File Title
1 Researchers fabricate robust superhydrophobic films from anisotropic silica particles
2 Scientists control molecular alignment on a graphene surface
3 Researchers target immune cells to slow progression of ALS
4 Identifying the chemical forming carcinogens in recycled water
5 Mat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in water
6 Study evaluates connection between drug, alcohol use and infant abdominal malformation
7 Online tech is changing the dynamics of gift-giving
8 How often do medical problems lead to bankruptcy?
9 Drought-induced changes in forest composition amplify effects of climate change
10 Brief cardiac arrest? Tend to the heart, but don't neglect the brain
11 Learning to see
12 Automated notification system improves follow-up of actionable tests pending at discharge
13 New brain scanner allows patients to move freely for the first time
14 A new angle on gerrymanders
15 Neuroscientists develop potential tools for the study of brain function
16 Forgetting details, getting the gist may prompt false memories in older adults
17 Parkinson's gene initiates disease outside of the brain
18 Design approach developed for important new catalysts for energy conversion and storage
19 Machine learning predicts which patients benefit from prostate multiparametric MRI
20 The environment determines Caribbean hummingbirds' vulnerability
21 Insects could help us find new yeasts for big business
22 'We're sleepwalking into a mass extinction' say scientists
23 New interactive map shows climate change everywhere in world
24 New links between genetic abnormality and brain function in Huntington's disease
25 A natural fertilizer
26 Medical expansion has improved health--with one exception
27 Cutting greenhouse gas emissions would help spare cities worldwide from rising seas
28 Researchers link dietary supplement DHA to higher fat-free body mass in children
29 Analysis shows influential US prostate study not representative of real-world patients
30 Radar images show large swath of Texas oil patch is heaving and sinking at alarming rates
31 Chronic opioids linked to increased complications after spinal fusion surgery
32 Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog
33 Targeting telomeres to overcome therapy resistance in advanced melanoma
34 Medicating for mental health
35 How trees coexist. New findings from biodiversity research published in Nature Communications
36 New technologies and computing power to help strengthen population data
37 Evidence for a giant flood in the central Mediterranean Sea
38 Cold can activate body's 'good' fat at a cellular level, study finds
39 Study finds the emergency department can play a key role in identifying undiagnosed HIV cases in low resource areas
40 The problem of jaguars and space in western Paraguay
41 Proteins reveal new mechanisms in prostate cancer
42 The quest for neuronal origins
43 A potential drug target against a large family of parasites is identified
44 Flood protection is everyone's responsibility
45 Researchers observe the switching of ras protein in detail
46 New genetic research shows extent of cross-breeding between wild wolves and domestic dogs
47 Researchers explore enzymetic activities based on nanocomplex sensors
48 Physicists reveal material for high-speed quantum internet
49 Blue holes bring forgotten chemical element back on stage
50 Hunting squid slowed by rising carbon levels
51 Pregnancy and motherhood during surgical training: Results of a nationwide survey
52 Surpassing critical blood pressure threshold could signal hypertension regardless of age
53 Sex workers need workplace regulations to improve safety: Study
54 New ALS gene points to common role of cytoskeleton in disease
55 New design produces true lithium-air battery
56 New valve technology promises cheaper, greener engines
57 Scientists use diamond in world's first continuous room-temperature solid-state maser
58 Model created to help life insurers calculate breast cancer survivors' risk of death
59 NIH-supported international team confirms new genetic mutation link to ALS
60 Average size of breast tumors decreased following introduction of screening but is now increasing
61 Potassium gives perovskite-based solar cells an efficiency boost
62 New insights into the late history of Neandertals
63 Link between 2 key Alzheimer's proteins explained
64 Researchers discover new anti-cancer protein
65 Neglect common in English care homes
66 First 'non-gene' mutations behind neurodevelopmental disorders discovered
67 Briefing notes: New papers to be released on burden of low back pain
68 Flu and pneumonia infections increase risk of having a heart attack and stroke
69 Hunting squid slowed by rising carbon levels
70 Mumps resurgence likely due to waning vaccine-derived immunity
71 COSMIC impact: Next-gen X-ray microscopy platform now operational
72 Bioengineered tooth bud model functionalized with decellularized tooth bud ECM
73 Live 3-D printing of osteogenic scaffolds into bone defects
74 Immune cells in the retina can spontaneously regenerate
75 Is there an association between number of patients doctor sees and online patient rating?
76 Health-related quality of life for patients with vascular malformations
77 Can a smartwatch detect irregular heartbeat?
78 Two genes likely play key role in extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
79 Fixing soybean's need for nitrogen
80 Certain diabetes drugs may be linked to increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease
81 Tai chi as good as or better than aerobic exercise for managing chronic pain
82 Sweet surprise
83 New data confirm increased frequency of extreme weather events
84 'Wiggling and jiggling': Study explains how organisms evolve to live at different temperatures
85 The curse of zombie fossils
86 Lymph node surgery could be avoided for some women with aggressive types of breast cancer
87 Global burden of low back pain--a consequence of negligence and misinformation
88 Transforming oral health through science and evidence-based practice
89 Three-dimensional printing and bioprinting for tissue engineering
90 Islet transplantation improves QoL for people with hard-to-control type 1 diabetes
91 Belly fat promotes diabetes under orders from liver
92 Seismologists introduce new measure of earthquake ruptures
93 Brain stethoscope listens for silent seizures
94 Gradual release of immunotherapy at site of tumor surgery prevents tumors from returning
95 Predators learn to identify prey from other species
96 Can artificial intelligence be used to study gut microbes in patients?
97 Seizures may be detected through sound
98 Systems approaches to optimizing deep brain stimulation therapies in Parkinson's disease
99 Better educated nurses linked to better outcomes in surgical patients with dementia
100 Does menopausal hormone therapy maintain the brain?
101 US national parks increasingly important for bird conservation in face of climate change
102 A new way of thinking about tau kinetics, an essential component of Alzheimer's disease
103 Urgent care center growth in claim lines more than 7 times that of ER from 2007 to 2016
104 Long-term study reveals fluctuations in birds' nesting success
105 Drinking sugary drinks may be associated with greater risk of death
106 Middle-aged tooth loss linked to increased coronary heart disease risk
107 Mono-unsaturated fats from plants, not animals may reduce risk of death from heart disease and other causes
108 Grilling and other high-temperature cooking may raise risk of high blood pressure
109 Targeted immunotherapy treatment shows promise for treating advanced stage liver tumors
110 Freezing hunger-signaling nerve may help ignite weight loss