File Title
1 USTC proposes a facile, general, and effective strategy to prepare carbon nanomaterials
2 Industrial breakthrough in CO2 usage
3 Soil bugs munch on plastics
4 Hydrogen and plastic production offer new catalyst with a dual function
5 Splitting water: Nanoscale imaging yields key insights
6 Biorefineries will have only minimal effects on wood products and feedstocks markets
7 New catalyst upgrades carbon dioxide to fuels found by USTC
8 I. Coast studies first cocoa-fired power station
9 Critical plant gene takes unexpected detour that could boost biofuel yields
10 'Tricking' bacteria into hydroxylating benzene
11 How to suck carbon dioxide from the sky for fuels and more
12 Scientists sustainably 3D print large objects out of cellulose
13 'Deforestation-free' palm oil not as simple as it sounds
14 Scientists have deciphered the chemical reaction mechanism critical for cleaner combustion
15 Key enzyme for production of second-generation ethanol discovered in Brazilian Amazon
16 World's strongest bio-material outperforms steel and spider silk
17 Toward organic fuel cells with forest fuels
18 Solar powered sea slugs shed light on search for perpetual green energy
19 Novel approach for photosynthetic production of carbon neutral biofuel from green algae
20 Novel reaction could spark alternate approach to ammonia production
21 New catalyst turns ammonia into an innovative clean fuel
22 Wood formation model to fuel progress in bioenergy, paper, new applications
23 Research shows how genetics can contribute for advances in 2G ethanol production
24 Algae-forestry, bioenergy mix could help make CO2 vanish from thin air
25 Magnetic field milestone
26 UCF selling experimental Martian dirt--$20 a kilogram, plus shipping
27 How a tiny Curiosity motor identified a massive Martian dust storm
28 'Storm Chasers' on Mars Searching for Dusty Secrets
29 Scientists Discover "Ghost Dunes" on Mars
30 Mars to Pamper Gazers with Stunning Sight Amid NASA's Dust Storm Concerns
31 Martian Dust Storm Grows Global; Curiosity Captures Photos of Thickening Haze
32 Opportunity rover sends transmission amid Martian dust storm
33 Martian Winds Carve Mountains, Move Dust, Raise Dust
34 Software finds the best way to stick a Mars landing
35 Martian moon likely forged by ancient impact, study finds
36 NASA Launching Mars Lander Parachute Test from Wallops September 7
37 NASA's InSight passes halfway to Mars, instruments check in
38 Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 15 years
39 China launches Centispace-1-s1 satellite
40 China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules
41 China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side
42 How Max Polyakov from Zaporozhie develops the Ukrainian space industry
43 Plans for European Astrobiology Institute Announced
44 What Recipes Produce a Habitable Planet
45 Rutgers scientists identify protein that may have existed when life began
46 Omega Centauri unlikely to harbor life
47 Tiny tunnels inside garnets appear to be the result of boring microorganisms
48 Exoplanets where life could develop as on Earth
49 New York seeks to claw back 'Big Oyster' past
50 Light pollution inspires boldness in fish
51 Understanding deep-sea images with artificial intelligence
52 Researchers discover new source of formic acid over Pacific, Indian oceans
53 UN kicks off talks on high seas treaty
54 With rising sea levels, Bangkok struggles to stay afloat
55 Australia unveils starfish-killing robot to protect Barrier Reef
56 Scientists find corals in deeper waters under stress too
57 What's behind the retreating kelps and expanding corals?
58 'Blast fishing' thrives in Libya's chaos
59 Sightings, satellites help track mysterious ocean giant
60 Study reveals how zebra fish get their stripes
61 Expedition probes ocean's smallest organisms for climate answers
62 Scientists draw new connections between climate change and warming oceans
63 Predatory sea corals team up to feed on stinging jellyfish
64 First mapping of global marine wilderness shows just how little remains
65 'Coral ticks' suck the life out of degraded coral
66 Urbanisation of Spain's coast doubled in 30 years: Greenpeace
67 Lockheed awarded $1.4 billion for first GPS IIIF satellites
68 How Earth sheds heat into space
69 Scientists locate parent lightning strokes of sprites
70 Quick and not-so-dirty: A rapid nano-filter for clean water
71 A study by MSU scientists will help specify the models of the Earth atmosphere circulation
72 NASA Team Demonstrates "Science on a Shoestring" with Greenhouse Gas-Measuring Instrument
73 US Army scientists create new technique for modeling turbulence in the atmosphere
74 Illuminating First Light Data from Parker Solar Probe
75 Solar Orbiter to leave factory for testing
76 NASA-funded Rocket to View Sun with X-Ray Vision
77 Neutron star jets shoot down theory
78 Scientists Develop Method for Identify Source of Perplexing Waves
79 NASA Exploring Ways to Search for Life Advanced Enough to Create Technology
80 NASA Reveals Sustainable Campaign to Return to Moon and Beyond
81 Scientists Discover Why Some Supernova Explosions Produce More Manganese and Nickel
82 Scientists Reveal the Key to Stem Cell Self-Renewal
83 Scientists Discover New Species of Giant Dinosaur--Ledumahadi Mafube
84 Swarms of Nanomachines Could Improve the Efficiency of Any Machine
85 2018 Arctic Summertime Sea Ice Minimum, Sixth Lowest on Record
86 Juno Spacecraft Views Jovian Swirls
87 NASA Extends Chandra X-Ray Observatory Operations
88 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
89 Pregnant Women Who Get a Flu Shot Protect Their Babies, Too
90 Hidden Maya Civilization Revealed Beneath Guatemala's Jungle Canopy
91 Scientists Pinpoint Where Dark Matter Is Hiding in the Universe
92 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Scientists Who Developed Breakthrough Cancer Treatment
93 Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth
94 New Jersey Man Dies from 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba
95 Pluto Should Be a Planet and So Should Earth's Moon, New Study Claims
96 Fossil of Oldest Flowering Tree in North America Discovered. And It Was Huge.
97 Drinking More Water Really Does Ward Off UTIs
98 Atom Smasher Detects Hints of New Unstable Particle
99 Naked Servant Depicted in Newly Discovered 2,200-Year-Old Tomb Mural
100 Reference: Vitamin E: Sources, Benefits & Risks
101 Photographer Captures Rare, White Deer Mid-Sneeze (Because Nature Is Majestic)
102 Nobel Prize in Physics Shared by Woman for 1st Time in 55 Years
103 Rare Quintuple Rainbow Captured by Photographer in New Jersey
104 A Woman Was Hit by a Wave at the Beach. It Ruptured One of Her Arteries.
105 Hospital Curtains Can Be a Prime Place for Germs, Including Superbugs
106 Reference: The Flu (Influenza): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
107 A Physicist Said Women's Brains Make Them Worse at Physics--Experts Say that's 'Laughable'
108 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami Devastate Indonesia