks
74 Remains of Graeco-Roman temple discovered near Egypt's Siwa Oasis
75 Found the oldest Neanderthal wooden tools in the Iberian Peninsula
76 Computer simulations show Viking's sunstone to be very accurate
77 Women ran things in ancient Peru, a new study argues
78 400-year-old documents reveal evidence of Japanese opium production and winemaking
79 Old pottery discovery causes stir in Trang
80 Montpelier Archaeologists Employ New Technology to Reveal Slave Experience
81 Genetics of the modern heirs of the Incas sheds new light about their origins and lineages
82 Exclusive: Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert
83 Why Is It So Hard to Predict the Crash of China's Space Station?
84 China's Space Station Expected to Make Fiery Plunge in Next Few Hours
85 Chinese Space Station Comes Tumbling to Earth Over Pacific Ocean
86 Artificial Chameleon Skin Is Weird and Cool
87 1,500-Year-Old Coin Stash Leaves Archaeologists with Mystery
88 How Expensive It Is to Have Kids? These 5 Charts Reveal the Hefty Price Tag
89 Volcanoes, Swamps and the South Pole: NASA Scientists Take Research to Extremes
90 How Medical Marijuana Could Help Curb the Opioid Epidemic
91 This 4,000-Year-Old Mummy Just Solved a Century-Old Mystery
92 Here's Why an Ancient Lizard Had 4 Eyes
93 Why the 'Condom Snorting Challenge' Is Not Just Gross--It's Dangerous
94 The Chinese Space Station Narrowly Missed Landing in the World's Largest 'Spacecraft Cemetery'
95 Meet 'Norman,' the Darkest, Most Disturbed AI the World Has Ever Seen
96 MIT Just Cut Ties with Nectome, the '100-Percent-Fatal' Brain-Preserving Company
97 Antarctica's Underwater Ice Is Retreating 5 Times Faster than It Should Be
98 Giant, Clawed Dinosaurs Left These Footprints in Ancient Lagoon
99 NASA Has a Plan to Put Robot Bees on Mars
100 Woman's Bones Vanish Before Doctors' Eyes
101 This Injectable Bandage Is Made of Pastry Gel. It Could Save Your Life One Day.
102 Meet the Higgs Bubble that Will Destroy the Universe. Maybe.
103 NASA's Supersonic X-Plane Will Tear Through the Sound Barrier with 'a Gentle Thump'
104 New 'Nightmare' Bacteria Are Popping Up All Over the US
105 Reference: Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects
106 Brain-Uploading Company Has No Immediate Plans to Upload Brains
107 Female Mass Killers: Why They're So Rare