File Title
1 While seeking Planet X, astronomers find a distant solar system object
2 For better multiple-choice tests, avoid tricky questions, study finds
3 Research brief: Primary care strategies to improve health of chronic disease patients
4 In tiny worms, researchers find spiking neurons--and clues about brain computation
5 New technique uses umbilical cord stem cells for early repair of cleft palate
6 Temple Lung Center director reports ongoing positive results for emphysema treatment study
7 Molecule studies reveal potential treatment for stroke patients
8 One more year of high school may shape waistlines later in life
9 Wildfire aerosols remain longer in atmosphere than expected
10 Biologists find new genetic interdependence between mothers and their offspring
11 Critical Materials Institute takes major step toward printed anisotropic magnets
12 New algorithm efficiently finds antibiotic candidates
13 Stage four sarcomatoid kidney cancer patient first to show complete response to immunotherapy
14 Reading is a team-lift as different brain parts work together to predict proficiency
15 Pathology test uses AI to predict prostate cancer progression following surgery
16 Scientists use nanoparticles to improve chemotherapy response, boost anti-tumor immunity
17 Editorial praises childhood obesity study that finds 'genes are not destiny'
18 Weekday mornings are no longer peak times for sudden cardiac arrest
19 Biofilm reactor promises to cut production costs on vitamin K
20 Insomnia therapy may slow or reverse cortical gray matter atrophy in fibromyalgia
21 Chemists discover unexpected enzyme structure
22 New report on mobility has experts moving toward consensus on care as we age
23 Early PSA testing could help predict prostate cancer among black men
24 Analysis of published studies links processed meat consumption to breast cancer risk
25 Study finds human milk components in amniotic fluid
26 Computer simulation follows light to supermassive black holes
27 Making the right connections
28 Liver transplant, weight-loss surgery combination benefits obese patients in long term
29 New simulation sheds light on spiraling supermassive black holes
30 Transition metal dichalcogenides could increase computer speed, memory by a million times
31 Free thinking: researchers identify origins of free will in the brain
32 Global warming increases wildfire potential damages in Mediterranean Europe
33 Howzat: Limitations of batsmen rankings revealed
34 Assessment of ED Threat perceptions identifies patients at risk for cardiac-induced PTSD
35 Take my hand and ride with me--Over the genome
36 Can we trust digital forensic evidence?
37 E-cigarette explosion and burn injuries have been underestimated by federal agencies
38 Natural killer cells may open lifesaving cancer treatements to more patients
39 The faint glow of cosmic hydrogen
40 Whole-brain connectome maps teach artificial intelligence to predict epilepsy outcomes
41 Comparing nocturnal and diurnal rodents helps scientists understand a human eye disease
42 Robot masters human balancing act
43 Commandeering microbes pave way for synthetic biology in military environments
44 Cobra cannibalism more prevalent than previously thought
45 University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have discovered how to slow aging
46 New tool helps scientists better target the search for alien life
47 Sleep research uncovers dire consequences to deprivation
48 Making mice a tiny bit more human to study preterm birth
49 The first drywood termite known to use snapping stick-like mandibles to defend its colony
50 Supersizing solar cells: researchers print module six times bigger than previous largest
51 City-dwelling blue tits may lay bigger eggs because of what they eat
52 Study finds gene variant predisposes people to both Type 2 diabetes and low body weight
53 Why vitamin E effect is often a matter of luck until now
54 Wild suburbia
55 New knowledge on how neurons talk to muscles
56 Study offers insight into how people judge good from bad
57 Hand-drawn maps imitating the printed maps in the 1st days of Hispano-American cartography
58 Miniature magnetic swimming devices to revolutionise diagnostics and drug delivery
59 An upper-class woman with higher education: The profile of the homeopathy user in Spain
60 The only known white dwarf orbited by planetary fragments has been analyzed
61 Revealed: a central signal sorting hub in plants
62 Traces of opiates found in ancient Cypriot vessel
63 Gaia spots stars flying between galaxies
64 The immune system of the alpaca reveals a potential treatment for cancer
65 What kind of sex do German men have at 45?
66 FEFU astrophysicists study the 'profile' of coma in Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner
67 Breakthrough in quantum physics
68 NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronized 3D printing of concrete
69 Breaking supersymmetry
70 Imaging accumulated charges at solid-electrolyte interfaces
71 Novel mechanism for generating our skeleton
72 Europe's new X-ray laser reveals structure of antibiotic-disabling enzyme
73 Black holes ruled out as universe's missing dark matter
74 Nearly 14 million additional adolescents need HPV vaccination to reach public health goal
75 Age-related changes in skin structure & lymphatic system promote melanoma metastasis
76 Hopkins researchers use endoscope to deliver gene therapy in animal study
77 High-fat, high-sugar diet may impair future fertility in females
78 Study finds more belly fat, less muscle after crash dieting
79 Professor, MSD high school senior collaborate on homicide trends
80 Computer model may help scientists split up, reassemble proteins on command
81 Studded winter tires cost more lives than they save
82 A crucial gene controls stem juiciness in sorghum and beyond
83 Single atoms break carbon's strongest bond
84 A web-based program is as effective as group counseling for patients with NAFLD
85 First experiments at new X-ray laser reveal unknown structure of antibiotics killer
86 High-tech breakthrough in snakebite antivenom
87 New clues about how our body guards against cancer
88 Study finds albiglutide reduces cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes and existing cardiovascular disease
89 New research shows the multiple factors which determine how quickly diabetes progresses
90 Study finds infection rates on the rise in the USA, particularly among people with diabetes
91 Study links diabetes to elevated risk of arthritis and osteoporosis
92 Testosterone treatment over 10 years can improve or reverse type 2 diabetes in men with low testosterone, and induce significant weight loss
93 Does women's health deteriorate more rapidly than that of men prior to the onset of type 2 diabetes?
94 Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of cancer and reduces post-cancer survival
95 Study finds people with type 2 diabetes at higher risk of death from both obesity-related and non-obesity related cancers
96 Chronic kidney disease outcomes can be improved by expanding specialist care
97 Study provides new evidence of role of diet in breast health
98 Aggressive breast cancer cells hijack natural stress protector to thrive
99 A new model takes oxidative stress to heart
100 How the African elephant cracked its skin to cool off
101 Canada's first 'state of the nation' report on children's physical literacy
102 A web-based program is as effective as group counseling for patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
103 Text messages quickly track health care use during Ebola outbreak
104 Diet affects the breast microbiome in mammals
105 To make SNAP healthier and save costs: Offer food incentives and disincentives
106 Youth who use vaping products are more likely to smoke cigarettes, increase use of both
107 New extremely distant solar system object found during hunt for Planet X
108 Could less deadly therapies be a better way to keep cancer in check?
109 Weak magnetic fields affect cells via a protein involved in bird migration
110 Abdominal aortic calcification may signal future heart attack
111 Secondary forests have short lifespans
112 Giraffe babies inherit spot patterns from their mothers
113 Taste is key in promoting insect-based food