File Title
1 Why are some mushrooms 'magic?' Study offers evolutionary explanation
2 What Vikings really put in their pillows
3 Here's how viruses inactivate the immune system, causing cancer
4 Previously unknown 'supercolony' of Adelie penguins discovered in Antarctica
5 Industrial fisheries in Southeast Asia divert millions of tons of fish to fishmeal
6 Like us, animals look up at the stars
7 Researchers find the ancestral function of the retinoic acid, an essential molecule in the evolution of vertebrates
8 3000 years of evolution with dingoes matters to bilbies
9 Plants fix DNA differently from animals
10 Samoa creates huge shark sanctuary
11 Researchers discover mitochondria-to-nucleus messenger protein
12 Caught on camera: Amazonian crop raiders
13 Health of world's last male northern white rhino in decline
14 Curing blindness with stem cells--here's the latest science
15 New study confirms Cambodia's last leopards on brink of extinction
16 A bird in the bush equals money in the hand
17 Just conservation is where environmental issues and social justice commingle
18 Defying the koi herpes virus
19 Why Barbra Streisand's cloned dogs aren't identical to the original pet
20 Native wildflowers bank on seeds underground to endure drought
21 Mapping nanoscale chemical reactions inside batteries in 3-D
22 Successful synthesis of gamma-lactam rings from hydrocarbons
23 Scientists create complex transmembrane proteins from scratch
24 Durable wood 'sponges' act as green sensors of mechanical strain
25 A near-universal way to measure enzyme inhibition
26 Converting CO2 into usable energy
27 Nanostructuring increases efficiency of metal-free photocatalysts by factor 11
28 A new way to combine soft materials
29 Naked-eye detection of solvent vapor
30 Powerful new imaging method reveals in detail how particles move in solution
31 Going with the DNA flow: Molecule of life finds new uses in microelectronics
32 Method of tracking reactions between air and carbon-based compounds established
33 Helium ions open whole new world of materials
34 New nanoparticles engineered to image and treat cancer
35 Scientists take step toward safer batteries by trimming lithium branches
36 New method could help quantify untapped natural gas reservoirs
37 Self-assembling peptides and the fight against obesity and diabetes
38 Scientists find frustration in battery materials
39 Carbon monoxide detection in the body could lead to rapid disease diagnostics
40 In living color: seeing cells from outside the body with synthetic bioluminescence
41 Newly designed molecule binds nitrogen
42 With computation, researchers identify promising solid oxide fuel cell materials
43 New symmetry-breaking method opens way for bioactive compounds
44 A protein that self-replicates
45 Squid skin could be the solution to camouflage material
46 Proteins date back to the time of sabre toothed cats
47 Power-to-gas facility with high efficiency
48 'Random walk' of heat carriers in amorphous polymers
49 New TSRI method accelerates studies on carbohydrate biology
50 Sample storage method could improve health care in resource-limited regions
51 Looking for an off switch for celiac disease
52 Iron-corroding bacteria shown to possess enzymes enabling them to extract electrons from extracellular solids
53 Portable biosensor warns of heart attack and stroke
54 Analytical methods help develop antidotes for cyanide, mustard gas
55 Researchers use plant fibres to develop green options for transport industry
56 The 'Holy Grail' of peptide chemistry: Making peptide active agents available orally
57 The cryo-electron microscopy structure of huntingtin
58 Scientists isolate cancer stem cells using novel method
59 Palladium catalyst speeds up two separate reactions, making useful molecules in a single process
60 Unexpected discovery about essential enzyme
61 Chemical-free, low-cost crop storage bags that preserve food longer now commercially available
62 Computer scientists and materials researchers collaborate to optimize steel classification
63 Tomatoes of the same quality as normal, but using only half the water
64 N/A
65 N/A
66 Focus on a reinforcement learning algorithm that can learn from failure
67 Facebook apologises for censoring prehistoric Venus statue
68 Aqueous storage device needs only 20 seconds to go
69 Vodafone, Nokia are tech partners for 4G network on the moon
70 Human-in-the-loop optimization improves the function of soft, wearable robots
71 A lithium battery that operates at -70 degrees Celsius, a record low
72 Scientists confirm century-old speculation on the chemistry of a high-performance battery
73 Layered oxides for rechargeable zinc batteries
74 Custom carpentry with help from robots
75 Hypersonic plane design tested in wind tunnel, discussed in journal
76 Novel 3-D printing method embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators
77 Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of US electricity demand, study finds
78 Army researchers are after cost-effective safer, lighter batteries
79 Scientists say space aliens could hack our planet
80 Tracker finds nearly half of last year's ICO offerings bit the dust
81 Inspired by nature: Design for new electrode could boost supercapacitors' performance
82 New technique allows printing of flexible, stretchable silver nanowire circuits
83 Alternative to traditional batteries moves a step closer to reality after exciting progress in supercapacitor technology
84 Hacker-resistant power plant software gets a glowing tryout in Hawaii
85 Charging ahead to higher energy batteries
86 Renault cars playing role in power ecosystem for island residents
87 Lighthouse: Home monitor is one smart sentry
88 AI and 5G in focus at top mobile fair
89 Dropbox files for public stock offering of $500 mln (Update)
90 Our future air taxi? Vahana self-flying machine takes off, hovers, lands
91 Twitter CEO asks for help on 'civility'; YouTube stumbles
92 Dropbox files for public stock offering of $500 mln (Update)
93 N/A
94 Bitcoin heist: 600 powerful computers stolen in Iceland
95 Re-think on energy charging could reduce bills for 70% of households
96 Bank of England chief slams cryptocurrencies; urges action
97 Reducing a building's carbon output can also lower costs
98 Proposal advances to store nuclear waste in New Mexico
99 When the Internet goes down
100 Crowdlending: Anatomy of a successful strategy
101 A power boost for mobile technologies
102 Why Amazon is sending you pictures of your front porch
103 Beware of replicating sexism in AI, experts warn
104 Apple plans largest iPhone ever and a cheaper alternative, report says
105 Jim Rossman: Are you ready to ride? Tech expert takes on Six Flags' new VR coaster
106 Miami's airport wants to read your face. You might be happy about that
107 Apple surges ahead in wearables on smartwatch sales: survey
108 Common bricks can be used to detect past presence of uranium, plutonium
109 Researchers create an AI to help us make sense of privacy policies