File Title
1 Searching for new bridge forms that can span further
2 Women much less likely to ask questions in academic seminars than men
3 Why atheists are not as rational as some like to think
4 New study examines 'strategic retention' of teachers by effective principals
5 Sisters are more comfortable and honest in conversations about dating and sex
6 Growers are in a jam now, but strawberry sabotage may well end up helping the industry
7 Researchers measure how sweet the deal is for corporate political donors
8 Delayed reporting of sexual assault is no reason to discredit the accuser
9 Leaders may create ineffective cultures because they are stuck in the past, study shows
10 Clementine Ford reveals the fragility behind 'toxic masculinity' in book
11 Painted tomb discovered in Cumae (Italy)--a banquet frozen in time
12 Efforts to make science relevant to diverse populations inadvertently create divisions, study finds
13 Northern dialects can be closer to original English--despite what southerners might say
14 More kids living in multigenerational families
15 Is student debt keeping Americans away from marriage?
16 Researcher seeks to increase college enrollment, success among foster youth
17 Universities are failing to deal with serial sexual predators on their staffs, according to new report
18 Gratitude in buyer-seller relationships
19 Europeans receptive to new welfare policy ideas
20 Aphids use sight to avoid deadly bacteria, could lead to pest control
21 PCB pollution threatens to wipe out killer whales
22 New study probes the ancient past of a body plan code
23 Why a 'cuckoo in the nest' can go undetected
24 Feeding ants dopamine might make them smarter foragers
25 New bird flu viruses in ducks after vaccines largely prevented H7N9 in chickens
26 Researchers discover signatures predicting therapeutic applications, toxicity of chemicals
27 Study finds samples from opposite sides of the globe are surprisingly similar
28 In the battle of cats vs. rats, the rats are winning
29 Taking out the (life-threatening) garbage: Bacteria eject trash to survive
30 Manta rays' food-capturing mechanism may hold key to better filtration systems
31 Scientists investigate how DEET confuses countless critters
32 Damaged liver cells undergo reprogramming to regenerate
33 A mechanism of color pattern formation in ladybird beetles
34 Zika and yellow fever--vaccines without eggs
35 What's behind the color and pattern of bird feathers?
36 How leaves talk to roots
37 Sunflower pollen has medicinal, protective effects on bees
38 Microbial dark matter dominates Earth's environments
39 Team names world's largest ever bird--Vorombe titan
40 Climate change not main driver of amphibian decline
41 The grim, final days of a mother octopus
42 Bacteria's password for sporulation hasn't changed in 2.7 billion years
43 Built-in sound amplifier helps male mosquitoes find females
44 Team discovers new species of dazzling, neon-colored fish
45 New invasive bryozoan arrives in Alaskan waters
46 Citizen scientists advance the knowledge of coastal seas
47 After a fatal shark attack on Cape Cod, will the reaction be coexistence or culling?
48 A protein prevents plants from premature flowering
49 Tomatoes 'mixing chemical cocktails': Early detection of disease resistance in food crops
50 New tool in the fight against grapevine trunk disease
51 Antibiotics' mode of action observed in the bacterial cell membrane
52 Game-changing ivory ban takes effect but further efforts needed to ensure long-term gains
53 Successful development of intestinal epithelial cells derived from human iPS cells
54 Report says fishing rule might put whales at greater risk
55 Millions of birds die in collisions each year, but lights could change that
56 Unprecedented experiment with Canadian military provides new insights on right whales
57 Newly discovered hummingbird species already critically endangered
58 Omnivore sharks and cannibal hippos--the strange truth about dinnertime in the animal kingdom
59 Giddy up--help for plump ponies is fast on its way
60 Rare Sumatran tiger found dead in Indonesia
61 Novel method produces highest-ever signals for human embryonic stem cell detection
62 Invasive snakes 'hitchhiking' on planes
63 Polymer coating cools down buildings
64 Shake, rattle, and roll to high efficiency photovoltaics
65 Viruses discern, destroy E. coli in drinking water
66 Spheres can make concrete leaner, greener
67 Researchers create smartphone system to test for lead in water
68 Researchers apply ion soft-landing technique for advances in materials synthesis
69 Heterometallic copper-aluminum super atom discovered
70 Researchers find potent chemical agents that can thwart cancer metastasis
71 Team discovers molecular channel that regulates blood pressure
72 Multimodal imaging shows strain can drive chemistry in a photovoltaic material
73 Transforming carbon dioxide--researchers develop novel two-step CO2 conversion technology
74 Highly efficient single-atom catalyst could help auto industry
75 Cryo-EM reveals structure of protein responsible for regulating body temperature
76 Material made from single molecule self-forms into a lattice that can self-heal, store gases
77 Breakthrough in blending metals--precise control of multimetallic one-nanometer cluster formation achieved
78 New battery gobbles up carbon dioxide
79 Mobile device could make it easier to predict and control harmful algal blooms
80 Scientists solve the golden puzzle of calaverite
81 Researchers report simpler method for safely handling methanethiol in chemical synthesis
82 To improve auto coatings, new tests do more than scratch the surface
83 Synthetic organelle shows how tiny puddle-organs in our cells work
84 Plug-and-play technology automates chemical synthesis
85 Simulations enable 'choose-your-own-adventure' stereochemistry
86 Commercially relevant bismuth-based thin film processing
87 A game of pool in the live cell
88 Protecting probiotics from the stomach
89 New protocol for measuring background levels of drugs in crime labs
90 Developing new ways to advance copper production
91 Researchers study presence of fluorinated chemicals in firefighter clothing
92 NIST details plans for reviewing the scientific foundations of forensic methods
93 Deep-eutectic solvents replace polluting industrial solvents
94 Neither smooth nor rough: Novel bio-inspired surfaces make insects slip
95 For critically ill patients on life support, chemistry could help them survive
96 Scientists find new ways to use biorefinery chemicals
97 How lactoferrin clamps down on free roaming iron ions to stop nefarious effects on cells
98 Chitinase as 'burnt-bridge' Brownian monorail efficiently hydrolyzing recalcitrant biomass
99 Chemists produce and test novel solid oxide electrolysis cell
100 Interfacial engineering core@shell nanoparticles for active and selective direct H2O2 generation
101 Researchers develop microbubble scrubber to destroy dangerous biofilms
102 Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing
103 'Hoppy' beer without exploding bottles and too much alcohol
104 Origami inspires highly efficient solar steam generator