File Title
1 Diversity in the brain--how millions of neurons become unique
2 Built-in sound amplifier helps male mosquitoes find females
3 Deciphering the link between skin allergies and the gut microbiota
4 Illegal ivory dealers starting to use similar code words to hide online sales
5 Protestantism still matters when it comes to education, study shows
6 Cocoa: a tasty source of vitamin D?
7 How leaves talk to roots
8 Infectious bacteria hibernate to evade antibiotics
9 Molecule capable of halting and reverting Parkinson's neurodegeneration identified
10 Indoor HEPA filters significantly reduce pollution indoors when outside air unhealthy, study finds
11 UCI researchers identify new cause of brain bleeds
12 Combo therapy of prostatectomy plus radiotherapy may improve survival in prostate cancer
13 Motor learning for precise motor execution
14 UN prioritizes tuberculosis prevention in high-risk occupations
15 Hybrid operating room streamlines diagnosis, treatment of lung cancer
16 New drug blocks pancreatic cancer growth in mice, study finds
17 Who believes in conspiracies? New research offers a theory
18 New way of determining treatment for staph infections cuts antibiotic use
19 Lung cancer drug could be repurposed to target 'zombie' proteins linked to leukemia
20 Schoolyard tree cover predicts math performance in high-poverty urban schools
21 Genome duplication drives evolution of species
22 California Academy of Sciences discovers new species of dazzling, neon-colored fish
23 New Tourette disorder genes come to light
24 Lung inflammation from childhood asthma linked with later anxiety
25 Study reveals patterns in STEM grades of girls versus boys
26 Mass. General study analyzes numbers, trends in health care data breaches nationwide
27 Comparable risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism between patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism and patients with cancer
28 Immune cell pruning of dopamine receptors may modulate behavioral changes in adolescence
29 Skin wounds in older mice are less likely to scar
30 Sun exposure gets personal with wearable UV sensors
31 Study: Exercise may delay cognitive decline in people with rare Alzheimer's disease
32 Artificial intelligence to improve drug combination design & personalized medicine
33 Sensitive babies become altruistic toddlers
34 CT technique expands possibilities of imaging ancient remains
35 Minimally invasive autopsy improves postmortem diagnoses
36 Physicists improve simulations of quantum particles, systems
37 Stalling summer weather patterns set stage for extreme heat
38 Ancient Mayan deforestation hurt carbon reserves
39 NOAA: July was fourth-hottest on record
40 Battle of the parasites: Love vine sucks the life from gall wasps
41 Earth's earliest animals were strange sea creatures
42 There's definitely ice on the lunar poles
43 Archaeologists uncover ancient monumental cemetery in Kenya
44 Greening continues across Arctic ecosystems
45 Light has momentum, new research confirms
46 Watch live: Astronauts to play first ever tennis match in space
47 Amber fossils illuminate early antlion evolution
48 Plant biodiversity essential to bee health
49 Air pollution shortens global life expectancy by at least a year
50 Laziness is an effective survival skill, evolutionary biologists find
51 Human-caused landslides on the uptick, study finds
52 Crack formation captured in 3D in real time
53 'Natural enemies' theory doesn't fully explain rainforests' biodiversity
54 Artificial intelligence helps scientists track particles
55 Warmer oceans are transforming kelp forest ecosystems
56 Sea squirts provide insights into gut defense evolution
57 To attract mates, male fruit flies sing songs with their wings
58 NASA probe begins approach toward asteroid Bennu
59 Slow, steady tortoise beats speedy hare in real life, study shows
60 Beluga whales, narwhals experience menopause
61 Particles collected by spacecraft help date ancient asteroid Itokawa
62 To protect tigers, scientists turn to criminal profiling algorithm
63 Laughing gas may have prevented Earth's oceans from freezing over
64 Scientists observe decay of Higgs boson particle into two bottom quarks
65 Perovskite chemistry research to inspire better solar cells
66 Ancient parasitic wasps found in fossil fly pupae
67 Temperature model predicts transmission of mosquito-borne virus
68 85-mile-long coral reef discovered off the coast of South Carolina
69 Birds of prey rely on color vision to hunt
70 Plastic, biogenic particles combine in the ocean, sink to lower depths
71 Warm water has penetrated the Arctic interior
72 Engineered sand removes contaminants from stormwater
73 Solar eruptions aren't slinky-shaped, study finds
74 Central California is sinking at an accelerated rate
75 Study to help scientists predict climate change's impact on biodiversity
76 Astronauts repairing air leak on International Space Station
77 Opportunity rover expected to call home as Martian dust storm clears
78 Astronomers say water worlds could support life
79 'Molecular hopper' can transport, manipulate single strands of DNA
80 Lion comeback may put endangered Grevy's zebras in jeopardy
81 New printer uses sound waves to shape ink droplets
82 Scientists study single molecules with terahertz spectroscopy for the first time
83 Images of Earth's crust explain why Mount St. Helens is out of line
84 Virus' potency depends on the shape of its DNA
85 Cassini data reveals hexagonal vortex rising above Saturn's clouds
86 Jurassic reptiles were forced to adapt to sea level rise
87 Antarctic iceberg A-68 is on the move after year-long standstill
88 Elk keep antlers through the winter to deter wolf attacks
89 Black hole study establishes links between brightness, accretion rate
90 Northern birds live fast, molt quickly, die young, researchers say
91 Earliest evidence of cheese-making in the Mediterranean found along Croatian coast
92 History suggests impacts of global warming are being underestimated
93 Bird feeders create a hierarchy, with larger species at the top
94 Anglo Saxon baby teeth could shed light on obesity, diabetes
95 Prime numbers, crystals share similar structural patterns
96 Curiosity rover mines secrets of Mars' Vera Rubin Ridge
97 Brain cells responsible for bravery found in the hippocampus
98 Physicists control molecule for a millionth of a billionth of a second
99 Mosaic showcases Ceres' brightest bright spot
100 SpaceX's Falcon 9 launches powerful telecom satellite into orbit
101 WMO forecast: 70 percent chance of El Nino weather event
102 UN: Private pledges aren't enough to significantly curb carbon emissions
103 Cave features suggest stable sea levels during last interglacial period
104 Greenhouse gas emissions on rice farms underestimated, study finds
105 Moon's bright streaks caused by space weathering
106 New silicon chip emits quantum light source
107 Virus could aid fight against invasive fire ants
108 Asteroid analysis reveals early planetary rearrangement
109 Parasitic beetle infiltrates bee nests by imitating the perfume of local females
110 Europe's renewable energy initiative is bad news for forest health, scientists argue
111 Humans may have first grown grains for beer, not bread
112 Scientists measure the ecological benefits of death, decomposition
113 Coastal wetlands must migrate inland to survive climate change