File Title
1 Why are data ethics so challenging in a changing world?
2 Common painkiller not effective for chronic pain after traumatic nerve injury
3 Women with non-small cell lung cancers live longer than men, WCLC study shows
4 Spinal cord stimulation, physical therapy help paralyzed man stand, walk with assistance
5 Mosquitoes that can carry malaria eliminated in lab experiments
6 A new way to count qubits
7 Older adults with a 'fall prevention plan' less likely to end up in hospital
8 DNA islands effective as 'anti-bacterial drones'
9 Eradicating Helicobacter pylori infections may be a key treatment for Parkinson's disease
10 Optimizing dopaminergic treatment improves non-motor symptoms
11 Children found capable of using the 'wisdom of crowds'
12 Take a step back from yourself to better realize the benefits of awe
13 Ready-to-use recipe for turning plant waste into gasoline
14 Ancient Mars had right conditions for underground life, new research suggests
15 Promising phase 1/2 results for entrectinib against ROS1+ non-small cell lung cancer
16 Lawnmower injuries a persistent source of serious injury and high costs, new study affirms
17 Technology and therapy help individuals with chronic spinal cord injuries take steps
18 Dosimetry and toxicity studies of a sulfonamide derivative of Sulforhodamine 101
19 DMP 'type 1 diabetes': Institute recommends revision
20 Screening for depression: benefit remains questionable
21 Negative pressure wound therapy: violation of ethical and scientific standards
22 Clinical trial investigators violate EU regulations: Entries in EU Register are incomplete
23 The theranostic complex with two toxic modules shows great toxicity for tumour cells
24 Call for new approaches to fill significant gaps in understanding Parkinson's disease
25 Does our environment affect the genes in our brains?
26 Parasite makes quick exit when researchers remove the handbrake
27 Results from the ReCre8 trial reported at TCT 2018
28 Novel drug-eluting stent with improved radiographic visibility found to be safe and effective
29 A fracture anywhere reduces bone density everywhere
30 Neurobehavioral symptoms predictive of employment outcome after traumatic brain injury
31 LGBT community has poorer health outcomes, assessment finds
32 Overlooked signal in MRI scans reflects amount, kind of brain cells
33 Thousands of DNA changes in the developing brain revealed by machine learning
34 How Earth sheds heat into space
35 Weight loss can be boosted fivefold thanks to novel mental imagery technique
36 How a molecular signal helps plant cells decide when to make oil
37 Smaller, faster and more efficient modulator sets to revolutionize optoelectronic industry
38 Mitochondrial diseases could be treated with gene therapy, study suggests
39 Stepfathers' 'Cinderella effect' challenged by new study
40 Breakthrough in blending metals
41 Desert ants have an amazing odor memory
42 Burst of morning gene activity tells plants when to flower
43 Cancer cells evade immunotherapy by hiding telltale marker, suggesting how to stop relapse
44 Research forecasts US among top nations to suffer economic damage from climate change
45 Urbanization is cutting off life support to NYC's wetlands
46 Know someone sick? Your own smell might give it away
47 Protein produced in gut could stave off deadly bone marrow transplant complication
48 Mental distress associated with nonconforming gender expression among high school students
49 Alarmingly low awareness of urology across Europe
50 Overweight pregnant women can safely cut calories, restrict weight gain
51 Study shows invasive lung cancer surgery can lead to long-term opioid use
52 Children whose mothers use marijuana are more likely to try it at younger age
53 Children whose mothers use marijuana may try it at a younger age
54 New earthquake risk model could better inform disaster planning
55 Physical activity necessary to maintain heart-healthy lifestyle
56 Gender and race may shape how minority women address barriers to breast cancer screening
57 Asian-Americans more likely to be hired to lead troubled companies
58 Evidence that addictive behaviors have strong links with ancient retroviral infection
59 Cambridge scientists reveal ground-breaking plan to target cause of Alzheimer's disease
60 Chinese Cretaceous fossil highlights avian evolution
61 Taking a catnap? Mouse mutation shown to increase need for sleep
62 Birds reinvent voice box in novel evolutionary twist
63 Birds' voiceboxes are odd ducks
64 Height may be risk factor for varicose veins, Stanford-led study finds
65 Common weed killer linked to bee deaths
66 Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function, UCI-led study finds
67 Challenge continues in developing effective drug treatment for Alzheimer's disease
68 The taller you are, the more likely you may develop varicose veins
69 Why it doesn't get dark when you blink
70 Where people live before hospitalization important for discharge planning, reducing readmissions
71 'Ground coffee' with soil perks in Brazil
72 National parks bear the brunt of climate change
73 Current guidelines may not give guidance prescribing anticoagulation in patients w AFib [plus other topics]
74 Study shows link between breastfeeding and infant health is not straight-forward
75 UMass Amherst food scientists profile microbes at a fermented vegetable facility
76 Insomnia symptoms, overall health improve with online insomnia program
77 Racial and ethnic bias leads to lower well-being among adolescents
78 Study finds that enzymes 'partner up' to accelerate cancer, aging diseases
79 UCalgary scientists discover a way to diagnose types of fear of falling in Parkinson's patients
80 OHSU discovers molecular channel that regulates blood pressure
81 Innovative study assessing SSI incidence represents the first of its kind
82 The grim, final days of a mother octopus
83 Weathering rates for mined lands exponentially higher than unmined sites
84 Seasonal reservoir filling in India deforms rock, may trigger earthquakes
85 Multimodal imaging shows strain can drive chemistry in a photovoltaic material
86 Transforming carbon dioxide
87 Researchers seek vaccine for 'traveler's diarrhea'
88 Once majestic Atlantic Forest 'empty' after 500 years of over-exploitation
89 Genetic testing: Not a one-and-done deal
90 Mesoblast heart failure cell therapy for children featured at symposium for congenital HD
91 Retracing Antarctica's glacial past
92 Extracellular RNA in urine may provide useful biomarkers for muscular dystrophy
93 Portrayals of female STEM characters in TV and film haven't improved in 10 years
94 UIC chemical engineers first to functionalize boron nitride with other nanosystems
95 Funded by new tax credits, US carbon-capture network could double global CO2 headed underground
96 Researchers reveal link between hunger and mood, new study
97 Experimental bone engineered by Lithuanian researchers can help osteoarthritis patients
98 Tumor cell expansion challenges current physics
99 The gods of small things
100 Bacteria's password for sporulation hasn't changed in 2.7 billion years
101 Two studies describe improved approach to bone marrow transplant
102 Study finds that a lifestyle intervention may mitigate PFAS-related weight gain
103 Promising novel treatment against Alzheimer disease
104 Oxygen vs. nanochip
105 Study shows value of breast cancer patients seeking second opinions
106 Identical driver gene mutations found in metastatic cancers
107 Brigatinib becomes potential new first-line option for ALK-positive non-small lung cancer
108 The crazy dance of falling knots
109 Screening using body mass index alone may miss every second preschooler with excess stomach fat
110 The quality of protein supplements for sportspeople