File Title
1 Affordable Care Act lowered uninsured rate for cancer survivors
2 Reducing peanut allergy risks in children--The Nurse Practitioner presents update
3 Researchers find existing drug effective at preventing onset of type 1 diabetes
4 Hurricanes Irma and Maria temporarily altered choruses of land and sea animals
5 Alzheimer's drug repairs brain damage after alcohol binges in rodents
6 Hunting is changing forests, but not as expected
7 Probe speeds detection of deep lung infections in patients
8 Not being aware of memory problems predicts onset of Alzheimer's disease
9 The CRISPR Journal inaugural issue published, with content from Rodolphe Barrangou, et al.
10 Top oil spill expert available to discuss new oil spill dispersant research
11 Efforts are needed to help pregnant women with diabetes
12 Unconventional superconductor may be used to create quantum computers of the future
13 University of Pennsylvania researchers conduct comprehensive evaluation of patients with concussion-like symptoms following reports of audible phenomena in Cuba
14 Mining for gold in a mountain of data
15 Catching up to brain cancer
16 Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind, researchers find
17 Fast-acting, readily available gas may mitigate blast-induced brain injury
18 Working in harmony: New insights into how packages of DNA orchestrate development
19 Self-sampling identifies twice as many women at risk of cervical cancer
20 Researchers have found a link between earthquakes and currency jumps
21 'Living bandages': NUST MISIS scientists develop biocompatible anti-burn nanofibers
22 Asthma medication linked to infertility in women
23 UK fracking industry would need strict controls to minimise spill risk
24 New research highlights how cancer cells repair themselves following proton beam therapy
25 Scientists unearth secrets of Sir Alexander Fleming's medical breakthroughs
26 Infection outbreaks at hospitals could be reduced by copper-coated uniforms
27 MSU scientists discovered a new way for sensing the levels of an important amino acid
28 Gene taxi with turbo drive
29 Fingerprints of quantum entanglement
30 Female hormones may be linked to asthma, study suggests
31 Can our genes help predict how women respond to ovarian cancer treatment?
32 Researchers find adult endothelial stem cells that can make fully functional blood vessels
33 For tropical forest birds, old neighborhoods matter
34 Countries with greater gender equality have lower percentage of female STEM graduates
35 New stem-cell based stroke treatment repairs damaged brain tissue
36 The more kinds of bees, the better for humans, Rutgers-led study finds
37 Eye exams linked to kids' reading levels
38 New guideline warns pain benefits of medical cannabis overstated
39 Physicists create new form of light
40 CRISPR-based technology can detect viral DNA
41 Birds and primates share brain cell types linked to intelligence
42 Eating yogurt may reduce cardiovascular disease risk
43 Study finds opportunity to increase opioid dependence treatment in Ontario jails
44 New CRISPR-Cas9 tool edits both RNA and DNA precisely, U-M team reports
45 New UMass Amherst, Stanford Research identifies plant cell wall sensing mechanism
46 New printing technique uses cells and molecules to recreate biological structures
47 Amyloid protein transmission through neurosurgery
48 Kepler scientists discover almost 100 new exoplanets
49 Demonstration of a single molecule piezoelectric effect
50 CRISPR scissors, Cas12a, enables cutting-edge diagnostics
51 Scientists discover the secrets behind the cuttlefish's 3-D 'invisibility cloak'
52 Chemists harness artificial intelligence to predict the future (of chemical reactions)
53 Study of smoking and genetics illuminates complexities of blood pressure
54 Don't blame hurricanes for most big storm surges in northeast
55 First comparison of common breast cancer tests finds varied accuracy of predictions
56 Maximizing the environmental benefits of autonomous vehicles
57 Dramatic decline of Bornean orangutans
58 Rapid pollution increases may be as harmful to the heart as absolute levels
59 Biochemical networks mapped in midgut of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
60 Specific set of nerve cells controls seizures' spread through brain, Stanford study finds
61 Researchers advance CRISPR-based diagnostic tool, develop miniature paper test
62 The CRISPR Journal debuts with articles by Rodolphe Barrangou, Fyodor Urnov, et al.
63 How does it compare?: Hospice care at home, at assisted living facility, at nursing home
64 Researchers challenge claims that sugar industry shifted blame to fat
65 New mutation linked to ovarian cancer can be passed down through dad
66 Short kids may have higher future stroke risk
67 Research compares mouse and human kidney development
68 Research identifies 'evolutionary rescue' areas for animals threatened by climate change
69 Induced pluripotent stem cells could serve as cancer vaccine, Stanford researchers say
70 How the cuttlefish spikes out its skin: Neurological study reveals surprising control
71 In 16 years, Borneo lost more than 100,000 orangutans
72 The neuroscience of cuttlefish camouflage
73 Stem cell vaccine immunizes lab mice against multiple cancers
74 Immune system simulation shows need for multi-target treatments for sepsis
75 Antioxidant treatment prevents sexual transmission of Zika in mice
76 Genetics makes Asians, Europeans susceptible to dengue shock syndrome
77 Stretchable Electronics a 'Game Changer' for Stroke Recovery Treatment
78 Why Bees Soared and Slime Flopped as Inspirations for Systems Engineering
79 Supercomputers Aid Discovery of New, Inexpensive Material to Make LEDs with Excellent Color Quality
80 Gut Reactions to Improve Probiotics
81 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to Reveal Secrets of the Red Planet
82 Artificial Intelligence Quickly and Accurately Diagnoses Eye Diseases and Pneumonia
83 Loops, Loops, and More Loops: This Is How Your DNA Gets Organised
84 Ending a 20 Year Heated Debate in Biology, Prof. Cees Dekker Shows that Cells Tidy Up DNA by Extruding Loops
85 Researchers Study Growth of Hawk Population in Albuquerque
86 Developing Antidotes for Cyanide, Mustard Gas
87 New Technology for Use in Military Vehicles May Protect Warfighters from Blast-Induced Brain Injury
88 Mammoth Data: Researchers Sequence Complete Genomes of Extinct and Living Elephants Pointing to Highly Complex Relationships, Rich Evolutionary History
89 They're Back! Shark Migration Kicks Off in S.E. Florida
90 NYS Vintners Enhance Wine Quality with Latest Yeast Research
91 ESO Views Pulsating Red Giant Star R. Sculptoris
92 Engineers Design New LED-Based Train Headlight Optimized for Energy Savings
93 25 Years of Satellite Data Confirms that Sea Levels Are Rising
94 New Insight into the Hole at the Heart of the Rosette Nebula
95 Biochemists Reveal Secrets of a Little-Known Cancer Ally
96 New Chip Reduces Neural Networks' Power Consumption by 95 Percent
97 Creating Predictable Patterns from Unpredictable Carbon Nanotubes
98 OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Captures New Earth-Moon Image
99 Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will Extend Human Presence in Deep Space
100 A Song of Ice and Light, Enceladus Drifts Before Saturn's Rings
101 nEDM Experiment Imposes Limits on the Interactions of Axions with Nucleons
102 Organ-On-Chip Tech Reaches Next Stage, Experts Test Interaction with Pathogens
103 ALMA Reveals Rotating Dense Molecular Torus Around an Active Supermassive Black Hole
104 Emerging Tick-Borne Disease Far Larger than Previously Believed
105 First Direct Evidence that Fragile X. Syndrome Neurons Can Be Restored
106 Chandra Shows Supermassive Black Holes Are Outgrowing Their Galaxies
107 Hubble Telescope Views Mysterious Shrinking Storm on Neptune
108 Mossy Brain Cells Linked to Memory Loss and Seizures
109 Astronomers Discover 95 New Exoplanets Using Kepler
110 New Simulation Provides First Hints of What Supermassive Black Hole Mergers Will Look Like