File Title
1 A single magnetic skyrmion detected at room temperature for the first time
2 Easy printing of biosensors made of graphene
3 Ultra-fast graphene photonics for next generation datacomms
4 Supercomputer model reveals how sticky tape makes graphene
5 Nanomaterials--what are the environmental and health risks?
6 Imec pushes the limits of EUV lithography single exposure
7 New staining method enables Nano-CT imaging of tissue samples
8 Atomically thin building blocks could make optoelectrical devices more efficient
9 The stiffness of cell plasma membranes affects nanomedicine uptake
10 Researchers show microscopic wood nanocrystals make concrete stronger
11 Zero gravity graphene promises success in space
12 Nanostructured thin-films that can bend light by large angles could be a replacement for bulky glass optical components
13 A tapering silicon hole could lead to better drug testing
14 Splitting crystals for 2-D metallic conductivity
15 Researchers bring high-res magnetic resonance imaging to nanometer scale
16 When proteins shake hands
17 Spatial structure of bound hole states in black phosphorous
18 Thin films of perovskite oxides hold promise for writing data at terahertz frequency
19 Contacting the molecular world through graphene nanoribbons
20 Rheumatoid arthritis: Scorpion venom compound may halt progression
21 The hidden power of daffodils in the fight against cancer
22 What do rescue inhalers do?
23 Diesel exhaust may raise risk of neurological disease
24 What foods are good for an enlarged prostate?
25 What to eat if you have multiple myeloma
26 Why am I vomiting green or yellow bile?
27 What causes boils on the inner thigh?
28 Do your children influence how you store your gun?
29 Drones showcase wildlife-counting skills in the #EpicDuckChallenge
30 New model details Rosette Nebula and its mysterious hollow heart
31 Extinction models that account for body size prove more accurate
32 Sea level rise is accelerating, new research shows
33 Cells and their genes continue to function after death, study proves
34 Endangered Bolivian frog gets dating profile just in time for Valentine's Day
35 95 new exoplanets discovered during NASA's K2 mission
36 Electric eel inspires new soft power source
37 'Loneliest tree in the world' offers evidence of Anthropocene's beginning
38 Study reveals 15 new genes that influence face shape
39 Growing crops with crushed rocks could reduce CO2 emissions
40 Footage shows 'dumbo' octopod hatchling looks like a miniature adult
41 Land plants are older than scientists thought
42 Study: Tectonic plates of continental interiors are less stable than previously thought
43 Gray squirrels are smarter than red squirrels, research shows
44 New phagocytosis model predicts which cells can eat other cells
45 SpaceX delays PAZ, Internet satellites launch until Thursday
46 Earthquakes in southern Kansas linked to oil, gas production
47 Descendants of the Taino people are living in the Caribbean today, study shows
48 New stretchable electronic skin sensitive enough to feel ladybug footsteps
49 Amateur astronomer captures supernova's first light
50 Roots of Italian mafia may lie in lemon industry
51 Expect seas to rise for the next 300 years, new climate models warn
52 Rising seas could swallow Pacific salt marshes, study suggests
53 Study links adult-born neurons with sensory learning
54 Timing of embryonic patterning dictated by synchronized waves
55 Foot fungus forgoes sex to invade toenails
56 Upside-down light: Scientists invert optical waves
57 NASA shares time-lapse photo of Jupiter's south pole
58 Neanderthals made first cave paintings 20,000 years before modern humans
59 Temperatures to keep rising in Pacific Northwest, new climate models confirm
60 Build-up of heat in cities depends on design of streets, buildings
61 Scientists discover atoms inside the orbiting electrons of a 'giant atom'
62 New technology powers record-fast optical distance measurement
63 Cold blues, icy whites combine in new NASA satellite image
64 Plants abandon defenses after attackers become immune, study shows
65 Survey suggests group of Milky Way stars are homegrown, not alien invaders
66 Atacama Desert study offers glimpse of what life on Mars could look like
67 Study: Hawaiian hotspot migrated between 50 and 60 million years ago
68 Better ocean turbulence models to improve climate predictions
69 Study: Mushrooms became hallucinogenic to keep away insects
70 The West Coast is losing its biggest Chinook salmon
71 Chimps and bonobos don't need a translator
72 Buried at the stake: Underwater burial site yields skulls on poles
73 Birds are essential to the dispersion of rare wild chili pepper seeds
74 Space station astronauts back on Earth, touch down safely in Kazakhstan
75 The moon formed inside a cloud of Earth's vaporized rock
76 The roots of modern volcanism can be traced to early Earth
77 Search for first stars yields proof of dark matter
78 Scientists find world's oldest figural tattoos on Egyptian mummies
79 Atlas V rocket launches new NOAA weather satellite
80 Cyberslug: Virtual model thinks and acts like a real predator
81 Scientists discover strange new water bear species
82 Before feeding, Risso's dolphins plan their dives
83 New penguin super-colony spotted from space
84 Spring is arriving early at Earth's poles
85 Fossilized plant leaf wax to help scientists study ancient climates
86 When two species become one: New study examines 'speciation reversal'
87 Three-dimensional skyrmion: Scientists observe theoretical particle for first time
88 Liquefied brain tissue post-stroke could harm healthy parts: study
89 Study: Heart-healthy diet may help reduce depression risk
90 Bystander use of defibrillator doubles chance of cardiac arrest survival
91 Study: 1 in 10 children with cancer improve in Phase 1 drug trials
92 New guidelines recommend depression screening for all teens
93 Vaccines best way to stop spread of epidemics, experts say
94 Despite recent reports, childhood obesity rate in U.S. not falling
95 Dual thermal ablation may be effective treatment for pancreatic cancer
96 Study: 15 percent of teens say they've sexted
97 Female hormones may play part in asthma
98 FDA wants to improve effectiveness of flu shot for next year
99 Breast cancer radiation not as bad as many fear
100 It's not too late to benefit from a flu shot, experts say
101 Race, insurance key to employment after breast cancer diagnosis
102 Researchers find no link between birth control, depression
103 Medtronic recalls faulty implanted cardiac defibrillators
104 Researchers identify gene regions linked to increased risk for schizophrenia
105 Red blood cell, plasma transfusion rates decrease in U.S.
106 Standing desks may not be as good for health as thought
107 Failed osteoarthritis pain drug may help treat opioid addiction
108 Vegetarian, Mediterranean diets each equally good for the heart: Study
109 Urine test can reveal true biological age of the body
110 Diesel exhaust might raise truckers' odds for ALS