File Title
1 Search for genetically stable bioengineered gut and liver tissue takes step forward
2 Stem cell divisions in the adult brain seen for the first time
3 Chimpanzee self-control is related to intelligence, Georgia State study finds
4 Deep-brain exploration with nanomaterial
5 'Spectacular' finding: New 3-D vision discovered in praying mantis
6 Blood sodium levels may affect cognition in older adults
7 Walking fish suggests locomotion control evolved much earlier than thought
8 New process allows 3-D printing of nanoscale metal structures
9 Device that measures cell strength could help identify drugs for asthma, hypertension
10 Study: Many parents of children with disabilities don't make care plans
11 Study shows liver cells with whole genome duplications protect against cancer
12 Blood test plus ultrasound boosts liver cancer detection by 40 percent
13 Measurements from 3-D augmented reality holographic models shown to be highly accurate
14 Efficient technique discovered for isolating embryonic stem cells in cows
15 New images reveal how the ear's sensory hairs take shape
16 Chemist designs diabetic treatment minus harmful side effects
17 Aerial imagery gives insight into water trends
18 Microscopic chariots deliver molecules within our cells
19 Discharge strategies to prevent asthma readmissions
20 Clock protein controls daily cycle of gene expression by regulating chromosome loops
21 Early treatment decisions can alter the course of care for acute pancreatitis patients
22 Research uncovers the mysterious lives of narwhals
23 NIH scientists adapt new brain disease test for Parkinson's, dementia with Lewy bodies
24 Chicken pox vaccine linked with shingles at the vaccination site in some children
25 Your gadget's next power supply? Your body
26 Scientists create functioning kidney tissue
27 Forging a quantum leap in quantum communication
28 Water-soluble warped nanographene
29 New discovery offers hope of protecting premature babies from blindness
30 Chinese researchers report first lung stem cell transplantation clinical trial
31 Routine imaging scans may predict fracture risk in older adults
32 A super resolution view of chemical reactions
33 How the brain constructs the world
34 New study highlights the impact companion animals have on owners
35 Few-layer Tellurium was predicted to be a promising successor of black phosphorus
36 Metals known to have harmful health effects found in indigenous exposed to oil spills
37 Researchers discover another reason for the naked mole rats' long, cancer-free life
38 Acoustic nanomotors
39 Stacking on the graphene
40 Researchers discover efficient and sustainable way to filter salt and metal ions from water
41 Salk researchers discover how liver responds so quickly to food
42 New lithium collection method could boost global supply
43 Small gold mines in Senegal create high mercury contamination
44 McMaster University engineers make drug testing more efficient and affordable
45 Workplace stress can take a toll on your brain surgeon, too
46 UChicago astrophysicists settle cosmic debate on magnetism of planets and stars
47 Special UV light safely kills airborne flu virus, finds study
48 Soft chemotherapy is very effective in older patients when added to targeted treatment in an aggressive breast cancer subtype
49 Direct link between glands and implanting embryos critical to pregnancy
50 Mass production of new class of semiconductors closer to reality
51 New findings about why losartan is effective in treating Marfan syndrome may reshape our thinking about patient management
52 Giant lava dome confirmed in Japan's Kikai Caldera
53 Drivers of hate in the US have distinct regional differences
54 Organic food provides significant environmental benefits to plant-rich diets
55 Ultra-efficient removal of carbon monoxide using gold nanoparticles on a molecular support
56 New malleable 'electronic skin' self-healable, recyclable
57 New immunotherapy combination tolerable, effective in patients with advanced kidney cancer
58 NUS study yields valuable insights on underreporting in international wildlife trade
59 Report calls for national parks to get smart
60 NUS researchers turn fashion waste into multifunctional material
61 Light determines the genes that function in plant growth
62 New model for evaluating rangeland systems launches
63 Who should be held responsible for the Aliso Canyon gas leak?
64 Too much TV at age 2 makes for less healthy adolescents
65 OHSU, CDC unravel mysterious eye infection
66 Weeds out of control
67 Tricking photons leads to first-of-its-kind laser breakthrough
68 Rapid decompression key to making low-density liquid water
69 Obesity, other risks play large role in sudden cardiac arrest among the young
70 Tasmanian devil populations continue to decline
71 Full integration of digital breast tomosynthesis reduces false positive rates, study shows
72 UCI-led study identifies 'hot spots' of water quality violations
73 Science self-corrects: Cancer gene does not pass reproducibility test
74 Bats as barometer of change
75 How do children's cancer diagnoses affect parents' income?
76 New machine learning algorithm uncovers time-delayed interactions in cells
77 Ancient trail of Columbian mammoths uncovered in south-central Oregon
78 International team sequences first Amazon molly fish genome
79 New method for waking up devices
80 IU-led study finds neurotransmitter may play a role in alcohol relapse, addiction
81 New guide for finding genes linked with behavior
82 Hybrid optics bring color imaging using ultrathin metalenses into focus
83 Some black and Latino Christians rely on religion for healing
84 Novel classification can lead to new ways to diagnose and treat cancer
85 Study shows benefits of exercise can outweigh health effects of severe obesity
86 Most commonly prescribed drug for infantile epilepsy may also be most effective
87 Hip-hop music influencing more African-Americans to try 'Molly'
88 New study shows vegan diet improves diabetes markers in overweight adults
89 New sustainable production method could advance plastics and pharmaceuticals
90 Neutron study of glaucoma drugs offers clues about enzyme targets for aggressive cancers
91 Progress, but far from perfection, on avoiding risky sedatives in older adults
92 Building and breaking connections: How neuronal networks influence alcoholism
93 When the body attacks the brain: Immune system often to blame for encephalitis, study finds
94 New fuel cell demonstrates exceptional power density and stability
95 Using injectable self-assembled nanomaterials for sustained delivery of drugs
96 Acoustic imaging reveals hidden features of megathrust fault off Costa Rica
97 New cannabis products highly potent, pose mental health risks
98 Researchers inhibit cancer metastases via novel steps
99 Tiny drug-delivering capsules could sustain transplanted insulin-producing cells
100 Tiny fossils, huge slides: Are diatoms the key to Earth's biggest slides?
101 A prototype is developed to monitor environmental variables in buildings
102 Captured electrons excite nuclei to higher energy states
103 Implanted continuous glucose sensor proven safe and accurate in types 1 and 2 diabetes
104 Lung cancer drug resistance explained by computer simulations
105 Today's highest quality composite-piezoelectric developed at NUST MISIS
106 Canadian stroke victims at higher risk of dying in rural hospitals
107 Smart bomb virus shows promise as brain tumor immunotherapy
108 Recordings spout secrets behind blue whale behavior
109 Lithuanian researchers: Wastewater treatment plants could generate electricity
110 New research shows shorter fitness test still accurately predicts risk of mortality