File Title
1 Study: Sexes differ when it comes to comfort during and after exercise
2 Racial discrimination linked to higher risk of chronic illness in African-American women
3 Genetic risk factor for erectile dysfunction identified
4 You can improve your spatial skills with training
5 More exercise may not help all cancer patients to the same extent
6 Shaking up how nursing homes and their clinicians are paid to care for sick residents
7 Largest ever genetic study of blood pressure
8 Rutgers discovers new delivery system that could help prevent bacterial infections
9 Easter Island inhabitants collected freshwater from the ocean's edge in order to survive
10 A tumor cell population responsible for resistance to therapy and tumor relapse
11 Improving paleotemperature reconstruction: Swiss lakes as a model system
12 Long-acting injectable implant shows promise for HIV treatment and prevention
13 Metastatic breast cancer patients report high level of financial impact
14 Work environment challenges nurses trying to adopt healthy behaviors
15 Success is sweet: Researchers unlock the mysteries of the sugarcane genome
16 Mayo clinic researchers question benefits of long term oxygen therapy in COPD
17 Groundbreaking study finds community efforts to combat childhood obesity can be effective
18 For wineries, competition boosts profits from sustainability
19 Infective endocarditis increases tenfold in North Carolina
20 Mechanism of resistance to novel targeted therapy for ovarian cancer identified
21 New knowledge about retrovirus-host coevolution
22 Scorpion census: Researchers update global record of medically significant scorpions
23 The threat of Centaurs for the Earth
24 Approach paves way for new antimicrobial materials
25 Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero
26 Fingerprint drug screen test works on the living and deceased
27 Hyperspectral imaging helps conservation of outdoor bronze statue by Auguste Rodin
28 The cosmological lithium problem
29 Scientists suggested an eco-friendly way of obtaining highly active catalysts
30 Breast cancer drug could be used to treat life-threatening leukaemia
31 New discovery restores insulin cell function in type 2 diabetes
32 How wasp and bee stinger designs help deliver the pain
33 A step towards biological warfare with insects?
34 Potential assay artifacts in anti-malarial screening documented
35 Immunotherapy effective against hereditary melanoma
36 DFG presents position paper on synthetic biology
37 MIT, SMART and NTU scientists have discovered a potential treatment for severe malaria
38 Increase in plastics waste reaching remote South Atlantic islands
39 Statins show little promise for conditions other than heart disease
40 A rack for ammonia
41 Root extract of Chinese medicinal plant makes worms to live longer
42 String theory: Is dark energy even allowed?
43 Icy warning for space missions to Jupiter's moon
44 The chromosome responsible for asparagus gender is characterized
45 Monitoring the air pollution in China from geostationary satellites is explored
46 Supercharged natural killer cells may hold promise for cancer
47 Genetic tool to predict adult heart attack risk in childhood
48 Statins vs. nutraceutical (Longevinex) for vision threatening cholesterol deposits
49 Vaccinating humans to protect mosquitoes from malaria
50 Neoadjuvant combination checkpoint blockade trial yields high response rates for patients with high-risk stage three melanoma
51 Scientists present new clues to cut through the mystery of Titan's atmospheric haze
52 Global sea level could rise 50 feet by 2300, study says
53 Research shows club drug GHB associated with brain and cognitive changes
54 Out like a light: Researchers ID brain's 'sleep switch'
55 When yesterday's agriculture feeds today's water pollution
56 There's a better way to decipher DNA's epigenetic code to identify disease
57 Copper ions flow like liquid through crystalline structures
58 Austerity cuts 'twice as deep' in England than rest of Britain, study finds
59 Study shows land-locked Atlantic salmon also use magnetic field to navigate
60 Guided by CRISPR, prenatal gene editing used in treating congenital disease before birth
61 When is a nova not a nova? When a white dwarf and a brown dwarf collide
62 Novel technology enables detection of early-stage lung cancer when surgical cure still is possible
63 Guided by CRISPR, prenatal gene editing shows proof-of-concept in treating disease before birth
64 Genetic disease healed using genome editing
65 Too much vitamin A may increase risk of bone fractures
66 Weight loss linked to lower breast cancer risk for postmenopausal women
67 Genes responsible for difference in flower color of snapdragons identified
68 European researchers set out priorities for dealing with problem internet use
69 Getting a grip on the slow but unique evolution of sharks
70 Why single embryo transfer during IVF sometimes results in twins or triplets
71 Study opens route to flexible electronics made from exotic materials
72 Expanding fungal diversity, one cell at a time
73 USC scientists create new map of brain region linked to Alzheimer's disease
74 Big discoveries about tiny particles
75 Hispanic individuals benefit from skills-based stroke prevention intervention
76 Columbia engineers build smallest integrated Kerr frequency comb generator
77 A new method to pinpoint genetic differences between species could benefit human health
78 Researchers demonstrate first example of a bioelectronic medicine
79 Implantable, biodegradable devices speed nerve regeneration in rats
80 First genetic risk factor for erectile dysfunction identified
81 Scientists pinpoint pathway that impacts features of autism
82 Small-brained female guppies aren't drawn to attractive males
83 AFib patients with cancer history less likely to see cardiologist, fill prescriptions
84 Social media data used to predict retail failure
85 High-res data offer most detailed look yet at trawl fishing footprint around the world
86 Drier, less predictable environment may have spurred human evolution
87 Salt: Mover and shaker in ancient Maya society
88 Gout drug may protect against chronic kidney disease
89 Previously unknown genetic aberrations found to be associated with Alzheimer's progression
90 UToledo study details link between social media and sex trafficking
91 Life is like a box of hippocampal scenes
92 Half the brain encodes both arm movements
93 Evidence does not support statin use for conditions other than heart disease [plus other topics]
94 Lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic, 100 years on
95 Chewing gum may be effective for delivering vitamins
96 Puppy-killing disease rampant in Australia
97 Study firms up diet and depression link
98 Researchers develop 3D printed objects that can track and store how they are used
99 OU researcher determines catalytic active sites using carbon nanotubes
100 Synergy in two-dimensional materials, membranes research clear in professor's new work
101 Icy moon of Jupiter, Ganymede, shows evidence of past strike-slip faulting
102 A new path to solving a longstanding fusion challenge
103 Wind holds key to climate change turnaround
104 Army research lights the way for new materials
105 Crowd-sourced data wins protection for endangered tricolored blackbird
106 Army researchers' technique locates robots, soldiers in GPS-challenged areas
107 Leveraging restaurant menus to combat obesity
108 New York City area wetlands may be unwitting generator of greenhouse gasses
109 Ultrafast optical fiber-based electron gun to reveal atomic motions
110 Earlier treatment could help reverse autistic-like behavior in tuberous sclerosis