File Title
1 Topical cream tested as way to enhance bird flu vaccine
2 No benefit to statin drugs for healthy seniors, study says
3 Blood biomarker may detect some types of autism
4 Rate of baby boomers embracing marijuana doubled in last decade
5 Excessive airway nerves linked to severe asthma in study
6 One-dose flu drug shows promise in trials
7 Turning wound cells into skin cells may help doctors heal ulcers
8 Exercise can boost brain cell growth in Alzheimer's, mouse study suggests
9 Study: Surgeons overprescribing opioids after nose jobs
10 Stigma an additional burden for many with psoriasis
11 Sleep apnea often missed in black Americans, study says
12 Study: Exercise has no effect on the timing of menopause
13 Probiotic supplements ineffective for some who take them
14 Study: Black patients have 5 times rate of blood pressure crises
15 Study: Trips to ERs down, urgent care centers up for minor ills
16 Poor healthcare linked to 5 million deaths yearly
17 Naloxone nasal spray works best to stop opioid OD: Study
18 Perk up: Drinking coffee is safe, despite confusing studies
19 Home monitoring works for patients with high blood pressure
20 More than 1 in 5 college students so stressed they considered suicide
21 'No documented reason' for one-third of outpatient opioid prescriptions
22 Widely used drug azathioprine linked to skin cancer
23 Protein linked to tumor suppression in several cancers
24 Long-term senior use of xanax, valium poses dependency risk, study says
25 Antibiotics for children's cough don't reduce hospitalization risk, study says
26 Elevated blood sugar during pregnancy boosts obesity risk for kids
27 HIV genome helps determine antibodies formed in people with the virus
28 Protein tricks muscle into burning more energy during exercise, cold
29 Study: Sexual violence haunts women for years
30 FDA approves combination drug for opioid dependence
31 Daytime drowsiness could be a sign of Alzheimer's
32 Whole grain foods could help prevent type 2 diabetes
33 Going vegetarian may lower colon cancer risk
34 Precise determination of 'body time' could improve medical treatment
35 Daily milk consumption linked to lower cardiovascular rates, mortality
36 Study: Juuls have similar nicotine level as cigarettes, absorbed by body faster
37 Study: Caffeine may lower risk of death from kidney disease
38 FDA to e-cig makers: Address 'epidemic' teen use or products will be banned
39 Study: Primary care doctors can do better job of depression screening
40 Study: Individualized treatment would reduce melanoma cells
41 ADHD linked to increased risk for early Parkinson's disease
42 Unknown levels of banned supplement in weight-loss products raises concerns
43 Obesity tops 35 percent in 7 U.S. states
44 Mindfulness may be a buffer against pain
45 Researchers testing needle-free flu vaccine
46 Cancer advances rely on U.S. government funding, report says
47 Placebo pill may be effective for back pain
48 WHO: 9.6 million cancer deaths, 18 million new cases this year
49 New methods speed up disease diagnoses in newborns
50 Valsartan does not carry short-term cancer risk, study says
51 Cell-killing ability of viruses shows promise for cancer treatment
52 Study: Hospitals may overprescribe blood pressure meds
53 Body clock may affect timing of epileptic siezures
54 Top beverage for children in U.S. is water
55 Stay upbeat to help beat heart disease
56 Study: ALS affects brain's cognition skills
57 Folic acid ineffective against preeclampsia, study says
58 Calorie counts on menus are helping people lose weight, study says
59 Second carcinogen found in some valsartan heart meds
60 FDA approves treatment for 'hairy cell' leukemia
61 Study: Mumps outbreak at Texas cheerleading meets spread quickly
62 Study ties household chemicals to kidney harm
63 1 in 12 Americans has debilitating chronic pain
64 Picky eating may mask larger issues for children
65 Study: Low-dose aspirin doesn't extend healthy living in older people
66 Study: Household products associated with overweight kids
67 Meth-relapse prevention compound may be effective for opioid users
68 Activity may lead to faster recovery from brain damage, stroke
69 Researchers find 535 new gene regions that influence blood pressure
70 Children disadvantaged by liver transplant wait list scores
71 Many Americans reducing red, processed meats in their diets
72 Study: Nanoparticle therapy restores prostate cancer's tumor suppressor
73 Infant walkers send thousands of children to ER each year
74 Fentanyl making drug users more careful, study says
75 Fetus may be harmed if air pollutants reach placenta
76 One-third of high school e-cig users vape marijuana
77 Experts warn of safety concerns amid post-Florence cleanup
78 Trial starts for nasal flu vaccine for kids
79 Zika vaccine shows promise against brain cancer
80 Intensive lifestyle changes best for people with BMI above 30, task force says
81 Drug compounds prevent mosquitoes' malaria infection
82 Blocking brain messages in lymphatic vessels may slow MS
83 Injected anti-inflamatory drug may be effective against gout
84 First gut bacteria may affect future ability to fight chronic diseases
85 FDA aims ad campaign at teen e-cig users
86 WHO: Child mortality, tuberculosis crises on track to worsen by 2030
87 Many young doctors report burnout, regret career choice
88 Zapping airway nerves may help COPD patients breathe
89 Parents blame smartphones, tablets for teens' sleep troubles
90 Study: Drug companies hike prices during shortages
91 CDC: 30 million people in U.S. have diabetes
92 Opioid painkiller crisis grows among seniors, AHRQ says
93 Multiple births may rise as more women delay having children
94 Study: Smog may increase risk for dementia
95 Why eczema is tougher to treat for black patients
96 'Liking gap' might stand in way of new friendships
97 Medical marijuana increases pain threshold for patients
98 Incorrect diagnoses responsible for 80,000 deaths per year
99 FDA approves new opioid safety measures for outpatients
100 Study: Drug combo could reduce heart attack risk
101 Mediterranean diet may cut stroke risk for women
102 Gambling monkeys help reveal brain region linked to risky decisions
103 Study offers clues to failure of Alzheimer's drugs in trials
104 Human esophagus organoids grown in lab
105 Ovary removal linked to kidney disease
106 Study: 1 in 6 Americans over 40 has been knocked unconscious
107 Opioid overdose crisis may have begun decades ago
108 Easing sleep apnea may be key to stroke recovery
109 Boys lag behind girls in reading by 4th grade
110 All people carry personal cloud of germs, chemicals