File Title
1 Insulin pump known to be effective in adolescents, adults also benefits children
2 Wearable heart rate monitor could signal low blood sugar in type 1 diabetes
3 Robocalls improve diabetes eye screening among low-income minorities
4 Diabetes medicine reduces liver fat in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
5 Study finds changes in intestines leads to reversal of diabetes after weight-loss surgery
6 In children with obesity, impulsivity may be linked with greater weight loss when treated
7 Human influence on climate change will fuel more extreme heat waves in US
8 New genetic test detects manatees' recent presence in fresh or saltwater
9 A third of young adults have ridden with an impaired driver, NIH analysis suggests
10 Drawing inspiration from plants and animals to restore tissue
11 Cutting carbon emissions sooner could save 153 million lives
12 Social, public health services crucial in fight against HIV/AIDS
13 Epidural stimulation shown to normalize blood pressure following spinal cord injury
14 Decoding the chemistry of fear
15 Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages increase stigma for low-income groups, Aboriginal peoples
16 Large study on cancer in the Metis people of Canada
17 A small, daily dose of Viagra may reduce colorectal cancer risk
18 Mothers living with food insecurity less likely to breastfeed exclusively to 6 months
19 At first blush, you look happy--or sad, or angry
20 Premature hearts less able to cope with exercise
21 Liquid-to-glass transition process gains clarity
22 Termite queen, king recognition pheromone identified
23 Newly described human antibody prevents malaria in mice
24 LSD blurs boundaries between the experience of self and other
25 Treating postmenopausal vulvovaginal symptoms in women
26 Physicists discover new quantum electronic material
27 Single steroid-bronchodilator treatment for control and rescue improves persistent asthma
28 New osteoarthritis genes discovered
29 Paraplegic rats walk again after therapy, now we know why
30 New osteoarthritis genes discovered, paving way for new therapies
31 Revolutionary new filter can improve drinking water quality
32 A reference catalog for the rumen microbiome
33 Adults' political leanings linked with early personality traits
34 Are traumatic brain injuries in kids associated with later ADHD?
35 Mars' oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions
36 With big data, researchers identify new targets for lung disease treatments
37 Commonly used drugs affect our gut bacteria
38 'New life form' answers question about evolution of cells
39 Surgeries employing GPs with additional training in complementary medicine appear less likely to pre
40 Custom-made foot orthoses appear to be no better than over-the-counter insoles or other treatments
41 Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together, study finds
42 How allergens trigger asthma attacks
43 Americans prefer economic inequality to playing Robin Hood, study finds
44 Smithsonian reports first evidence of live-traded dogs for Maya ceremonies
45 ENDO 18: New model, new drugs, and a 'remarkable' response in adrenal cancer
46 Poll: Social media makes it both easier and more challenging to parent tweens
47 Physicists bring order to liquid droplets, offering promise for pharmaceutical development
48 Social media use at age 10 could reduce wellbeing of adolescent girls
49 Climate change threatens world's largest seagrass carbon stores
50 Measuring neutrophil motility could lead to accurate sepsis diagnosis
51 Minimally invasive treatment reduces knee pain and disability from osteoarthritis
52 Study: One-third of young adults have ridden with an impaired driver
53 Social determinants of health linked to HIV mortality rates
54 Most Americans found to have suboptimal cardiovascular health [plus other topics]
55 Genetic analysis uncovers the evolutionary origin of vertebrate limbs
56 Severe war injuries and PTSD can impact hypertension risk
57 LSD blurs boundary between self and other
58 New biomarkers for neuroblastoma, a type of cancer in children
59 FASEB Journal: New insights on asbestos-related disease
60 Molecular cuisine for gut bacteria
61 New UTSA study presents method to stop cyber attacks on GPS-enabled devices
62 Poorer socioeconomic status predicts lower survival in patients with anal cancer
63 Vaginal estrogen tablets, moisturizers and placebo gel all can improve vaginal discomfort
64 Fast-acting antidote in sight for cholera epidemics
65 Identifying 'designer' drugs taken by overdose patients
66 Progress toward a new flu treatment, thanks to a small tweak
67 Implantable sensor relays real-time personal health data to a cell phone
68 From landfill to lipstick: Grape waste as a cosmetic and food ingredient
69 Theory of non-orthogonalization and spatial localization for convection-allowing ensemble forecast
70 Cardiovascular health disparities between whites and minorities narrow, study shows
71 Western diet depletes artery-protecting immune cells
72 Could drugs used after an organ transplant protect against Alzheimer's?
73 RIT researchers improve fabrication process of nano-structures for electronic devices
74 BU: Children of centenarians feel stronger purpose in life
75 Massey scientists identify genes that could inform novel therapies for EBV-related cancers
76 Praise may motivate young adults with autism to exercise more
77 Medicine that slows balding may turn stiff vessels supple, helping vital organs
78 What plants can teach us about oil spill clean-up, microfluidics
79 Marine researchers say recent sea star wasting disease epidemic defies prediction
80 Medicare claims show long-term prostate cancer prevention benefits of finasteride
81 TRAPPIST-1 planets provide clues to the nature of habitable worlds
82 Vitamin D might be key to syndrome affecting half of women aged 50 or plus
83 A method for predicting the impact of global warming on disease
84 Scientists discern new antibiotics resistance mechanism to peptide antibiotics
85 Amygdala neurons increase as children become adults--except in autism
86 Flight delays: Study finds out why some African birds stay home longer
87 Decision-making is shaped by individual differences in the functional brain connectome
88 TGen-ASU study identifies molecular response of muscle to different types of exercise
89 Brewing hoppy beer without the hops
90 Mass. Eye and Ear performs first FDA-approved gene therapy procedure for inherited disease
91 Hydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcers
92 Pain management in low-resource settings--anesthesiologists advocate for increased access
93 Taming chaos: Calculating probability in complex systems
94 Filling lithium-ion cells faster
95 Natural enemies reduce pesticide use
96 It's givin' me excitations: U-M study uncovers first steps of photosynthesis
97 Can acupuncture help alleviate menopausal symptoms?
98 'Missing mutation' found in severe infant epilepsy
99 How GDP affects success in eSports
100 Low-tech, affordable solutions to improve water quality
101 Study: Living abroad leads to a clearer sense of self
102 Dermatology scale validates quality of life
103 Danger ahead?
104 Surgeon performance benefits from 'warm-up'
105 Parenting and personality work together to affect baby's weight gain
106 A star disturbed the comets of the solar system in prehistory
107 Study of climate change could lead to understanding future of infectious disease
108 Study: Men more likely to be readmitted to hospital after sustaining a firearm injury
109 UTSA researcher maps San Antonio's music scene
110 Researchers create microlaser that flies along hollow optical fiber