File Title
1 Would you rather die of liver failure or live with HIV?
2 Smoking cessation: a genetic mutation involved in relapse
3 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Vitamin D supplementation in adults does not prevent fractures, falls or improve bone mineral density
4 Large-scale wind power needs more land, causes more climatic impact than previously thought
5 Uncovering the exquisite choreography of the developing human heart
6 Scientists find old antibiotic may selectively kill dangerous skin cancer cells
7 Primary tropical forests are best but regrowing forests are also vital to biodiversity
8 Cases of type 1 diabetes diagnosed after the age of 30 are frequently not identified and may be misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes
9 Diabetes may begin more than 20 years before diagnosis
10 New study reveals that low-calorie sweeteners disrupt the gut bacteria in healthy people in association with impaired blood sugar control
11 Fungus provides powerful medicine in fighting honey bee viruses
12 Duvelisib has marked response, survival benefit in difficult-to-treat leukemia and lymphoma
13 Low-dose aspirin may lower ovarian cancer risk
14 Appetite-suppressant lorcaserin decreases risk of developing diabetes and induces remission of high blood sugar in obese and overweight patients
15 Weight loss drug shows positive effect on diabetes
16 Immune cell variations contribute to malaria severity
17 Detecting fake news, at its source
18 Report outlines cancer risk among Hispanics/Latinos in the United States
19 Special issue: Gas giant planets
20 Shaping seasonal flu epidemics: City density, and climate
21 Researchers link gut bacteria to heart transplant success or failure
22 Molecular guardians monitor chromosomes during cell division
23 SwRI scientists study Saturn's rings to discover downpour
24 New display design could make lightweight, compact smart glasses a reality
25 Harassing females lowers reproduction rates and reduces population size
26 Surprising chemical complexity of Saturn's rings changing planet's upper atmosphere
27 High blood levels of inflammatory marker linked with kidney function decline in adults
28 Modern humans inherited viral defenses from Neanderthals
29 Mouse study mirrors human findings that link chemotherapy and APOE4 to cognitive issues
30 A new take on the 19th-century skull collection of Samuel Morton
31 Large-scale US wind power would cause warming that would take roughly a century to offset
32 How malaria infection activates natural killer cells
33 Viruses influenced gene sharing between Neanderthals and humans
34 Teaching wild birds to sing a new tune
35 Scientists use prenatal testing samples to complete the largest genetic study yet in China
36 Scientists call for microbial 'Noah's Ark' to protect global health
37 Thirteen ocean solutions for climate change
38 Genomic study finds a new role for microRNAs as predictors of Crohn's disease progression
39 Climate change efforts should focus on ocean-based solutions
40 Ground shaking during devastating flood offers new insights
41 UCalgary scientists discover a new way to eliminate allergen-induced asthma attacks
42 ASU research graces cover of ACS journal
43 Research shows a single dose of cocaine irreversibly alters brain
44 Tumor necrosis associate with atherosclerotic lipid accumulation
45 Participants in dementia prevention research motivated by altruism
46 Larger cities have smaller water footprint than less populated counterparts
47 'Turbidity currents' are not just currents, but involve movement of the seafloor itself
48 UTMB develops a universal vaccine platform that's cheaper and shelf stable
49 New spheres trick, trap and terminate water contaminant
50 Underestimating combined threats of deforestation and wildlife trade will push Southeast Asian birds
51 Novel use of NMR sheds light on easy-to-make electropolymerized catalysts
52 Energy-insecure New Yorkers face multiple health risks
53 Alaskan carbon assessment has implications for national climate policy
54 Researchers discover how fatal biofilms form
55 Lunar craters named in honor of Apollo 8
56 Education improves decision-making ability, study finds
57 Studies needed on impact of cannabis use on puberty
58 Bag a job, bag your prey
59 Gene signature predicts outcome after spinal cord injury
60 Protein dynamics: Molecular machines at work
61 Typical mutations in children of radar soldiers
62 Sink traps are surprising source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in ICU
63 New cancer vaccine platform a potential tool for efficacious targeted cancer therapy
64 How the brain learns during sleep
65 New function of a key component in the immune system discovered
66 The urban training intervention increases physical activity in COPD patients
67 How has children's body image changed over time?
68 Species-rich forests store twice as much carbon as monocultures
69 Nanoscale pillars as a building block for future information technology
70 Study links individual HPV types to HIV infection
71 How to make a lab-on-a-chip clear and biocompatible (with less blood splatter)
72 Study finds standard treatment for common STD doesn't eliminate parasite in some women
73 Consumers willing to pay more for sustainably brewed beer, study finds
74 New details of HIV life cycle
75 Cancer death disparities linked to poverty, lifestyle factors nationwide
76 Health insurer policies may discourage use of non-opioid alternatives for lower back pain
77 Nanoplatform developed with three molecular imaging modalities for tumor diagnosis
78 University of Toronto chemists advance ability to control chemical reactions
79 Cleaning procedure prevents therapy dogs from spreading MRSA to children with cancer
80 Outpatient antibiotic overprescribing rampant
81 Could treating psoriasis in the future be as easy as going online?
82 Digital marketing exposure increases energy drink usage among young adults
83 New EASD-ADA consensus guidelines on managing hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes launched at EASD meeting
84 Nanopore technology with DNA computing easily detects microRNA patterns of lung cancer
85 American hospitals make it too hard for patients to access medical records
86 Study examines processes to request patient medical records in US Hospitals
87 New method measures single molecules from nanoliter of blood in real time
88 Scientists get the drop on the cell's nucleus
89 Study shows diet and weight may affect response to bipolar disorder treatment
90 Gene which decreases risk of social network-related stress, increases finance-related stress risk
91 NUS researchers uncover new role of TIP60 protein in controlling tumor formation
92 Education interventions improve economic rationality
93 Dummies not to blame for common speech disorder in kids
94 Pregnant women recognize baby expressions differently depending on mental health history
95 Carbon emissions from Amazonian forest fires up to 4 times worse than feared
96 Annual price tag for nonfatal injuries in the US tops $1.8 trillion
97 UTEP study finds link between childhood adversity, burnout and depression
98 Time-traveling illusion tricks the brain
99 Biosecurity Research Institute studies African swine fever to prevent US outbreak
100 Lessons from Dutch geological history might be useful for other present-day deltas
101 New study shows promise for targeting breast cancer metastasis
102 Recovering from a heart attack? Hold the antibiotics
103 Newly discovered long noncoding RNA plays critical role in brain growth and signaling
104 Study shows DNA of people with childhood abuse or depression ages faster
105 Newly discovered bacterium rids problematic pair of toxic groundwater contaminants
106 Artificial intelligence helps reveal how people process abstract thought
107 Code of ethics doesn't influence decisions of software developers
108 Supercomputer predicts optical properties of complex hybrid materials
109 Even when presented with facts, supported by evidence, many choose not to believe them
110 US researchers explore variations in employment outcomes for people with disabilities