File Title
1 Study finds gender and skin-type bias in commercial artificial-intelligence systems
2 Deep-sea fish use hydrothermal vents to incubate eggs
3 No sex for all-female fish species
4 Beewolves have been successfully using the same antibiotics for 68 million years
5 Study examines shift work and genetic risk factors for type 2 diabetes
6 Obesity associated with longer survival for men with metastatic melanoma
7 Sibling bullying makes psychotic disorders three times more likely
8 Evidence that medical marijuana outlets sell to other users
9 Middle Earth preserved in giant bird dung
10 Lightning storms less likely in a warming planet, study suggests
11 Transportable optical clock used to measure gravitation for the first time
12 Brain scans show why people get aggressive after a drink or two
13 Dyslexia does not reduce pass rates for UK GP licensing exam
14 Rubber blanket at an atomic level
15 Research offers new insight into workings of building blocks of life
16 Why did gas hydrates melt at the end of the last ice age?
17 The Scanpy software processes huge amounts of single-cell data
18 Engaging family in care of hospitalized loved ones enhances healing, reduces readmission rates
19 Avoided increases of extreme heat events over East Asia by 0.5 degrees C less warming
20 Several Berkeley Lab scientists to present talks at 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting
21 N/A
22 Cancer killing clue could lead to safer and more powerful immunotherapies
23 Despite odds, fish species that bypasses sexual reproduction is thriving
24 Biomarker predicts success of Afib treatment
25 Fastest spin on Earth? For animals that rely on legs, scientists say one spider takes gold
26 Predictors for infidelity and divorce highlighted in new research
27 Temperature resilient crops now an 'achievable dream' say authors of new study
28 Another blow to fungal infection
29 NIR light may identify breast cancer patients who will benefit most from chemotherapy
30 Bentley University study shows NIH spent >$100 billion on basic science for new medicines
31 A new tool for improving uterine transplant surgery
32 New technology enables identification of biomarkers for a wide range of diseases
33 Star architecture and its impact on the city
34 Mutation in single rice gene cancels interspecific hybrid sterility
35 Ideology is not main factor that pushes children to join terrorist groups
36 Salmon face double whammy from toxic stormwater
37 Some racial/ethnic groups have greater chance of developing high blood pressure
38 Huntington's disease provides new cancer weapon
39 Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
40 Medicaid expansion in Kentucky improves breast cancer care for women 20 to 64 years old
41 Study sheds new light on mechanism of breast cancer treatment resistance
42 Is risk of fatal crashes increased on 4/20 counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana?
43 Researchers discover brain pathway that dissociates opioid addiction from analgesia
44 Risk of fatal traffic crash higher during annual 4/20 cannabis celebration
45 Researchers raise a 170-million-year question over mysterious moss gene
46 Cold open water plunge provides instant pain relief
47 Slow eating speed may be linked to weight loss
48 Which commonly prescribed drug is more effective for infants with epilepsy?
49 No llamas required
50 Bed bug histamines are substantial, persistent in infested homes
51 Opioid use increases risk of serious infections
52 Experimental therapy restores nerve insulation damaged by disease
53 Partner selection in lemurs
54 Facial attraction: Red-fronted lemurs recognize photos of their own species
55 Twenty-five years of satellite data confirm rising sea levels
56 Sea level rise accelerating
57 Family history increases breast cancer risk in older women: Weighing screening options
58 Global warming could cause key culinary crops to release seeds prematurely
59 Before-school physical activity program helps improve body weight and overall wellness
60 Study suggests way to attack deadly, untreatable nerve tumors
61 Survivors of childhood heart defects may have higher risk of premature dementia
62 Brain thickness provides insight into teenage decision-making
63 Oregon woman first human infected with eye worms once only seen in cattle
64 Altered pain processing after opioid discontinuation
65 Web-based teaching can improve science understanding for struggling pupils
66 Measles vaccine increases child survival beyond protecting against measles
67 Study examines methane emissions reduction from oil and gas in North America
68 Programming drones to fly in the face of uncertainty
69 Balancing the benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes
70 Opioid use increases risk for serious invasive pneumococcal infections [plus other topics]
71 Limited scope of corporate sustainability revealed
72 Alternatives to whole liver transplants for children have become safer, study finds
73 Mouse study adds to evidence linking gut bacteria and obesity
74 Understanding brain functions using upconversion nanoparticles
75 Recreating outer space in the lab
76 Heroin vaccine blocks lethal overdose
77 Direct access to physical therapy reduces costs to treat neck and back pain
78 Problems with herbicide-resistant weeds become crystal clear
79 Newly discovered gene may protect against heart disease
80 Study finds depression and fatigue increase women's risk of work-related injuries
81 Presence, persistence of estrogens in vernal pools an emerging concern
82 True to type: From human biopsy to complex gut physiology on a chip
83 Brain imaging helps redefine intelligence
84 Polar vortex defies climate change in the Southeast
85 NASA's longest running survey of ice shattered records in 2017
86 TV's influence on pregnancy, childbirth more powerful than many women admit
87 New turbulent transport modeling shows multiscale fluctuations in heated plasma
88 Can't buy me love: Materialism in marriage linked to devaluation of marriage
89 Genetic limits threaten chickpeas, a globally critical food
90 Building a DNA barcode library for the Canadian flora using herbarium collections
91 Ocean winds influence seal pup migration
92 What is a 'normal' blood pressure response during exercise testing?
93 Scientists create most sophisticated human liver model yet
94 Pregnant women deficient in vitamin D may give birth to obese children
95 Cancer-killing virus acts by alerting immune system
96 Chemical cluster could transform energy storage for large electrical grids
97 SMU study finds earthquakes continue for years after gas field wastewater injection stops
98 Money only buys happiness for a certain amount
99 UCLA scientists develop low-cost way to build gene sequences
100 NIH-funded researchers identify risk factors for sleep apnea during pregnancy
101 Scientists identify immune cascade that fuels complications, tissue damage in chlamydia infections
102 Missing link to novel superconductivity revealed at Ames Laboratory
103 Shifting shorelines at Lake Tahoe caused by ancient lava dams
104 Can a cockroach teach a robot how to scurry across rugged terrain?
105 Gene expression patterns may help determine time of death
106 New study finds sea level rise accelerating
107 Cabozantinib shows promise as first line treatment for differentiated thyroid cancer
108 Quality toolkit improves care in Indian hospitals
109 Intensive agriculture influences US regional summer climate, study finds
110 Graphene on toast, anyone?