File Title
1 How we discovered the strange physics of jets from supermassive black holes
2 A stellar system with three super-Earths
3 Unprecedentedly wide and sharp dark matter map
4 NASA finds a large amount of water in an exoplanet's atmosphere
5 Hubble observes exoplanet atmosphere in more detail than ever before
6 Can strongly lensed type Ia supernovae resolve one of cosmology's biggest controversies?
7 Curiosity tests a new way to drill on Mars
8 Research details mineralogy of potential lunar exploration site
9 Black holes from small galaxies might emit gamma rays
10 Unlocking the secrets of the universe
11 Making the moon: Study details new story for how the moon formed
12 High-resolution image of the core of the Milky Way reveals surprisingly low star formation
13 Black hole blasts may transform 'mini-Neptunes' into rocky worlds
14 Tesla in space could carry bacteria from Earth
15 Alien life in our Solar System? Study hints at Saturn's moon
16 When do aging brown dwarfs sweep the clouds away?
17 How does water change the Moon's origin story?
18 XMM-Newton spies first clear X-ray flares from massive stellar lighthouse
19 Astronomers identify a mega metal-poor dwarf star
20 British astronaut hails 'groundbreaking' Airbus satellite
21 Stars around the Milky Way: Cosmic space invaders or victims of galactic eviction?
22 Proxima Centauri's no good, very bad day
23 Beaming with the light of millions of suns
24 This was exactly where cassini crashed into Saturn
25 Image: Hubble finds the calm after the galactic storm
26 NASA launches advanced weather satellite for western US
27 Desert-dwelling bacteria offer clues to habitability on mars
28 NASA InSight mission to Mars arrives at launch site
29 Sounding rocket mission will trace auroral winds
30 Signal detected from the first stars in the universe, with a hint that dark matter was involved
31 Chemistry can change the ingredients in planet formation
32 Mars Express views moons set against Saturn's rings
33 Six decades of cosmology
34 NASA space laser completes 2,000-mile road trip
35 Cosmonaut, two US astronauts return to Earth from ISS
36 Chasing a stellar flash with assistance from Gaia
37 Astronauts aim for icy homecoming after months in space
38 Engineers patent high-speed flash memory system for use on satellites
39 In the margins: Why aliens won't use the metric system
40 Image: Snowy Europe
41 Researchers detect beryllium in the fast nova ASASSN-16kt
42 Rare first moment of stellar explosion captured by amateur astronomer
43 Model based on hydrothermal sources evaluate possibility of life Jupiter's icy moon
44 Dual frequency comb generated on a single chip using a single laser
45 Scientists observe a new quantum particle with properties of ball lightning
46 Mining hardware helps scientists gain insight into silicon nanoparticles
47 Want more efficient simulators? Store time in a quantum superposition
48 Plasma bubbles help trigger massive magnetic events in outer space
49 Controlling skyrmions with lasers
50 Noninvasive skull optical clearing window for cortical imaging
51 Distortive effects of short distance photographs on nasal appearance: The selfie effect
52 How are hadrons born at the huge energies available in the LHC?
53 New speed record for trapped-ion 'building blocks' of quantum computers
54 Solution to the hyperfine puzzle in reach
55 Engineered metasurfaces replace adhesive tape in specialized microscope
56 Experimentally demonstrated a toffoli gate in a semiconductor three-qubit system
57 Sunlight funnel collects light from all directions
58 Physicists build bizarre molecules called 'Rydberg polarons'
59 Lightweight hyperspectral imagers bring sophisticated imaging capability to drones
60 Explaining the increasing temperature of cooling granular gases
61 Scientists discover how to distinguish beams of entangled photons
62 Quantum machine shows promise for biological research
63 Cartoon coyote's fall inspires development of new properties of silicon
64 Super-resolution microscopy in both space and time
65 Attoseconds break into atomic interior
66 Evidence of quantum state in spin cluster chain predicted by Nobel Prize recipient found in magnetic mineral
67 Artificial intelligence techniques reconstruct mysteries of quantum systems
68 'Two-way signaling' possible with a single quantum particle
69 Practical spin wave transistor one step closer
70 CUORE experiment constrains neutrino properties
71 New optical size spectrometer for probing atmospheric particulates
72 Simulating molecular spectroscopy with circuit quantum electrodynamics
73 New mathematical framework establishes the risk of dramatic collapses of real networks
74 NIST sharpens the 'Charpy' test for more precise impacts on industrial materials
75 A marriage of light-manipulation technologies
76 Researchers report the creation of Rydberg polarons in a Bose gas
77 A laser focus on super water-repellent metals
78 Optical distance measurement at record-high speed
79 Largest molecular spin found close to a quantum phase transition
80 Walking crystals may lead to new field of crystal robotics
81 Researchers turn light upside down
82 Recurrences in an isolated quantum many-body system
83 Researchers validate several fluctuation theorems for first time
84 Seeing nanoscale details in mammalian cells
85 Prevention is better than cure: Targeted vaccination to halt epidemics
86 Developing reliable quantum computers
87 Graphene material strengthens nerve signaling in the brain
88 Assessing quantum dot photoemissions
89 New insight into nanopatterning diamond
90 The shape of things to come for quantum materials?
91 The fine-tuning of two-dimensional materials
92 Optical emission of two-dimensional arsenic sulfide prepared in plasma
93 Optical properties of two-dimensional materials for potential advancements to infrared technology
94 Study of graphene catalysts finds metal in 'metal-free' catalysts
95 Nanomushroom sensors--one material, many applications
96 Researchers discover novel exciton interactions in carbon nanotubes
97 First nanoscale look at how lithium ions navigate a molecular maze to reach battery electrode
98 Imaging individual flexible DNA 'building blocks' in 3-D
99 New method uses light and gold nanoparticles for highly targeted, non-invasive drug delivery
100 Reinventing the inductor
101 'Memtransistor' brings world closer to brain-like computing
102 Researchers achieve 'Olympic ring' molecule breakthrough just in time for Winter Games
103 Activating the dark side reveals brighter nano 'building blocks'
104 Researchers invent tiny, light-powered wires to modulate brain's electrical signals
105 Researchers create first superatomic 2-D semiconductor
106 To untangle the effects of nanoparticles on microbes, look at the genes
107 Nanoparticles act as surgical blades for improved dental surgery
108 Researchers devise a new, inexpensive way to fabricate microneedles
109 Cells 'walk' on liquids a bit like geckos
110 Researchers create predictable patterns from unpredictable carbon nanotubes