File Title
1 Birds and beans: Study shows best coffee for bird diversity
2 Major discovery in controlling quantum states of single atoms
3 Drug that treats psoriasis also reduces aortic vascular inflammation
4 Scientists produce human intestinal lining that re-creates living tissue inside organ-chip
5 Women who clean at home or work face increased lung function decline
6 New approaches in neuroscience show it's not all in your head
7 New research: Increased stress on fathers leads to brain development changes in offspring
8 At AAAS, Brown explains how statistics, neuroscience improve anesthesiology
9 Humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life
10 Rice U. reports progress in pursuit of sickle cell cure
11 UCI cracks code to restoring memory creation in older or damaged brains
12 At AAAS: Reducing bird-related tragedy through understanding bird behavior
13 Nitrate in drinking water increases the risk of colorectal cancer
14 The new bioenergy research center: Building on ten years of success
15 Why bees soared and slime flopped as inspirations for systems engineering
16 Blood and urine tests developed to indicate autism in children
17 Using mutant bacteria to study how changes in membrane proteins affect cell functions
18 Ras protein's role in spreading cancer
19 What makes circadian clocks tick?
20 Studying mitosis' structure to understand the inside of cancer cells
21 Robotic crystals that walk n' roll
22 Unique chemistry that could help fight disease, found in NZ glowworm
23 Reshaping drug tests
24 Cracking the genetic code for complex traits in cattle
25 Unprecedented single-digit-nanometer magnetic tunnel junction demonstrated
26 Neurons fight back early in brain disease
27 Workplace alcohol not always a perk for recent college grads seeking jobs
28 New software helps detect adaptive genetic mutations
29 Researchers achieve 'Olympic ring' molecule breakthrough just in time for Winter Games
30 Study: Involving the public in water policies is key to successful municipal water systems
31 Phase-transition cubic gallium nitride doubles ultraviolet emission efficiency
32 Team identify genetic targets for autism spectrum disorder
33 Continental interiors may not be as tectonically stable as geologists think
34 Sleep problems in menopause linked to hot flashes, depression--and may not last
35 Infection site affects how a virus spreads through the body
36 Declines of specific animal species in tropical forests affect lowland western Amazonian tree communities
37 Highly mutated protein in skin cancer plays central role in skin cell renewal
38 Chemical waves guide scientists to catalysts of the future
39 One in four emergency staff abused by patients
40 Researchers discover novel mechanism linking changes in mitochondria to cancer cell death
41 C'mon electrons, let's do the twist!
42 Jymmin: How a combination of exercise and music helps us feel less pain
43 You are what you eat: Diet-specific adaptations in vampire bats
44 Autonomous vehicles improve traffic flow
45 Flexible warped nanographene developed for bioimaging
46 Astronomers reveal secrets of most distant supernova ever detected
47 The effect of the GDNF on the activity of neural networks during hypoxic damage has been studied
48 Mobile health applications put the personal data of millions of users at risk
49 Spatial perception of odorants in cockroaches
50 Physical exercise reduces risk of developing diabetes--study
51 The starry sky shows nocturnal animals the way
52 'Brain on a chip' reveals how the brain folds
53 Laboratory study shows that father's age can affect offspring lifespan
54 Dispersal of fish eggs by water birds--just a myth?
55 Social media to blame for poor grades?
56 Cellular recycling caught in the act
57 Moderate and severe exacerbations accelerate physical activity decline in COPD patients
58 How the insulin receptor works
59 New algorithm can pinpoint mutations in large sections of the human genome
60 Global grazing lands increasingly vulnerable to a changing climate
61 Fifteen new genes identified that shape our face
62 Electrical implant reduces 'invisible' symptoms of man's spinal cord injury
63 Computers aid discovery of new, inexpensive material to make LEDs with high color quality
64 An enzyme's evolution from changing electric fields and resisting antibiotics
65 In living color: Brightly-colored bacteria could be used to 'grow' paints and coatings
66 Fake news 'vaccine': Online game may 'inoculate' by simulating propaganda tactics
67 Study looks at how newly discovered gene helps grow blood vessels
68 Farming crops with rocks to reduce CO2 and improve global food security
69 Unconventional superconductor may be used to create quantum computers of the future
70 Biodiversity loss raises risk of 'extinction cascades'
71 Plants colonized the earth 100 million years earlier than previously thought
72 Just a few minutes of light intensity exercise linked to lower death risk in older men
73 Grey's Anatomy TV drama may be distorting public expectations of trauma care
74 2016 junior doctor strikes in England had 'significant impact' on healthcare provision
75 Real-time Captcha technique improves biometric authentication
76 Association of risk of death and cigar, pipe and cigarette use
77 Calcium may play a role in the development of Parkinson's disease
78 Insulin goes viral
79 Study identifies traces of indigenous 'Taino' in present-day Caribbean populations
80 Pausing evolution makes bioproduction of chemicals affordable and efficient
81 Duplicate genes help animals resolve sexual conflict
82 Unique role of gender is featured in Circulation journal's Go Red for Women issue focused on women's heart health
83 Lack of guidance may delay a child's first trip to the dentist
84 How the brain responds to injustice
85 How companies can restore trust after CEO misconduct
86 Mouse model of intellectual disability isolates learning gene
87 Pattern formation: The paradoxical role of turbulence
88 TB vaccine trial results offer potential for BCG Revaccination, hope for subunit vaccines
89 Hydroxychloroquine no more effective than placebo for relieving osteoarthritis hand pain [plus other topics]
90 First video of 'Dumbo' octopod hatchling shows that they look like mini-adults
91 Electric eel-inspired device reaches 110 volts
92 Earthquakes follow wastewater disposal patterns in southern Kansas
93 College roommates underestimate each other's distress, new psychology research shows
94 Some black holes erase your past
95 Patients with advanced cancer may be less competent to make decisions than doctors think
96 Oncotarget: Cancer pioneer employs physics to approach cancer in last research article
97 Largest study of its kind finds alcohol use biggest risk factor for dementia
98 How people cope with difficult life events fuels development of wisdom, study finds
99 Climate change, evolution, and what happens when researchers are also friends
100 Distant tropical storms have ripple effects on weather close to home
101 Protein levels in spinal fluid correlate to posture and gait difficulty in Parkinson's
102 Scientists poised to win the race against rust disease and beyond
103 Resolvin D-1 limits kidney damage after heart attacks
104 Latest palliative care findings on caregiver depression, LGBT partners, moral distress
105 Helping in spite of risk: Ants perform risk-averse sanitary care of infectious nest mates
106 MicroRNA could help treat cancer and asthma
107 Illinois researchers researchers find tweeting in cities lower than expected
108 Governance of emerging technologies: Aligning policy analysis with the public's values
109 As climate changes, so could the genes of the Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly
110 'Demographic compensation' may not save plants facing changing climate