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1 Treating hot flashes, depression during menopause can improve sleep
2 Varicose veins tied to higher odds for blood clots
3 CDC: 1 in 14 U.S. women smoked while pregnant in 2016
4 'Moderate' precancerous cervical lesions may not need treatment, study says
5 Balanced fluids, rather than saline, recommended for iVs
6 Heart failure risk increases for breast cancer, lymphoma survivors
7 NIH agency's priority: Developing universal flu vaccine
8 Common knee procedure doesn't benefit seniors, researchers say
9 Excess belly weight can raise women's risk for heart attack
10 Researchers develop storage method for blood, urine without refrigeration
11 Key factor raises suicide risk for gay, lesbian teenagers: Experts
12 Strong tobacco laws may also discourage vaping
13 Transgender surgeries on the rise
14 Flu shot a lifesaver for heart failure patients
15 As grass replaces trash in vacant lots, crime goes down
16 Blood test could quickly predict drug's success against breast cancer
17 Nut consumption may help colon cancer patients
18 Study: Walking may protect post menopausal women from heart failure
19 Study: Gluten-free diets could help reduce nerve pain
20 Study suggests no 'obesity paradox' exists for heart disease patients
21 Skipping CPAP likely to send people with sleep apnea back to hospital
22 Being optimistic could help ease angina
23 Eating fish might guard against MS
24 Eating during labor might be safe, study finds
25 Obesity causing increases in costs for healthcare
26 Smoking behavior reveals genes linked to blood pressure
27 Researchers identify five distinct types of diabetes
28 FDA: Healthcare professionals, patients should avoid Cantrell products
29 Study: Pediatric asthma care can improve with personalized assessment
30 Antibody shows promise for 'bubble boy disease' treatment
31 Study: Multiple pain relievers after joint, knee replacements ease opioid use
32 Calcium supplements linked to increased risk for colon polyps: Study
33 Most exercise activities, hot baths safe during pregnancy
34 U.S. gun injuries getting more severe
35 Flu season easing up, but pediatric deaths continue
36 Friends' breast cancer affects women's choices of care: study
37 Trying a New Sport? Remember, You're Not (Yet) an Olympian
38 What are the effects of meningitis? 22 symptoms
39 Smoldering multiple myeloma and cancer: What to know
40 What are hypnagogic hallucinations?
41 Klebsiella oxytoca infection: What you should know
42 What can you do to induce urination?
43 Parkinson's disease: Why do brain cells die?
44 Can you drink alcohol while taking antihistamines?
45 Larger waist, hips may raise women's heart attack risk
46 The low-down on biological warfare
47 What causes labia swelling?
48 Why are my lips swollen?
49 Now too much standing is bad for us, says study
50 Common skin bacteria may prevent skin cancer
51 Heart failure: Flu shot may slash death risk
52 Five ways to make ringing stop after a concert
53 New guidelines help doctors tackle teen depression
54 What to know about frontal lobe headaches
55 Inflammatory bowel disease may raise heart attack risk
56 Urinary hesitancy: Causes in men and women
57 Coping with urinary incontinence
58 Lung cancer tumor growth halved with new approach
59 'Electrical map of depression' may predict onset
60 Top six home treatments for oily skin
61 How do you do the baking soda gender test?
62 Existing arthritis drug might help fight diabetes
63 Could eating more fish lower MS risk?
64 Why do I have muscle spasms in my stomach?
65 Exercises for a pinched nerve in your hip
66 Calcium and vitamin D supplements may raise risk of polyps
67 The state of cancer: Are we close to a cure?
68 Diabetes: Study proposes five types, not two
69 Why do nipples become hard?
70 Could vitamin D lower cardiovascular death risk?
71 What is the best way to sober up?
72 How do our brains tell us we are thirsty?
73 What causes your lip to twitch?
74 What causes burning in the vagina?
75 Top seven safe, effective natural antibiotics
76 How do you stop smelly farts?
77 Can deja vu tell us what's coming next?
78 Anxiety may help you to survive a heart attack
79 Depression: 'Orphan' brain receptor may be to blame
80 How long-term depression alters the brain
81 What can you do about mucus in urine?
82 High cholesterol in late life may mean better brain health
83 What causes rashes on the inner thighs?
84 Hold my hand: Touching may ease pain by syncing brainwaves
85 Salt causes hypertension, but can fruits and veg save the day?
86 What to expect from a baby's first cold
87 Renaissance Mapmaker Was a Mastermind and a Copycat
88 Tumbling Cat or Olympic Snowboarder? Turns Out, the Physics Is the Same
89 Reference: Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2017-2018)
90 How Much Salt Do You Need to Survive?
91 2,300-Year-Old Cemetery with Mummy Priests Found in Egypt
92 Humans Will Hear from Intelligent Aliens this Century, Physicist Says
93 CDC Researcher Calls Sister, Then Vanishes
94 How Doctors Removed a 'Potentially Explosive' Firework from a Man's Leg
95 'Phantom' Traffic Jams Are Real--And Scientists Know How to Stop Them
96 How Kevin Smith Survived a 'Widow-Maker' Heart Attack
97 Who Will Survive the Cosmic Crash Between Our Galaxy and Its Neighbor?
98 Why You Can't Skip Magnesium if You're Taking Vitamin D
99 How Did These Giant Boulders End Up on an Ohio Highway?
100 Caterpillars Can Scream
101 Freakishly Warm Weather in the Arctic Has Climate Scientists 'Stunned'
102 Reference: What is Darwin's Theory of Evolution?
103 The Wall of Death Around Black Holes Could Break Down
104 Woman Who Thought She Had the Flu Actually Had a Rare, Rodent-Borne Virus
105 Remains of 'Maya Underworld' Found in World's Longest Submerged Cave
106 This Bizarre, Overstuffed Atom Is the Turducken of the Microscopic World
107 Your Pee May Reveal Your True Biological Age
108 Moon Is Set to Get Its Own Mobile Phone Network
109 What Did Jesus Really Look Like? New Study Redraws Holy Image
110 Dying Brains Silence Themselves in a Dark Wave of 'Spreading Depression'