File Title
1 For developing soccer players, field vision is as important as ball skills
2 Magnetic waves are main force in star formation, researchers say
3 Researchers move up human arrival in Madagascar by 6,000 years
4 Copper nanoparticles, green lasers may lower cost of circuitry printing
5 ICESat-2 to measure movement, thickness of polar sea ice
6 Britain formed from three colliding continental land masses, not two
7 River basin provides evidence of ancient ocean on Mars
8 Hubble telescope images Abell 370, first BUFFALO survey target
9 Researchers use eDNA to detect great white sharks
10 Last Delta II launches ICESat-2 from Vandenberg
11 Juno image showcases Jupiter's brown barge
12 Ancient amber reveals lacewing diversity during Mesozoic
13 Earth's first animals formed complex communities, study shows
14 Shrinking is a key evolutionary strategy for mammals
15 4.7 billion birds leave U.S. to winter in the tropics each fall
16 Elon Musk introduces Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as first BFR customer
17 TESS's first science image features the Southern Sky
18 Buried pine trees offer clues on ancient climate change in the Mediterranean
19 People are less likely to trust someone with a foreign accent
20 Insects, plants living in agricultural regions are surprisingly resilient
21 Songbirds may avoid obesity by regulating energy use
22 Dolphins show they can cooperate to solve problems
23 Mosquitoes can introduce microplastics into new food chains
24 Space station sensor plots Los Angeles hot spots
25 Moderate warming could melt Antarctica's 'sleeping giant' ice sheet
26 The Amazon is flooding five times more often than it used to
27 Researchers train gliders to ride warm air currents just like birds
28 Praying mantis observed catching, eating fish
29 Ecstasy experiment suggests octopi, humans regulate serotonin similarly
30 558-million-year-old fat molecule reveals world's earliest animal
31 Hayabusa 2 probe drops two robotic landers on asteroid Ryugu
32 Electric blue clouds photographed by NASA weather balloon
33 Light pollution inspires boldness in fish
34 Chemists find better way to manipulate 3D structure of molecules
35 Underwater matchmaking: Scientists pair zebrafish mates by personality
36 Japan successfully lands rovers on asteroid Ryugu
37 Climate change having an outsize impact on national parks
38 MAVEN probe celebrates 4th birthday with selfie
39 Scientists eradicate malaria-carrying mosquitoes in lab tests
40 Martian moon likely forged by ancient impact, study finds
41 Power grid pressure: Climate change to increase electricity demands
42 Dust storms on Saturn's moon Titan observed for the first time
43 Interstellar object 'Oumuamua traced to four possible stellar homes
44 New small, neon fish species discovered
45 Male mosquitoes listen for approaching females using built-in amplifier
46 DARPA invests in propellant-free rocket theory
47 Sunflower pollen protects bees from disease, study finds
48 WWII bombs sent shockwaves to the edge of space
49 Extinct Madagascan species named 'world's largest bird'
50 JAXA's asteroid landers share photos from Ryugu's surface
51 Cats may not be that good at catching rats, new study reveals
52 Dopamine encourages ants to forage more often
53 Arctic sea ice shrunk to sixth lowest summertime minimum extent
54 Newly named dinosaur species named largest land animal of its time
55 Lidar survey details expansive scale of lowland Mayan civilization
56 National Park Service to replenish Isle Royale's wolf population
57 Small ice-free oasis helped Arctic marine life survive last ice age
58 Climate researchers: More green space, less biofuel
59 Invasive plants help ecosystems take up 'blue carbon'
60 Humans delayed the formation of the Sahara desert by half a millennium
61 MUSE data reveals hydrogen reservoirs around earliest galaxies
62 Machine learning could help regulators identify environmental violations
63 New Zealand earthquake study highlights influence of megathrust
64 Baby giraffes inherit spot patterns from mom
65 Scientists created a new tomato variety by editing the genome of a wild plant
66 Cobra cannibalism is surprisingly common, researchers find
67 Neuroscientists identify the origins of 'free will' inside the brain
68 Hayabusa-2 drops another lander on the surface of Ryugu
69 Cracks in skin help elephants keep cool
70 Data suggests scientists have found first known exomoon
71 Hunt for Planet X reveals the Goblin, a faraway dwarf planet
72 ICESat-2 fires lasers for the first time, measures Antarctic ice
73 Curiosity operates on backup during repairs to main processor
74 Astronauts return from ISS aboard Soyuz, land safely in Kazakhstan
75 Viruses affected gene flow between humans, Neanderthals
76 Biodiverse forests store double the carbon of monoculture forests
77 Brain organizes forgettable, indelible memories during sleep
78 Study identifies genetic mutations among children of soldiers exposed to radiation
79 Saturn's inner rings are raining chemicals on its atmosphere
80 Newer birth control pills linked to lower ovarian cancer risk
81 Biomarkers in spinal fluid offer method for Alzheimer's diagnosis
82 Enhanced rehab doubles movement recovery after stroke
83 Officials push flu vaccine after most deadly season in four decades
84 Vaccine, drug combo promising against HPV-related cancers
85 NIH looks to spend $54 million to map cells of human adults
86 Common heartburn drugs linked to broken hips in dialysis patients
87 Study supports oxygen therapy for sudden hearing loss
88 Healthier fast food options might not help kids eat better
89 Defibrillator vests do not lower heart attack risk for recent patients
90 Vampire bats can spread bacteria to humans through environment
91 Well-being for MS patients increases with age, study says
92 Growing up poor may permanently damage thinking skills
93 Study: Getting 'hangry' part of natural response to low blood sugar
94 Racial bias takes toll on minority medical residents
95 Most breast cancer patients want early cost estimates
96 Witnessing school violence can harm students
97 Study examines ways U.S. teens use marijuana
98 Review highlights danger of lawn mowers
99 Yo-yo cardio readings may signal heart risks, study says
100 First treatment approved for common form of advanced skin cancer
101 Discovery determines best PARP inhibitor candidates for ovarian cancer
102 NIH, Department of Defense to develop limb loss database
103 Researchers: Missed cancer diagnoses tied to immune disorder
104 Immune cells used to help muscle tissue heal in lab
105 Drinking more water linked to fewer bladder infections in women
106 Personalized vaccine shows promise against range of cancers
107 Death rates for young Americans down
108 Viagra linked to trouble with color vision: Report
109 Three new genes linked to chronic back pain
110 Common diabetes medications may raise risk for amputation
111 Kids' violent video game play linked to increased aggression
112 Task force: More research needed on how drugs affect pregnancy
113 Researchers find natural product may slow aging
114 Research: Consider quality of life when evaluating cancer drug studies
115 Tanzeum decreases cardiovascular events among diabetes patients
116 Diabetes, dementia can be deadly combination