File Title
1 FDA approves first generic EpiPen
2 First human trial of live, weakened Zika vaccine underway
3 Type 2 diabetics can reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, study says
4 Thinning retina seen as early warning sign for Parkinson's
5 CDC: Wearing contacts during sleep may risk serious eye damage
6 Blood test in early pregnancy may predict mom's diabetes risk
7 New blood test can spot parasitic infection in pregnant women
8 Diet moderate in carbs could be key to longer life
9 Study: High concentrations of heavy metals found in baby foods
10 FDA approves brain stimulation device for OCD
11 Study suggests care could be difference between rural, urban cancer survival rates
12 Study: Cancer-related genetic testing is rare for women on Medicare
13 More opioid users getting treatment since Medicaid expansion
14 Is haywire body clock tied to mood disorders?
15 Study: Drinking milk at breakfast better manages blood glucose
16 Strawberries could reduce colon inflammation, study finds
17 Study: Pain program helps surgery patients taper off opioids
18 Study: Light-activated oxygen kills infections, disease
19 Vaping can damage DNA, but unknown if that leads to cancer
20 Vitamin B is potential way to treat acute kidney injury
21 Research: Molecular mechanism explains why genetic mutations affect some people
22 Study: U.S. political climate frightening for teens
23 Doctors aren't telling teens about newer meningitis vaccine
24 AHA: 'Bad' cholesterol can be deadly in otherwise healthy people
25 New gene therapy treats inherited eye disorders in animal study
26 Study: 'Liquid biopsy' quickly predicts lymphoma therapy success
27 Study: Genital warts may increase HIV transmission risk
28 Study: HPV vaccination doesn't lead to premature menopause
29 Method developed to test new Parkinson's therapies
30 Radiation for childhood brain tumor can hinder memory
31 New guidelines: HPV test is option instead of Pap smear for older women
32 New lab method spots heart attack, risk of heart woes
33 Gut enzyme could help solve U.S. blood shortages
34 Breastfeeding may reduce stroke risk for mothers, study says
35 Universal flu vaccine shows potential in tests with animals
36 Study: Consistent moderate drinking tied to lower heart disease risk
37 Artificial intelligence detects often-undetected cancer tumors
38 Paired technology easily monitors, detects atrial fibrillation
39 Stem cells grow more quickly, efficiently in new method
40 Store tobacco ads help get kids vaping
41 Spine stimulation may help paralyzed patients regain bladder control
42 Kids with autism learn, grow with the 'social robot'
43 Researchers link high blood pressure to cool indoor temps
44 Children's medicines recalled for microbial contamination risk
45 Antibiotic side effects send 70,000 children to ER each year, study says
46 Study: Heart attack risk doubles for e-cigarette users
47 Doctors discover new type of multiple sclerosis
48 Study: Chronic sinus inflammation associated with cellular changes
49 FDA approves first drug to treat rare corneal eye condition
50 No level of alcohol consumption is safe, researchers say
51 CDC: HPV vaccination rates rising among U.S. teens
52 New study quantifies 'financial toxicity' of breast cancer survival
53 Baby's immune system ramps up right after birth, study finds
54 Government efforts to curb opioid prescriptions may have backfired
55 Drug reduces hospitalization, death from progressive form of heart failure
56 Prescription drug combos may be dangerous for kids, study says
57 Study: Diabetes drug also may reduce heart disease risk
58 Men who sleep less than 5 hours per night at double the risk for heart trouble
59 Weight loss drug does not increase heart health risks, study says
60 Furrowed brow may be warning sign for heart trouble
61 Aspirin, fish oil may not prevent heart trouble in those already at risk
62 Marijuana may stay in breast milk for up to six days
63 AI system can detect diabetic retinopathy
64 Mental distress may boost risk for heart disease in older adults
65 Study: Amphetamines don't improve post-stroke motor recovery
66 Imaging biomarker can predict coronary inflammation
67 E. coli strain in poultry may cause infections in humans, study says
68 Removable balloon as effective as permanent stent, study says
69 Low-carb diet may shorten lifespan
70 U.S. sees alarming rise in antibiotic-resistant UTIs: Study
71 Security scanners safe for patients with heart devices: Study
72 First-of-its-kind 3D-printed 'bionic eye' prototype developed
73 Teen boys who drink at higher risk for aggressive prostate cancer, study says
74 FDA warns more websites selling unapproved opioids
75 Study: Different breathing tube improved survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest
76 Study: Chemo for lung cancer may cause early menopause
77 Marijuana extract can help curb psychosis, study says
78 Rapid heart imaging system may improve care in developing nations
79 Soldiers' suicide attempts often come without prior mental health diagnosis
80 Obamacare enrollee numbers aren't falling: Report
81 Ancient treatment may help fight 'superbugs'
82 Drug may slow down brain shrinkage in multiple sclerosis, study says
83 FDA warns class of diabetes drugs may cause genital gangrene
84 New therapy regrows nerve fibers in rodents after spinal cord injury
85 Study: Non-addictive painkiller is safe, effective in animals
86 Scientists find genetic marker to diagnose aggressive prostate cancer
87 Researchers to test individualized drug cocktails for kids' brain tumors
88 CDC: States struggle with onslaght of 'complex' opioid overdose deaths
89 Toxic metals put heart at risk, even at low levels
90 Sleep apnea might raise odds for painful gout
91 Pediatricians: Keep child in rear-facing car seat as long as possible
92 Later breakfast, earlier dinner might help people lose body fat
93 Gene editing in dog study points to potential muscular dystrophy treatment
94 ADHD rates in U.S. children rising sharply, study says
95 Stroke may double risk for dementia, study says
96 Nearly 1 in 5 autistic young adults have history of depression: study
97 Obamacare Medicaid expansion may have expanded birth control access
98 Undescended testes tied to higher cancer risk, infertility
99 All children should receive flu vaccine ASAP, doctors advise
100 Children conceived with IVF have higher risk for hypertension, study says
101 Study: Ten-year dementia risk estimates may help with early prevention
102 Acne vaccine successful in rodents, human skin samples
103 Most current, former cancer patients have strong mental health
104 Opium poppy genome research may aid painkiller production
105 WHO: Lack of exercise puts 1.4B adults at higher risk of heart disease
106 Painkiller diclofenac linked to increased heart risks in study
107 Researchers: Consider antibiotic to treat listeria infections
108 Fish oil pills during pregnancy may lead to stronger, healthier children
109 Nerve stimulation may be effective against female sexual dysfunction
110 Study: Aggressive prostate cancer may respond to immunotherapy
111 Researchers find same hormone plays role in diabetes, hypertension
112 Study: High number of firefighters die from cardiac arrest because of unknown heart problems
113 Walking, exercise both linked to lower heart failure in older women