File Title
1 Tropical frogs found to coexist with deadly fungus
2 Pregnancy disorders may lead to more hot flashes
3 Teeth of Homo antecessor shed light on trends in Pleistocene hominin dental evolution
4 Neanderthal-like features in 450,000-year-old fossil teeth from the Italian Peninsula
5 Bone knife from Morocco is oldest specialized tool associated with Aterian culture
6 Green algae, white noise: Gas bubbles produced during photosynthesis 'ring' upon release
7 Hugs may help protect against conflict-related distress
8 Who needs genetic testing for breast cancer?
9 Taking control of stress and menopause symptoms
10 Options for making sex more enjoyable at any age
11 Time to rethink how we diagnose Alzheimer's disease
12 Understanding why women may age slower than men
13 Shedding light on new treatment options for perimenopausal depression and sleep problems
14 Research affirms the power of 'we'
15 Part-organic invention can be used in bendable mobile phones
16 Living organisms find a critical balance
17 Sequencing RNA in 20,000 cardiac cells reveals insights into heart development and disease
18 Successful mouse couples talk out infidelity in calm tones
19 Using personal data to predict blood pressure
20 Model helps robots navigate more like humans do
21 AI could predict cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer's disease in the next 5 years
22 Experts develop guide for getting more LTC residents immunized
23 Ghost objects in the sky
24 In its final days, Cassini bathed in 'ring rain'
25 Post-treatment surveillance frequency not related to improved lung cancer patient survival
26 UCLA researchers discover aggressive prostate and lung cancers are driven by common mechanisms
27 Amazon rainforest conservation victories spill losses to neighbors
28 Enhancement of piezoelectric properties in organic polymers all in the molecules
29 Every cell has a story to tell in brain injury
30 Gastric banding as effective as metformin in slowing prediabetes, type two diabetes
31 Newly detected microquasar gamma-rays 'call for new ideas'
32 Mayo researchers ID potential new treatment for one type of triple-negative breast cancer
33 In comments on Medicare fee schedule proposal, AGS calls for putting older people first
34 New study evaluates efficacy of PET imaging to manage chronic liver diseases
35 The FASEB Journal: Animal study suggests ketone supplement more effective for weight loss
36 Cracking the (reimbursement) code: Hard work, big changes covering care we need with age
37 Windier wind farms
38 'Double agent' in the immune system may make us vulnerable to bacterial infections
39 Adherence to annual lung cancer screening needs improvement
40 Conflict management improves ICU team knowledge, mindfulness and awareness
41 Amputation injury is communicated to opposing limbs
42 Disruption in combination inhaled corticosteroid therapy may lead to an increased rate of costly exacerbations and hospitalizations for Medicare patients
43 New DNA tool predicts height, shows promise for serious illness assessment
44 Researchers detect high-energy rays from powerful star system
45 Every day spent in the hospital, readmission likelihood increases by 2.9 percent in rural cities
46 Evidence mounts linking aspirin to lower risk of ovarian cancer
47 Facebook 'viable method' for implementing critical care ultrasound curriculum
48 Female representation in the CHEST Fellowship on the rise
49 UMN researchers use 3D technology to identify optimal stem cells for transplantation
50 Gram-negative bacteria increase mortality, vasopressor use and ICU admission
51 Have asthma and a pet? Re-homing your cat or dog may not be necessary
52 Mechanical ventilation 'no increased risk' of mortality in pregnant patients
53 Chemotherapy may lead to mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle
54 Mortality in septic shock has improved since the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines in 2004
55 Observations challenge cosmological theories
56 Significant barriers facing homeless adults in accessing quality end-of-life care
57 Synthetic training models provide equivalent physiologic stress response in learners
58 Genetic mutation may increase risk of pancreatic cancer in females
59 Triple dual therapy significantly improves lung function, quality of life in COPD patients
60 CREDO's first light: The global particle detector begins its collection of scientific data
61 Women are less likely to receive lung protective tidal volumes when being considered as a lung donor
62 VLA sky survey reveals first 'orphan' gamma ray burst
63 Astronomers discover sonic boom from powerful unseen explosion
64 Synthetic DNA-encoded checkpoint inhibitor antibodies advance cancer immunotherapy
65 The homing instinct of relocated snakes
66 Clemson researcher warns of spread of homemade steroids
67 HZB researchers are used to boost the efficiency of silicon solar cells
68 Species-rich forests store twice as much carbon as monocultures
69 Gas stations vent far more toxic fumes than previously thought
70 Tarragon supplements may make healthy women gain weight
71 Potential treatment could stop knee and spine osteoarthritis, Krembil scientists say
72 Researchers develop combined data model to better evaluate for mild cognitive impairment
73 Rethinking lethality in youth suicide attempts
74 Artificial enzymes convert solar energy into hydrogen gas
75 Latin may help students bridge their native language with English
76 The constructive role of noise
77 Decoding the regulation of cell survival--a major step towards preventing neurons from dying
78 Neanderthal healthcare practices crucial to survival
79 HKBU study: Sunscreen chemicals harm fish embryos and could pose risk to humans
80 New wristband provides personalized and real-time tracking of UV exposure
81 Pilot study: Migraine can be treated without medicine
82 Even small gifts boost business
83 Malaria parasites adapt to mosquito feeding times, study shows
84 Teachers' views on LGBQ students are changing
85 Daytime naps help us acquire information not consciously perceived, study finds
86 First evidence of fatal infection of white-tailed sea eagles with avian influenza
87 High-risk HPV linked to improved survival in cervical cancer
88 Neutrons scan magnetic fields inside samples
89 Genome of Japanese insect delicacy sheds light on history of the Earth
90 Flexible piezoelectric acoustic sensors for speaker recognition
91 Scientists develop a new way to remotely measure Earth's magnetic field
92 Light makes Rice University catalyst more effective
93 Rewriting the textbook on how steroid hormones enter cells
94 Mass. General-led study supports aspirin's ability to reduce liver cancer risk
95 More wet and dry weather extremes projected with global warming
96 Pyramid-shaped brain cells provide algorithm for us to recognize, categorize food
97 Efavirenz in HIV-positive pregnant women, risk of neurological condition in children
98 At-risk teens and young adults overlooked during opioid crisis
99 Tales from 141,430 and one genomes
100 Dynamin-binding protein linked to congenital cataracts
101 Common genetic toolkit shapes horns in scarab beetles
102 Why huskies have blue eyes
103 Nanoparticles to treat snakebites
104 What you can't see can hurt you
105 Viruses in blood lead to digestive problems
106 Solving a medical mystery: Cause of rare type of dwarfism discovered
107 Latest insights into Saturn's weird magnetic field only make things weirder
108 Analysis reveals genomic effects of a new cancer treatment now in clinical trials
109 Community health workers could help tackle NHS workload crisis
110 New analysis shows seagrass meadows in Guam have decreased by 22 percent