File Title
1 Nervous system puts the brakes on inflammation
2 Study in six countries identifies groups that are vulnerable to severe mental illness
3 Blocking a protein could improve the effectiveness of intravascular cellular 'policing'
4 HIV begins to yield secrets of how it hides in cells
5 Idle, uncleaned milk trucks don't compromise the quality of raw milk, study shows
6 Omega fish oils don't improve children's reading skills or memory, study finds
7 A neuron can cause a domino effect
8 Researchers study a nanoscaffold for heart cells
9 New research may explain the link between hemodialysis and brain function decline
10 Networks of brain activity predict vulnerability to depression
11 Estrogen suspected, examined as cause of cervical cancer
12 In pursuit of pleasure, brain learns to hit the repeat button
13 In nature, an imperfect immune system drives the evolution of deadly pathogens
14 Retraining the brain's vision center to take action
15 New insights into how a virus-blocking bacterium operates in mosquitos
16 Scientists design new skin cell culture technique to study human papillomavirus
17 Unlocking a cell's potential to regenerate the heart
18 Repeated anesthesia in infancy increases anxiety-linked behavior in nonhuman primates
19 Brain stimulation helps younger, not older, adults' memory
20 Certain smiles aren't all they're cracked up to be
21 Music boosts exercise time during cardiac stress testing
22 New insight into body's response to killer fungus
23 Why a 10,000-year clock is being built under a mountain--and why 10,000 years is too long
24 Brain injury may boost risk of Alzheimer's earlier in life
25 Compound in red wine, chocolate prevents smallpox virus cousins from replicating
26 Researchers go skin deep to explore what causes wrinkles
27 New blood test could quickly predict if the drug palbociclib will help breast cancer patients
28 Chinese scientists decipher origins of repopulated microglia in brain and retina
29 Diversity of cortical neurons captured in comprehensive computer models
30 Researchers move closer to improved method of detecting breast cancer
31 Quinn on Nutrition: Sodium: How low can we go?
32 Helping your child navigate the high school years
33 Student-led depression awareness program boosts teens' understanding and help-seeking
34 New lab addresses pediatric feeding disorders
35 Team publishes report of implanting Pascal system in patient with tricuspid regurgitation
36 What do we know about the impact of pollution on health?
37 Children with marginally low birth weight needs treatment
38 Early psychosis programs significantly reduce patient mortality, study finds
39 Rethinking childbirth education could save AU $97 million p.a.
40 Why the daunting economics of elder care are about to get much worse
41 Teeth hold the key to early diagnosis of eating disorders
42 Survival protein clue to immune cell recovery following chemotherapy
43 Earlier palliative care at home linked to fewer hospital admissions
44 Deeper look at biopsy exposes mutation ready to ambush drug combination
45 Four ways alcohol is bad for your health
46 School peer-to-peer awareness program for adolescent depression effective, study shows
47 Egyptian mummies found to have oldest figurative tattoos
48 Precision maps reveal significant health and education disparities within African nations
49 Flipside of a dinosaur mystery: 'Bloat-and-float' explains belly-up ankylosaur fossils
50 Archaeologist uncovers hidden history of conquistadors in American South
51 Our reactions to odor reveal our political attitudes
52 American service industry approaching a 'tipping point'
53 Ancient DNA reveals genetic replacement despite language continuity in the South Pacific
54 Parts of Ramses II statue found in southern Egypt
55 Study shows babies expect fairness in resource sharing
56 Reduce crime and gun violence and stabilize neighborhoods: A randomized controlled study
57 Study links responsible behavior in high school to life success 50 years later
58 How do your friends plan to vote?
59 Archaeologists find ancient necropolis in Egypt
60 Clay print from seal may be first ever extra-biblical reference to the prophet Isaiah
61 Neanderthals were artistic like modern humans, study indicates
62 A statistical look at the probability of future major wars
63 Locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs might be predicted from that of ground-running birds
64 Laser technology takes Maya archeologists where they've never gone before
65 Ancient DNA tells tales of humans' migrant history
66 New paper links ancient drawings and the origins of language
67 How political parties influence our beliefs, and what we can do about it
68 Study identifies traces of indigenous 'Taino' in present-day Caribbean populations
69 8000-year old underwater burial site reveals human skulls mounted on poles
70 The hidden threat of teacher stress
71 How people talk now holds clues about human migration centuries ago
72 Researcher solves the mystery of the stock market's "beta anomaly"
73 Ancient burial site found submerged off Florida
74 The impact of parental absence in rural China
75 How closing the gender pay gap splits chores more evenly
76 Cambodian genocide documented in victims' preserved clothes
77 Hormones may affect girls' interests, but not their gender identity or playmates
78 Permian carbo-loading: How starchy treats helped build an ancient world
79 No laughing matter, yet humor inspires climate change activism
80 Songs in the key of life: The linguistic universals of adapting sound to artistic expression
81 More diversity needed in medical school textbooks
82 Creating diverse schools and workplaces requires inclusion, not just numbers
83 Shelters with echoes thought to be preferred sites for prehistoric rock art
84 Scientists believe they may have discovered the crucial ingredients for a winning soccer team
85 Girls at single-sex schools up to 85% more likely to take advanced STEM subjects than co-ed girls
86 Image conscious people are more likely to give to crowdfunding campaigns
87 Videos help medical students master physiology concepts, study finds
88 Capturing the balance of nature
89 Evolving a more versatile CRISPR-Cas9
90 Bovine embryos as a model for early human development
91 Spring is springing earlier in polar regions than across the rest of earth
92 Two species of ravens nevermore? New research finds evidence of 'speciation reversal'
93 Discovery shows wine grapes gasping for breath
94 CRISPR-Cas9 can cut RNA, too
95 Researchers reveal findings about virus that lives in Yellowstone hot springs
96 Female nursery web spiders judge males based on gift quality, not the wrapping paper
97 Newly discovered giant viruses have 'the most complete translational apparatus of known virosphere'
98 Researchers study flower that catapults pollen
99 Study suggests indigenous hunters mistakenly blamed for caribou population decline in northern Canada
100 Researchers develop dyes for 'live' extremophile labeling
101 Why premature cell division promotes cancers
102 Risso's dolphins plan their dives
103 Missing link found between pathways involved in cell development
104 Trapping multidrug-resistant bacteria in molecular glue
105 Infectious disease in hoverflies linked to honeybee health
106 DNA study of cow stomachs could aid meat and dairy production
107 How algae change their internal solar panels to stay alive
108 Echolocation in humans found to be more sensitive than thought
109 Team discovers E. Coli is more resilient than previously known
110 Bonobo and chimpanzee gestures share many meanings