File Title
1 Common herbicide compound may save millions of lives
2 Translational research on recurrent metastatic neuroblastoma at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
3 Interpersonal psychotherapy helps depressed women with histories of sexual trauma
4 Periodontal disease bacteria may kick-start Alzheimer's
5 A copper bullet for tuberculosis
6 European badgers' gut bacteria may be a powerful ally in the fight against tuberculosis
7 UC anthropologist rewrites history using science, art
8 Diet rich in fried and processed foods linked to increased hypertension in black Americans
9 Fathers' postnatal hormone levels predict later caregiving, study shows
10 Hubble finds compelling evidence for a moon outside the solar system
11 A novel molecule could spur new class of drugs for breast cancer
12 Opioid overdoses, depression linked
13 New 3D-printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks--just like structures in nature
14 New nuclear medicine tracer will help study the aging brain
15 A new brain-inspired architecture could improve how computers handle data and advance AI
16 Yale approach bases decision-making on older adults' own health priorities
17 ReFRAME drug repurposing collection yields hope for treating diseases that kill millions
18 Scientists discover new nursery for superpowered photons
19 New geriatrics research offers roadmap to 'revolutionary change' for person-centered care
20 Unmasking corrosion to design better protective thin films for metals
21 Flowing salt water over this super-hydrophobic surface can generate electricity
22 Drinking more water reduces bladder infections in women
23 3,500-year-old pumpkin spice? Archaeologists find the earliest use of nutmeg as a food
24 Low self-esteem connected to greater risk for opioid use
25 Stepping toward a smaller carbon footprint
26 Kidney care conflicts of interest: Experts call for transparency on joint-venture dialysis clinics
27 CU Anschutz scientists identify genetic causes of mitochondrial diseases
28 Social class determines whether buying experiences or things brings greater happiness
29 The risk of dying during pregnancy is five times higher for women with epilepsy
30 Physical therapy is highly effective for infants with congenital muscular torticollis
31 New model of polarization sheds light on today's politics
32 Combination therapy targets latent reservoir of HIV
33 Glow-in-the-dark paper as a rapid test for infectious diseases
34 Is replying to online reviews always good? New research shows downside of over-responding
35 It's a beautiful game, but how you see it is all in the mind...
36 HAWC: Microquasar SS 433 reveals the nature of the brightest lanterns of the universe
37 Best way to assess obstetrics programs? Measure outcomes for both mom, baby
38 Cooling effect of preindustrial fires on climate underestimated
39 Fresh insights help unlock mysteries of the first stages of life
40 Family of rodents may explain how some groups of animals become so diverse
41 Fly protein has protective effect on dopaminergic neurons
42 New approach on the use of big data in clinical decision support
43 Wraparound services hold great promise for reducing health costs and improving outcomes
44 The dog, when treated with insecticide, is man's best friend
45 Recording device for cell history
46 Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
47 Privatized education did not lead to more doctors in Tanzania
48 Alternatives to pesticides--Researchers suggest popular weeds
49 Complex factors can drive the emergence and evolution of plant pathogens
50 Riffyn launches Open Access for scientists at non-profits
51 A warmer spring leads to less plant growth in summer
52 Proposed simple chemical reaction network of existing biological E. coli signaling data
53 Russian scientists develop high-precision laser for satellite navigation
54 25 UK species' genomes sequenced for first time
55 It pays to be pessimistic, shows new research into entrepreneurs
56 Paradigm shift in tuberculosis treatment: genome sequencing replaces standard resistance testing
57 Discovery of first genetic variants associated with meaning in life
58 Lilly Pilly fossils reveal snowless Snowy Mountains
59 A grape constituent protects against cancer
60 Newly discovered compounds shed fresh light on whole grain health benefits
61 Reducing mutant Huntington disease protein can restore cognitive function in mice
62 What doesn't kill you
63 Genome of sea lettuce that spawns massive 'green tides' decoded
64 Exercise reduces stress, improves cellular health in family caregivers
65 New research could lead to more energy-efficient computing
66 Wheat that pumps iron, naturally
67 Crossing new frontiers in melanoma research
68 Novel inhibitor of vascular calcification tested in trial of haemodialysis patients
69 ALS drug may help treat prostate cancer
70 Non-VA healthcare providers are uncertain how to care for veterans
71 Midwifery linked to lower odds of birth complications for low-income women
72 Low vitamin D linked to earlier death in Thai men
73 How has the gluten-free industry affected individuals with celiac disease?
74 New information for women faced with infertility
75 Cataracts linked to higher risks of osteoporosis and fracture
76 Mountaintop observatory sees gamma rays from exotic Milky Way object
77 New fuel cell concept brings biological design to better electricity generation
78 No more Iron Man: submarines now have soft, robotic arms
79 Even light drinking increases risk of death
80 Study finds elementary school student support leads to lower high school dropout
81 Emissions-free energy system saves heat from the summer sun for winter
82 Warmer springs can reduce summer plant productivity
83 Cardiovascular admissions more common among most deprived
84 Potential mechanism by which BCG vaccine lowers blood sugar levels to near normal in type 1 diabetes discovered
85 Domestic refrigerators may pose risk to insulin quality
86 Study reveals large regional variations on future trends of diabetes dependent on if obesity rates are tackled
87 Revolutionary ultra-thin 'meta-lens' enables full-color imaging
88 Sexual harassment and assault linked to worse physical/mental health among midlife women
89 Thanks to help from Hubble, the first confirmed exomoon?
90 Funder involved in all aspects of most industry-funded clinical trials
91 T cell bispecific antibody for the immune-mediated killing of HER2+ breast cancer cells
92 Teen cannabis use is not without risk to cognitive development
93 Study: Nursing homes increasingly pushing patients into rehab at end-of-life
94 Study shows how lixisenatide slows or prevents damage to the kidneys in patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
95 Closed-loop 'artificial pancreas' insulin delivery system offers better glucose control and reduced risk of hypoglycaemia
96 Sleeping too much or too little may affect stroke risk differently based on race
97 Interferential current offers solution to painful sex
98 Sexual harassment and assault take long-term toll on women's health
99 Cuisine of early farmers revealed by analysis of proteins in pottery from Catalhoyuk
100 Couples showing off: Songbirds are more passionate in front of an audience
101 Compliance with indoor tanning legislation needs improvement to mitigate risks
102 Anti-integrin therapy effect on intestinal immune system in HIV-infected patients
103 Hormone therapy for 'low T' may not be safe for all men
104 Smokers with peripheral artery disease need more help to kick the habit
105 Getting women in the mood for sex
106 Liquid crystals and the origin of life
107 Stem cells organize themselves into pseudo-embryos
108 Evolution: Genetics doesn't matter much in forming society
109 First large study details cognitive outcomes among older breast cancer patients
110 Columbia astronomers find first compelling evidence for a moon outside our solar system