File Title
1 New way to fight sepsis: Rev up patients' immune systems
2 Troubling trend in antibiotic prescriptions in the outpatient setting
3 Report: Big tobacco is targeting the world's most vulnerable to increase profits
4 The enemy within: Gut bacteria drive autoimmune disease
5 Marine charities net more than iconic fishery: Massachusetts
6 Many adolescent and young adult cancer survivors have more social connections than peers
7 Researchers rescue embryos from brain defects by re-engineering cellular voltage patterns
8 Study finds biomarker that predicts who responds best to common diabetic complication
9 Studies examine trends in pain medication use
10 Cancer 'signature' first step toward blood test for patients
11 Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy linked to brain alterations
12 On Twitter, false information travels farther and faster than the truth
13 Researchers sew atomic lattices seamlessly together
14 How brightly colored spiders evolved on Hawaii again and again...and again
15 CRISPR-based system identifies important new drug targets in a deadly leukemia
16 Unique inflammation patterns emerging in patients with type 1 diabetes
17 Scientists develop new tool for imprinting biochips
18 A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging, study finds
19 False news spreads widely and easily
20 Global fisheries to be, on average, 20 percent less productive in 2300, UCI study finds
21 Researchers call for large-scale scientific investigation into fake news
22 CRISPR/Cas9 technique suppresses malaria infection in mosquitoes
23 Most living kidney donors are women, and men are donating less than before
24 Hawaiian stick spiders re-evolve the same three guises every time they island hop
25 Cueing newly learned information in sleep improves memory, and here's how
26 'Bat detectives' train new algorithms to discern bat calls in noisy recordings
27 Uncovering the genetics of skeletal muscle growth and regeneration
28 Helmintex assay detects low intensity schistosomiasis infections
29 What Is Novichok, the Poison that Nearly Killed a Russian Ex-Spy?
30 Reference: Facts About Rhodium
31 Blasting this Old Book with X-Rays Could Reveal Greek Physician Galen's Ancient Words
32 This Florida City Is Nation's Happiest for 3rd Year in a Row
33 The Happiest US Communities: Full List
34 A Surprising Use for Old iPhones: Brain Surgery!
35 What this Optical Illusion Reveals About the Human Brain
36 The Science Websites that We Read Every Day
37 Why Are Iguanas' Skulls Being Crushed in the Name of Science?
38 Get Used to Nor'easters--Arctic Warming May Mean More Severe Winters in the Northeast
39 Why Did These Medieval European Women Have Alien-Like Skulls?
40 Would You Eat Human Meat Grown in a Lab?
41 Future Medical Implants May Be Blinged-Out in Tiny, Microwaved Diamonds
42 Stephen Hawking, Famed Physicist Who Defied ALS Odds, Dies at 76
43 What Was the Most Pointless Battle in History?
44 Woman Gives Birth in the Red Sea (But Here's Why You Shouldn't)
45 Stephen Hawking's Most Intriguing Quotes on Aliens, Women and the Future of Humanity
46 How Stephen Hawking Transformed Humanity's View of the Universe
47 Reference: Archaeopteryx: The Transitional Fossil
48 How Do People Die from ALS?
49 Exercise Could Ward Off Dementia for Women--If They Start at the Right Age
50 These Gut Bugs Need Their Own Gut Bugs
51 Stephen Hawking Never Answered His 'Most Interesting' Scientific Question
52 Reference: Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests: Benefits & Risks
53 Fossilized Brains of Ancient 'Sea Monster' Discovered in Greenland
54 Greenland Is Literally Cracking Apart and Flooding the World
55 'He Inspired Us All to Wonder': Scientists and the Public Remember Stephen Hawking
56 Stephen Hawking Never Reached Space, but He Sought to Lift All of Humanity
57 Celebrities Mourn Death of Stephen Hawking
58 Why Coffee Could Be the Opposite of Cannabis
59 Should You Worry About Microplastics in Bottled Water?
60 Neanderthals Weren't Humans' Only Mating Partners. Meet the Denisovans.
61 Oklahoma Turns to Nitrogen Gas for Executions
62 The FDA Wants to Take Nicotine Out of Tobacco. How Do You Do That?
63 A Russian Cargo Plane Just Dropped 3 Tons of Gold Over Siberia
64 You Should Be Very Skeptical of Nectome's Deadly 'Mind-Uploading Service'
65 Chillaxing? 'Snorkeling' Walrus Charms Twitter
66 This Week's Strangest Science News
67 I Went to Space and Floated Above Earth Thanks to this Immersive Helmet
68 Pythons Are Cold-Blooded Killers, but at Least They're Not Negligent Mothers
69 We Were Totally Wrong About that Scott Kelly Space Genes Story
70 These 'Alien' Mummies Appear to Be a Mix of Looted Body Parts
71 Watch a Robot Solve a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 Seconds
72 Reference: Skeletal System: Facts, Function & Diseases
73 Reference: Circulatory System: Facts, Function & Diseases
74 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
75 'Virtual Particles' Could Create Dark, Echoing Dead Stars
76 17 Billion? How the CDC Estimated How Many Binge Drinks US Downs Each Year
77 Expect a Warm, Wet Spring Across the US
78 17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating
79 Adults Stop Growing New Neurons in this Part of the Brain
80 Young Blood: Magic or Medicine?
81 Russian Scientists Tested Their Asteroid-Nuking Plan with Powerful Lasers
82 Scientists Made a Startling Discovery After Dosing People with LSD
83 Male Birth Control Pill Blocks 'Sperm Hormones,' but Will It Work?
84 Live Bee Sting 'Acupuncture' Triggers Lethal Allergic Reaction
85 Astronomers Have Found Their Paradise, and It's the Coldest and Most Remote Point in Antarctica
86 Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Has Died
87 Did Prehistoric 'Astronomers' Build Stonehenge?
88 An Icelandic Epic Predicted a Fiery End for Pagan Gods, and Then this Volcano Erupted
89 Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona. Human Drivers Will Kill 6,000 this Year.
90 Reference: Facts About Rhinos
91 Why Scientists Are Stabbing Pig Carcasses with Samurai Swords
92 Psychologists Have a Plan to Fix the Broken Science of Psychology
93 Stephen Hawking's Last Paper (Probably) Doesn't Prove We Live in a Multiverse
94 Can You 'Speed Up' Your Metabolism?
95 A Mysterious Infection Killed this Man. Here's How Doctors Finally Found the Cause
96 China's First Space Station Is Going to Fall Out of Space Very Soon
97 New Stem Cell Treatment Reverses Vision Loss in 2 Patients
98 Stephen Hawking to Be Interred in Westminster Abbey Near Newton, Darwin
99 Why Some People Can 'Hear' Silent Images
100 These 2 Genes May Increase the Risk for Extreme Morning Sickness
101 Bizarre, Nessie-Like Creature Washes Ashore in Georgia, and Marine Experts Are Mystified
102 US Can't Stop Hypersonic Weapons, Air Force General Says
103 Dream-Like Video Captures Minke Whale Gliding Beneath Antarctic Ice
104 WWII Shipwreck Where 5 Brothers Died 76 Years Ago Finally Found
105 How Much Do You Poop in Your Lifetime?
106 Sorry, Toby--Winter Storms Don't Have Names (Except on Cable News)
107 Famous Mathematician Joseph Fourier Would Have Been 250 Today. Here's Why He Matters
108 Creator of 'Grand Unified Theory of Mathematics' Wins Prestigious Math Prize
109 This Bulging Lump on a Man's Hand Revealed a Serious Heart Infection?
110 Are People Actually Smoking Bug-Spray-Laced Drugs? Either Way, It's a Bad Idea.