File Title
1 Prehistoric reptile pregnant with octuplets
2 Tens of thousands of black holes may exist in Milky Way's center
3 Spear point study offers new explanation of how early humans settled North America
4 Extinct monitor lizard had four eyes, fossil evidence shows
5 Seven-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation
6 Eating less enables lemurs to live longer
7 Germs with unusual antibiotic resistance widespread in U.S.
8 Double-drug strategy blocks escape route for most lung cancers
9 'Frogs' and 'mushrooms' bubble up in quantum fluids
10 Astrophysicists map the infant universe in 3-D and discover 4,000 early galaxies
11 Artificial intelligence helps predict likelihood of life on other worlds
12 Earth's stable temperature past suggests other planets could also sustain life
13 Bonobos share and share alike
14 Pesticides give bees a hard time
15 A vaccine for edible plants? A new plant protection method on the horizon
16 Diving deep into the blue whale genome reveals the animals' extraordinary evolutionary history
17 Losing your nest egg can kill you
18 Yeast engineered to manufacture complex medicine
19 Legalized medical cannabis lowers opioid use, study finds
20 Poor grades tied to class times that don't match our biological clocks
21 Childhood exposure to flame retardant chemicals declines following phase-out
22 N/A
23 Genetic material once considered junk actually could hold key to cancer drug response
24 Enhanced therapeutic vaccine platform achieves 2 proof-of-concepts in veterinary medical use
25 New camera inspired by butterfly eyes improves image-guided cancer surgery
26 How moms' brains are hard-wired to gather young
27 Older people advised to dance for better posture, flexibility, energy and happiness
28 Practicing Tai Chi helps improve respiratory function in patients with COPD
29 Get moving to get happier, study finds
30 Sleep deficiency increases risk of a motor vehicle crash
31 Obesity impacts liver health in kids as young as 8 years old
32 Relaxation response may reduce blood pressure by altering expression of a set of genes
33 Timing of stress-hormone pulses controls weight gain
34 Nanoparticle films for high-density data storage
35 Deep inside Perseus A--a telescope larger than the Earth makes a sharp image of the formation of black hole jets in the core of a radio galaxy
36 First age-map of the heart of the Milky Way
37 Is the Milky Way getting bigger?
38 Double perovskites in environmentally friendly solar cells
39 New 'NanoZymes' use light to kill bacteria
40 Diverse metals mix it up in novel nanoparticles
41 Pulling valuable metals from e-waste makes financial sense
42 Magnetic hot spots on neutron stars survive for millions of years
43 Astro-ecology: Saving endangered animals with software for the stars
44 Anticipating the dangers of space
45 X-rays could sterilize alien planets in (otherwise) habitable zones
46 Breakthrough made in atomically thin magnets
47 Smart ink adds new dimensions to 3-D printing
48 Scientists merge statistics, biology to produce important new gene computational tool
49 Debt matters: Women use credit to bridge income gaps, while men are less cautious
50 Human-engineered changes on Mississippi River increased extreme floods
51 Newly discovered hormone helps keep plants from dehydrating
52 Ancient origins of viruses discovered
53 Bowhead whales, the 'jazz musicians' of the Arctic, sing many different songs
54 Terns face challenges when they fly south for winter
55 Freezing breakthrough offers hope for African wild dogs
56 The ban of the cave bear
57 Lizards, mice, bats and other vertebrates are important pollinators, too
58 Facilitating coral restoration
59 Geologist identifies hidden clues to ancient supercontinents, confirms Pannotia
60 Increase of plant species on mountain tops is accelerating with global warming
61 Photosynthetic protein structure that harvests and traps infrared light
62 First land plants were parasitized by microbes
63 Water pressure a critical factor for mega-earthquakes
64 Ancient sea worm eats, poops and leaves behind evidence of Cambrian biodiversity
65 Inner ear provides clues to human dispersal
66 Proposed border wall will harm Texas plants and animals, scientists say
67 Dining out associated with increased exposure to harmful chemicals
68 Prosthetic memory system successful in humans
69 Why it doesn't pay to be just nice--you also need to be intelligent
70 Cost of 2017 salmon fisheries closure
71 Surprise can be an agent of social change
72 Human daily rhythms: Clocks vs. light/dark cycle
73 Relationship between legal cannabis and opioid prescribing examined
74 Apps to keep children safe online may be counterproductive
75 A letter we've seen millions of times, yet can't write
76 Memory training needs to target specific difficulties to be effective, suggests study
77 Investing in public education earns high marks for greater upward mobility
78 Scientists penalized by motherhood
79 Sagging confidence can lead to more self-interested behavior--or less.
80 High GPA could work against young women job hunters
81 Four types of employees who are potential insider threats
82 Dietary supplement shows promise for reversing cardiovascular aging
83 Newfound 'organ' had been missed by standard method for visualizing anatomy
84 Is there life adrift in the clouds of Venus?
85 Now you see it: Invisibility material created
86 Finding order in disorder demonstrates a new state of matter
87 13,000-year-old human footprints found off Canada's Pacific coast
88 Monkeys' brains synchronize as they collaborate to perform a motor task
89 Spa therapy helps Japan's snow monkeys cope with the cold
90 Resonances to 'taste' loins and hams without opening them
91 Food insecurity risk to rise as a result of global warming
92 Methane's greenhouse gas effect is warming Earth's surface
93 Ancient monitor lizard had four eyes
94 Most distant star yet discovered by Hubble
95 Antarctica's grounding lines are retreating across the seafloor
96 Google honors inventor John Harrison with new Doodle
97 Dozens of sauropod footprints found on Scottish coast
98 Laser beam traps long-lived sound waves in crystalline solids
99 Lockheed Martin to build quieter supersonic aircraft for NASA
100 Spear points reveal new story of how North America was peopled
101 Japan's snow monkeys use hot baths to conserve body heat, relieve stress
102 Inner ear helps scientists trace human migrations out of Africa
103 Astronauts successfully receive Dragon cargo ship at ISS
104 Study explains Neanderthal's uniquely shaped face
105 Planetary neighbors can influence habitability, for better or worse
106 Consider the bowhead whale the Miles Davis of the sea
107 Milky Way center may host 13 black holes
108 Roots of modern virus can be traced to the earliest vertebrates
109 ALPHA test records most precise direct measurement of antimatter
110 Study suggests lemurs live longer by eating less
111 New pair of elephant twins welcomed to Tanzania park