File Title
1 Facebook says 50M user accounts affected by security breach
2 Enhanced liquid oxygen-propylene rocket engine patent reflects company vision in orbit attempts
3 Droidbugs: A new benchmark to evaluate automated repair methods for Android apps
4 Mathematical verification tests if software runs as advertised
5 Saving pedestrian lives by using public cameras to communicate with smartphones
6 Facebook admits phone numbers may be used to target ads
7 Researchers develop sugar-powered sensor to detect, prevent disease
8 Ever struggle with a Rubik's Cube? Someone has created one that will solve itself
9 Device that integrates solar cell and battery could store electricity outside the grid
10 Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source
11 HP Tango is when you cannot tell a printer from a book (and you like it like that)
12 Facebook unveils Quest, its new virtual-reality headset
13 Engineers study hovering bats and hummingbirds in Costa Rica
14 Analyzing book reading behavior on Goodreads to predict Amazon Bestsellers
15 Zinc-air batteries provide power in remote areas
16 Tiny soft robot with multilegs paves way for drugs delivery in human body
17 Shove it, poke it, ANYmal will pick up your trash no matter what
18 Study shows smart controller for home heating and cooling system can clean pollution with little energy costs
19 Robots may need lizard-like tails for 'off-road' travel
20 US unveils first step toward new online privacy rules
21 Deezer explores AI system for music that matches mood
22 Sun exposure gets personal with wearable UV sensors
23 New blockchain protocol could improve government and corporate procurement
24 Researchers have developed what may be the first robotic lettuce leaf peeling system of its kind
25 Modelling the loop between opinion formation and personalized recommendations
26 iPhone XS and XS Max review: Apple's beautiful big-screen beasts exact a small ransom
27 Tesla shares plunge after US fraud suit against Musk
28 Tesla without Musk at the wheel? That's what the SEC wants
29 Merkel wants car giants to pick up 100% of diesel refit bill
30 Workplace messaging startup Slack eyes 2019 IPO: report
31 Why you can't always trust your handy map app
32 Perovskite solar cells leap toward commercialization
33 Adobe to acquire San Mateo's Marketo for $4.75 billion
34 Amazon is planning to open up to 3,000 cashier-free stores by 2021, report says
35 Renewable energy on rise in resource-poor Jordan
36 Microsoft to invest $40 million in AI technology for humanitarian issues
37 Bioengineering grad student makes waves in MR research with a 3-D printed phantom head
38 Journalists slam pending Bangladesh digital security law
39 Google CEO to meet with US lawmakers after previous snub
40 Honda recalls Accord, Insight vehicles for software problem
41 US, Japan and Australia challenge Huawei in Papua New Guinea
42 Ryanair faces fresh strike in Europe
43 US regulators charge Tesla CEO Elon Musk with fraud
44 One black hole or two? Dust clouds can explain puzzling features of active galactic nuclei
45 A model that computes the fraction of the 'haystack' that SETI programs have collectively examined
46 Chlorate-rich soil may help us find liquid water on Mars
47 Making head or tail of a galactic landscape
48 Photos from Japanese space rovers show asteroid is...rocky
49 Extended emission filaments found in the galaxy Markarian 6
50 Simulations uncover why some supernova explosions produce so much manganese and nickel
51 Did key building blocks for life come from deep space?
52 How a tiny Curiosity motor identified a massive Martian dust storm
53 Neutron star jets shoot down theory
54 Elusive origin of stellar geysers revealed by 3-D simulations
55 Long lost Galileo letter found at Royal Society library
56 Software finds the best way to stick a Mars landing
57 Japan firm signs with SpaceX for lunar missions
58 Hyper Suprime-Cam survey maps dark matter in the universe
59 Opportunity rover emerges in a dusty picture
60 Tracking the interstellar object 'Oumuamua to its home
61 Four extremely young asteroid families identified
62 Dust storms on Titan spotted for the first time
63 Astronomers use Earth's natural history as guide to spot vegetation on new worlds
64 Martian moon may have come from impact on home planet, new study suggests
65 Ancient Mars had right conditions for underground life, new research suggests
66 Researchers study a neutral hydrogen supershell in the Milky Way
67 A new classification scheme for exoplanet sizes
68 Japan space robots start asteroid survey
69 NASA wants to begin hunting for intelligent aliens who, like us, create technology
70 Image: Hubble's warped view of the universe
71 A decade of commercial space travel--what's next?
72 New space instrument goes for a spin
73 Lunar library to include photos, books stored in DNA
74 Jeff Bezos space project lands big rocket partnership
75 Exploring the microscopic structure of black holes from the viewpoint of thermodynamics
76 Experimental cosmologists use photonics to search Andromeda for signs of alien life
77 NASA is taking a new look at searching for life beyond Earth
78 Image: A shadowy selfie taken 280 million km from Earth
79 Cosmic 'dustpedias' could reveal new types of galaxy
80 Ten years catching rocket signals
81 This car-sized NASA spacecraft is hurtling closer to the sun than any mission before
82 Refining intergalactic measurements could alter our whole understanding of physics
83 Interpreting new findings of methane on Mars
84 Both halves of NASA's Webb Telescope successfully communicate
85 New tools to boost access to NASA Earth science data
86 Researchers challenge our assumptions on the effects of planetary rotation
87 Engineering 3-D mesostructures with mechanically active materials
88 Tiny vortices driven by magnetic fields might be able to move microscopic particles
89 Quantum mechanics work lets oil industry know promise of recovery experiments before they start
90 Plasma thruster: New space debris removal technology
91 NIST's electro-optic laser pulses 100 times faster than usual ultrafast light
92 Decoding multiple frames from a single, scattered exposure
93 Disordered skyrmion phase stabilized by magnetic frustration in a chiral magnet
94 Superconducting metamaterial traps quantum light
95 Self-folding metamaterial
96 ATLAS Experiment releases new study of ultra-rare B-meson decay
97 Study demonstrates new mechanism for developing electronic devices
98 Photonic chips harness sound waves to speed up local networks
99 Tracking hydrogen movement using subatomic particles
100 Efficient generation of high-density plasma enabled by high magnetic field
101 Tumor cell expansion challenges current physics
102 New approach to spatial noise filtering that boosts development of ultra-sensitive quantum sensors
103 The periodic motion of flexible knots, and the connection to DNA
104 Scientists discover new mechanism for information storage in one atom
105 Pond dwellers called Euglena swim in polygons to avoid light
106 A new way to count qubits
107 Smaller, faster and more efficient modulator sets to revolutionize optoelectronic industry
108 Explainer: The US push to boost 'quantum computing'
109 Newly discovered magnetic state could lead to green IT solutions
110 Researchers control the drying patterns formed during salt recrystallization