File Title
1 Robo-picker grasps and packs
2 MEMS chips get metalenses
3 Beluga whales dive deeper, longer to find food in Arctic
4 MRI stroke data set released by USC research team
5 Atomic structure of ultrasound material not what anyone expected
6 Researchers use data to look 'upstream' to see what makes patients sick
7 Pulsating Aurora mysteries uncovered with help from NASA's THEMIS mission
8 TSRI stroke drug demonstrates safety in clinical trial
9 AI to fight the spread of infectious diseases
10 'Click chemistry' reactions may boost cancer-fighting drug potency
11 'Icebreaker' protein opens genome for t cell development, Penn researchers find
12 More awareness, research needed on abuse risk of non-opioid painkiller
13 Brain size of human ancestors evolved gradually over 3 million years
14 Guidelines for fluoride intake--Are they appropriate?
15 Civil engineers at Concordia University devise a cost-saving solution for cities
16 Medicine alone does not completely suppress testosterone levels among transgender women
17 Scientists find new antimalarial drug targets
18 Housing problems found to be common at safety-net community health centers
19 Study: Corporations can benefit from altruism during a crisis
20 Safety-net hospital reports it achieved better esophagectomy outcomes than national cohort
21 UA study: Brain liquefaction after stroke is toxic to surviving brain
22 Scientists deliver high-resolution glimpse of enzyme structure
23 Land use change has warmed the Earth's surface
24 Social media as good a barometer of public health attitudes as traditional phone polling
25 Using a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone safely across a room
26 Researchers invent tiny, light-powered wires to modulate brain's electrical signals
27 Bacteria-eaters to prevent food poisoning?
28 Brain immune system is key to recovery from motor neuron degeneration
29 Astronomers reveal secrets of most distant supernova ever detected
30 Improving family-based comm. Key to enhancing sexual health outcomes of GBQ adolescents
31 Antibodies protect nerve-muscle connections in a mouse model of Lou Gehrig's disease
32 How to get the most out of foreign investment
33 Noise from ships scares porpoises
34 Can you eat cells? Computer model predicts which organisms are capable of phagocytosis
35 Sexual orientation discordance puts adolescents at greater risk for nonfatal suicidal behaviors
36 Brain aging may begin earlier than expected
37 Pillars of academic innovation
38 Study shows higher risk of Dementia for adults with congenital heart disease
39 Innuendo and pointing suspicion in news coverage can fuel conspiracy theories
40 Faster and better development of biorefinery processes through modeling
41 New structure discovered in human sperm tails
42 Stigma increases risk of depression for people with Multiple Sclerosis
43 A quadrillionth of a second in slow motion
44 Hitting rock bottom after job loss can be beneficial, study shows
45 Why the boss always gets the blame
46 The plastics industry is leaking huge amounts of microplastics
47 Gut reactions to improve probiotics
48 Stable gas hydrates can trigger landslides
49 Computer models allow farmers to diversify pest management methods
50 Open data help scientists to unravel Earth systems
51 The superionic form of water
52 Reaching new heights in laser-accelerated ion energy
53 Countries investing in well-being allocate resources to child and adolescent psychiatry
54 Green toads with multiple genomes have ancestors that are only distantly related
55 New safety data for the most commonly used drug to treat Chagas disease
56 Postnatal depression has life-long impact on mother-child relations
57 FEFU-based scientists studied the exhaust gases of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs
58 Cluedo in the cell: Enzyme location controls enzyme activity
59 Are bots a danger for political election campaigns?
60 Architecture of cellular control center mTORC2 elucidated
61 Diabetes did not increase early retirement
62 A delivery platform for gene-editing technology
63 Splitting crystals for 2-D metallic conductivity
64 e-Health can support healthy aging and help prevent cardiovascular disease and dementia in elderly
65 No relation between a supermassive black hole and its host galaxy!?
66 Shedding (high-power laser) light on the plasma density limit
67 Spare parts from small parts: Novel scaffolds to grow muscle
68 Women once considered low risk for heart disease show evidence of previous heart attack scars
69 PNAS study: Extreme-altitude birds evolved same trait via different mutations
70 Improving low-income residents' utilization of farmers markets
71 Data detectives shift suspicions in Alzheimer's from usual suspect to inside villain
72 New shark species confirmed
73 A drug long used to treat gout may help adult heart failure patients
74 Laser-ranged satellite measurement now accurately reflects Earth's tidal perturbations
75 Approximate quantum cloning: The new way of eavesdropping in quantum cryptography
76 Oil-eating microbes are challenged in the Arctic
77 Alexa, how do word senses evolve?
78 Typhoid outbreak: Genetic cause of extensive drug-resistance found
79 Clues to obesity's roots found in brain's quality control process
80 When proteins shake hands
81 High blood pressure limits protection to vital organs and tissues in low-oxygen conditions
82 Genes activated in metastasis also drive the first stages of tumor growth
83 Rare find from the deep sea
84 Grey squirrels beat reds in 'battle of wits'
85 Research shows that parental care is associated with mate value in adult offspring
86 D-galactose affects aging male and female brains differently
87 Removing globally-used anxiety drug from recycled and wastewater at low cost
88 A matter of dynamics
89 Europe's cities face more extreme weather than previously thought
90 A trip to the mountains despite a heart condition?
91 Study exposes misperception of poaching on the GBR and its remedy
92 Microanalysis of biological samples for early disease detection
93 Scientists tackle the aberrant epigenetic programming underlying childhood cancers
94 Nitrate flux in the Arctic not following the decreasing NOx emissions in neighboring countries
95 Diet or Regular? Decoding behavioral variation in ant clones
96 Very long-chain lipids could help prevent dry eye disease
97 Researchers invent light-emitting nanoantennas
98 Breast cancer: How advanced imaging technologies will help avoid unnecessary biopsies
99 Study of mollusk epidemic could help save endangered sea snail
100 Climate projections show a warmer future for the Pacific northwest
101 Number of obese years--not just obesity--a distinct risk factor for heart damage
102 Self-esteem key to treating mental health
103 Blacks with atrial fibrillation have significantly higher risk of stroke than whites
104 Why polymer solar cells deserve their place in the sun
105 African Americans with atrial fibrillation at significantly higher risk for stroke compared to Caucasians with the disease
106 Can your cardiac device be hacked?
107 Sea-level legacy: more rise for each delay in peaking emissions
108 Hospital charges for outpatient cancer care highly variable, Medicare billing records show
109 Findings do not support suggestion that certain diets may be better for adults with certain genetic makeup
110 Low-fat or low-carb? It's a draw, Stanford study finds