File Title
1 Magnetic heart pump cuts blood clots, stroke risks in study
2 Genetics linked to empathy in massive study
3 Nanotechnology detects molecular biomarker for osteoarthritis
4 New cholesterol drug lowers heart attack, death risk in study
5 Barbers help trim blood pressure of black men in study
6 Study: Poorer Americans more likely to die from anal cancer
7 Tylenol overdoses more likely during flu season: study
8 HeartMate 3 heart pump improves survival, lowers stroke risk in trial
9 Research: Blood thinner reduces risk after heart damage in surgery
10 Certain teens more likely to get hooked on opioids
11 Vitamin D3 may benefit heart surgery patients
12 Poor sleep may heighten Alzheimer's risk
13 Study: Nearly 1 in 10 women has untreated depression during 20s, 30s, 40s
14 Colonoscopy reduces colorectal cancer death risk, study says
15 Presidential panel: High-priced cancer drugs harming patient care
16 Study: Mentally ill in L.A. benefit from expanded services after special tax
17 Researchers find promising antibody treatment for Klebsiella bacteria
18 Calculator to predict pediatric appendicitis may improve patient care
19 U.S. healthcare spending twice as high other high-income nations
20 Researchers see sharp rise in kids' ER visits for allergies: Study
21 More people exposed to dangerours levels of lead than previously thought
22 Three-in-one pill shows promise in beating high blood pressure
23 Opioid ODs outpacing other 'deaths of despair'
24 Study: Genetic testing underused in breast cancer patients
25 Poor, minority moms face judgments over kids' weight
26 'Body on a chip' may help drug evaluation by replicating multiple organs
27 Experimental drug reduces hot flushes connected to menopause
28 Daily playing of video games does not make adults more aggressive: Study
29 Study: 1 in 4 Americans report sensitivity to chemicals
30 Smokers face greater risk for hearing loss, study says
31 Prosthetic arm with realistic sensation makes 'life a better place'
32 Heartburn meds not tied to hip fractures in Alzheimer's patients
33 Fit middle-aged women may fend off dementia later
34 Cutting co-pays helps heart patients take their meds
35 Study: More kids means fewer teeth later in life for mothers
36 Children under 3 at greater risk for complications after tonsil removal: Study
37 FDA issues proposed rule to lower nicotine in cigarettes
38 Scientists create nanostructures that could improve gene therapies
39 Study: Shorter hepatitis C treatment effective in black patients
40 Coffee affects metabolism in greater ways than previously thought: Study
41 Blood test takes guesswork out of assessing apparent heart attack
42 Dirty air may harm blacks more than whites
43 Teens often think e-cigs, hookah pipes harmless: CDC
44 Vitamin D helps body get benefits of calcium
45 Study: 'March Madness' busiest time of year for vasectomies
46 Massive study challenges 'obesity paradox'--weight does affect health
47 Splenda may intensify Crohn's symptoms, study finds
48 Five-tier model may allow for more precise prostate cancer treatment
49 Tough flu season finally slowing down, CDC says
50 NIH approves clinical trials for vaccine against avian influenza
51 Ocean swim may come with infection risks, study finds
52 Small, daily Viagra dose may cut colorectal cancer risk: Study
53 Trial shows stem cell therapy may reverse premature menopause
54 Study: High-energy breakfast aids weight loss in diabetics
55 Traumatic brain injuries in children may lead to ADHD
56 Study: Prostate MRIs better than standard biopsies in cancer detection
57 Retinal patch with stem cells treats macular degeneraiton
58 'Prior authorization' insurance requirements may harm patients, doctors say
59 Male birth control pill shows promise in early trial
60 Wounded combat vets face increased risk for high blood pressure
61 Low sperm count may signal serious health risks for men
62 Range of vaginal dryness products can help postmenopausal women: Study
63 Newly discovered human antibody protects mice from malaria
64 Majority of U.S. adults have poor heart health, study says
65 2 blood thinners help with irregular heartbeat during surgery in trial
66 FDA seeks to limit menthol, fruit flavors in tobacco products
67 Husband picking up housework may have benefits for the bedroom
68 Antibiotics curb chronic bladder pain in study
69 Brain scans reveal whether depressed patients will improve
70 Men more likely than women to be readmitted to hospital after firearm injury
71 Tiny pellets could treat knee pain, delay replacement surgery
72 Red and processed meats linked to liver woes
73 Too much Facebook, Instagram could be tough on girls
74 Pricey orthotic insoles aren't worth the cost
75 Skin cancer warnings should start at 6 months old, agency says
76 Risk of death during pregnancy doubles if woman is anemic: Study
77 Obesity linked to death of taste buds, change in diet
78 Study: Colder temperatures can activate body's 'good' fat
79 Islet cell transplants improve type 1 diabetes of participants in trial
80 FDA approval of Adcetris expanded to include later-stage Hodgkin lymphoma
81 Smartwatch app may help detect atrial fibrillation
82 Mumps vaccine protection may be waning, driving rise in U.S. cases
83 Back pain treatment could be all wrong for millions of patients
84 Pap test could spot more than just cervical cancer
85 Sugary sodas linked again to increased heart risks
86 Well-done meat may be bad for your blood pressure
87 Breast symptoms at mammogram may raise future cancer risk
88 Stroke-focused hip hop could help save lives, study says
89 Freezing hunger-signaling nerve could help initiate weight loss
90 Study: AI faster, more accurate than humans at analyzing heart scans
91 Opioids wrong way to treat lower back pain, researchers say
92 Gene-based urine test detects urinary tract cancers
93 Study: Chilean 'alien' was a human with rare bone anomalies
94 Breast tumor size has shrunk as mammogram becomes more widespread
95 Study weighs heart danger of antibiotics for older women
96 Depression could be a risk factor for a-fib: Study
97 Eat less if you want to live longer
98 Cocaine, heroin found on fingerprints of non-users in England
99 Researchers find way to lower high triglycerides
100 Shorts bursts of activity can boost long-term health
101 Dietary supplement reversed vascular aging in mice, study says
102 Chemical from marijuana could help prevent drug, alcohol relapse
103 MS drug offers short-term delay of secondary progression, trial shows
104 Youth obesity rates in U.S. flatten as adult rates continue to rise: CDC
105 Quicker action on climate change could prevent 153 million deaths: Study
106 Study backs age-based biomarkers to treat acute heart failure in ERs
107 Common meds may help spur antibiotic resistance, study finds
108 CDC: Doctor visits for flu symptoms down for 6th week in a row
109 Study explains why some 'preemies' have greater heart failure risk
110 Foot fungus on the run but race has long way to go