File Title
1 Researchers examine electroreception in early vertebrates
2 Why the seafloor starts moving
3 March Madness mentality: Faced with chance to win, most coaches go for tie
4 BU: One or more soda a day could decrease chances of getting pregnant
5 Pride tops guilt as a motivator for environmental decisions
6 Nitrate in drinking water increases the risk of colorectal cancer
7 Energy-efficient encryption for the internet of things
8 Interdisciplinary approach yields new insights into human evolution
9 Powerful LED-based train headlight optimized for energy savings
10 Brain sciences researcher pinpoints brain circuit that triggers fear relapse
11 Investigators highlight potential of exercise in addressing substance abuse in teens
12 Cost-reduction roadmap outlines two pathways to meet DOE residential solar cost target for 2030
13 Snapping shrimp may act as 'dinner bell' for gray whales off Oregon coast
14 Understanding a fly's body temperature may help people sleep better
15 By 2100, arid cities will suffer from more severe heat waves than temperate cities
16 To prevent cyberattacks, agency similar to National Transportation Safety Board suggested
17 Penn chemists develop motion capture-like technology for tracking protein shape
18 SNMMI and ASNC issue joint guidelines for quantification of myocardial blood flow using PET
19 Scientists identify factors which drive the evolution of herbicide resistance
20 ESO's VLT working as 16-meter telescope for first time
21 Palm oil in your Valentine's chocolate?
22 Most children with sickle cell anemia not receiving key medication to stay healthy
23 Light-activated cancer drugs without toxic side effects: Fresh insight
24 Medical cannabis significantly safer for elderly with chronic pain than opioids
25 Sex differences in lifespan: X chromosome not the reason
26 Lower-dose radiation effective, safe for HPV+ head & neck cancer after induction chemo
27 Cabozantinib shows significant first-line activity for differentiated thyroid cancer
28 Nivolumab immunotherapy safe, feasible during chemoradiation for adv. head and neck cancer
29 Phase II trial shows activity of durvalumab in recurrent/metastatic head and neck cancer
30 Plants feel the heat
31 New device measures blink reflex parameters to quickly and objectively identify concussion
32 Surgical infections linked to drug-resistant bugs, study suggests
33 World's biggest city database shines light on our increasingly urbanized planet
34 Digital liver scanning technology could halve the number of liver biopsies needed in the NHS
35 Surgical infections linked to drug-resistant bugs, study suggests
36 Improved prediction of pesticide residues
37 Breaking local symmetry: Why water freezes but silica forms a glass
38 APSOS in Tibet: Probing the whole atmosphere
39 High-efficiency and low-cost catalyst for water electrolysis
40 Study maps molecular mechanisms crucial for new approach to heart disease therapy
41 In effort to treat rare blinding disease, researchers turn stem cells into blood vessels
42 New vaginal mesh material could help thousands of women affected by life changing complications
43 Fighting for love: Dominant male pheasants learn faster
44 Three's company: New alloy sets magnetism benchmark
45 Ketone drink could help diabetics by lowering blood sugar
46 Pimavanserin: Relief from psychosis in dementia, without devastating side-effects
47 Shorter time between first medical contact to PCI in heart patients linked to saving lives
48 The end of yo-yo dieting? Monash researchers uncover brain switch that controls fat burning
49 Screening for ovarian cancer not recommended
50 ACA dependent coverage provision associated with increased use of prenatal care
51 New models give insight into the heart of the Rosette Nebula
52 Medical care for wounded ants
53 Rock art: Life-sized sculptures of dromedaries found in Saudi Arabia
54 Sleepless in Japan: How insomnia kills
55 Diet or regular? Decoding behavioral variation in ant clones
56 When it comes to extinction, body size matters
57 Clues to aging found in stem cells' genomes
58 Kidney stones on the rise, Mayo Clinic study finds
59 PFASs, chemicals commonly found in environment, may interfere with body weight regulation
60 Efforts are needed to tap into the potential of nutraceuticals
61 #EpicDuckChallenge shows we can count on drones
62 Microjet generator for highly viscous fluids
63 Researchers discover new lead-free perovskite material for solar cells
64 Patients lack information about imaging exams
65 Impressive Cassini Image of Rhea Passing in Front of Titan
66 NASA Researchers Test Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC)
67 New Technique Enables Biologists to Control Motion Within Living Cells
68 Spitzer and Kepler Provide New Clues About TRAPPIST-1 Planet Compositions
69 Scientists Make New Discoveries in the Search for Life on Mars
70 Naked Mole Rats Unlock Key Mechanisms of Aging and Cancer Resistance
71 Precisely Timed Brain Stimulation Improves Learning and Memory Performance
72 Caltech Discovery Moves Solar Fuel Production Closer to Reality
73 HINODE Satellite Views Record Breaking Solar Magnetic Field
74 Scientists Observe Self-Healing of a Confined Phase Change Memory Device
75 Volcanic Ash Reduces the Energy Required to Manufacture Concrete
76 Two Close-Approaching Asteroids Will Safely Pass Earth this Week
77 MIT Engineers Show How Hairy Tongues Help Bats Drink
78 Chemists Develop Simple, Cost-Effective Method to Break Down Water Pollutants
79 Distortion of Space-Time Helps Astronomers Set New Magnification Record
80 New Study Links Inflammation from Obesity to Male Infertility
81 Molecular Dating Traces Cockroach History Back to Last Supercontinent
82 Scientists Reveal How Much Dimmer the Sun Will Be by Mid-Century
83 Juno Spacecraft Completes Tenth Close Flyby Science Orbit of Jupiter
84 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views Tadpole Shaped Crater on Mars
85 Shark Skin-Inspired Designs Improve Aerodynamic Performance
86 Scientists Trace the Worldwide Origins of Methylmercury in Seafood
87 MRO Provides a Unique View of Streaks Forming on the Slopes of Mars
88 Unusual X-Ray Lines Provide New Clues on the Nature of Dark Matter
89 Neuroscientists Reveal How Inexorably Interwoven Nature and Nurture Are
90 N/A
91 Rice Scientists Make Polymers with Light-Triggered Nanoparticles
92 NASA Designing Submarine to Explore Hydrocarbon Seas of Saturn's Moon Titan
93 New Horizons Spacecraft Captures Record-Breaking Images
94 Curiosity Rover Inspects Star-Shaped Bumps in Martian Bedrock
95 Neuroscientists Reveal First Glimpse of Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Formation
96 Astronomers Unlock the Mysteries of Super-Earths
97 Scientists Use Stem Cells to Create Functioning Kidney Tissue
98 Researchers Shed Light on the Mysterious Lives of Narwhals
99 Laser Experiments Verify 'Turbulent Dynamo' Theory
100 Hubble Telescope Views 'A Window into the Cosmic Past'
101 MIT Neuroscientists Identify Neurons Responsible for Routine Habits
102 Chandra Identifies X-Ray Emission from the Nuclear Region of Arp 220
103 Fully Autonomous Cancer-Fighting Nanorobots Seek and Destroy Tumors
104 Geophysicists Reveal Megathrust Fault Off Costa Rica
105 Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells Demonstrate Exceptional Power Density and Stability
106 Neutron Analysis on Glaucoma Drugs Offers Clues for Cancer Targets
107 New Antibody-Based Treatment Targets Colorectal Cancer
108 MIT Engineers Develop Special-Purpose Computer Chip for Encryption
109 Astrocyte Neuron Interactions May Provide Insight into Brain Disorders
110 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Views Total Solar Eclipse
111 ESO's VLT Combines Light from All Four Telescopes for First Time