File Title
1 Mangrove rivulus jumps farther as it ages, researchers say
2 Over 500,000 years of geographic change explains human adaptation in Kenya
3 Study links ancient volcanic eruption with Iceland's conversion to Christianity
4 Astronomers record echoes of black hole eating a passing star
5 'Oumuamua came from a two-star system, astronomers find
6 Glaciers are going to keep melting for decades, research predicts
7 Study sheds light on what happens to a cell when it dies
8 Martian oceans older, less deep than previously thought, study finds
9 Scientists separate atoms with smallest sieve ever
10 Researchers trap particle-based microlaser inside optical cable, a first
11 Researchers capture image of first step of photosynthesis
12 New material capable of detecting dark matter, scientists say
13 Next European space telescope to study the atmospheres of exoplanets
14 Google honors astronomer Guillermo Haro with new Doodle
15 Blackbirds in the city aren't as healthy as their relatives in the country
16 Cow and elephant dung can be turned into paper, study shows
17 Increase in promiscuity likely encouraged animal domestication
18 Seaweeds protect calcifying marine species from ocean acidification
19 Diamond powers first continuous room-temperature solid-state maser
20 Google honors geochemist Saruhashi with new Doodle
21 New device can harvest water from arid desert air
22 ESA satellite image highlights deforestation in Bolivia
23 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is getting bigger
24 Disabled beetles work extra hard to be good parents
25 NASA landslide map estimates risk in real time
26 Earwig wings inspire scientists working on foldable device designs
27 Instruments for NASA Mars mission undergo testing in Germany
28 New crew members welcomed to the space station
29 Germany was blanketed by ice some 450,000 years ago
30 Watch first-ever footage of living anglerfish
31 Reptile with massive jaws lived in Connecticut 200 million years ago
32 Another season, another historic low for Arctic wintertime sea ice
33 Microglia filmed eating brain synapses
34 Space telescopes showcase star formation inside, outside the Milky Way
35 Neural origins of altruism found in brains of Vietnam veterans
36 'Invisible' display: Cal researchers design atomically-thin, light-emitting device
37 Researchers investigate if Hurricane Harvey helped fire ants spread in Texas
38 Spiders, scorpions use leg genes to grow their heads
39 Land degradation threatens millions, according to first-ever land health report
40 Water's behavioral anomalies finally explained
41 Egyptian mummy discovered in coffin thought to be empty
42 Silk Road nomads were the original foodies
43 NASA satellite spots Eastern Europe's orange snow
44 Hot, metallic Mercury-like exoplanet discovered 340 light-years from Earth
45 Evidence of ancient communities found in remote parts of Amazon
46 Proba-1 spots Giza pyramids from space
47 Sea turtles use their flippers to play with their food, researchers say
48 Scientists stunned by discovery of galaxy without dark matter
49 Astronauts install antennas, make repairs during six-hour spacewalk
50 Scientists find 13,000-year-old footprints in Canada
51 Earth's water present before impact formed moon, study finds
52 Second blue moon of the year is last until 2020
53 SpaceX's Falcon 9 launches, releases 10 Iridium satellites into orbit
54 Sahara has grown 10% in 100 years, research finds
55 Where Chinese space station Tiangong falls to Earth still a mystery
56 Food insecurity risk to rise as a result of global warming
57 Methane's greenhouse gas effect is warming Earth's surface
58 Ancient monitor lizard had four eyes
59 Watch live: SpaceX to launch space station resupply mission
60 Minimally invasive surgeries underused with Medicare patients, study says
61 Study: Teens who vape likely exposed to dangerous toxins
62 Dermira halts development of acne drug after it failed in clinical trials
63 Healthy foods don't cancel out harm of high salt intake, experts say
64 New PET scan imaging agent detects prostate cancer recurrence earlier
65 Study: High cholesterol linked to better brain health after age 85
66 Fitness posts on social media may trash your body image: Study
67 As years spent obese rise, so do heart dangers
68 Study: Tough gun laws keep more hands off the trigger
69 More U.S. kids landing in ICU from opioids
70 Better communication improves HPV vaccination rate: Study
71 Primary care doctors should loosen type 2 diabetes goals, ACP says
72 VA study: Opioids not better at reducing chronic pain
73 Few older Americans think more tests, drugs are helpful
74 Study: Babies who look like dad likely to get more attention, be healthier
75 CDC report: Hospital visits for opioid overdoses rose 30 percent nationwide
76 Study suggests new approach to treating eczema
77 Patient blood samples reveal biomarkers for dementia risk
78 Study: Vaccines don't weaken the immune systems of babies
79 Study finds no link between marijuana use, kidney disease
80 Affection trumps aggression in kids
81 Surgeons safely transplant kidneys from donors with hep C
82 If your mom was big on dieting, your kids may pay the price
83 FDA approves new medication for drug-resistant HIV
84 23andMe granted limited approval for breast cancer risk test
85 Stem cell clinics pitch pricey, bogus 'cures' for knee pain
86 FDA approves mechanical heart valve for newborns
87 Radiation, hormone therapy combo best against aggressive prostate cancer: Study
88 Brain imaging shows memory loss differs by age
89 Partner's heart pump can burden their caregiver
90 Sunnier days in youth may mean less odds of MS later
91 Breast cancer screening guidelines may miss minorities
92 App to check blood pressure could be available soon
93 Cash rewards have modest health results for low-income families
94 Research: Saliva protects body from traveler's diarrhea
95 Alternative treatment for allergic reaction to substance discovered
96 Attacks, threats on teachers often go unreported
97 Studies: Video game use not linked to violence
98 Study finds modified protein unique to cancerous cells
99 Falls among elderly cost $50 billion annually
100 Young men face higher risk for rare flu complication
101 Exercise best option to ward off costs of getting old
102 Genetic link to heart failure found in African-Americans
103 Reason for tattoo permanence may improve methods of removal
104 High fiber diet may help with management of type 2 diabetes
105 CDC: Nasty flu season appears to be easing up
106 FDA warns duodenoscope manufacturers of noncompliance
107 Single PSA test not effective at reducing prostate cancer deaths, study says
108 Study links early periods to adulthood mental health issues
109 Talking while driving, on cell or to passenger, threatens road safety: review
110 MLB pitchers plagued by 2 types of injuries