File Title
1 BU: Stress reduces fertility in women
2 Stanford students deploy machine learning to aid environmental monitoring
3 'Spacesuits' protect microbes destined to live in space
4 Americans favor women politicians over men, says Stevens study
5 'Turbocharging' photosynthesis in corn hikes yield
6 Drinking more water reduces bladder infections in women
7 Molecule flight speed is the new key for detecting drugs
8 Like a butterfly, immune protein 'flutters' in search of viruses, says Rutgers scientists
9 Journey to precision cancer treatment takes off with new passports tool
10 Health-related quality of life overlooked in cancer drug studies
11 Nitrite's got to be cruel to be kind
12 Special issue of Health Physics highlights women in radiation protection
13 Finding middle ground on the range
14 European Psychiatric Association comprehensive review demonstrates that exercise is an effective treatment for major mental health conditions and should form a core part of treatment
15 Progressive movement
16 CWRU scientists develop new method to more efficiently generate brain stem cells
17 Irreversible damage to color vision linked to popular erectile dysfunction drug
18 A free electronic management repository for zebrafish
19 A 'recipe book' that creates color centers in silicon carbide crystals
20 Asking questions, testing improves student learning of new material
21 Researchers discover highly active organic photocatalyst
22 A universe aglow
23 Disease causing mutation found in French-Canadians
24 Populations served by CPC+ medical home model are wealthier, use fewer inpatient services
25 Songbird data yields new theory for learning sensorimotor skills
26 Removal of ovary for fertility preservation found safe in girls as young as 5 months
27 Blue light special: FSU researcher finds new chemical clusters emit highly efficient light
28 Study finds that DFMO increases survival for children with high risk neuroblastoma
29 High water bills can unintentionally harm disadvantaged tenants
30 New best practices recommended for feeding tube location verification in pediatric patients
31 Democrat/Republican divide is worst it's ever been
32 New research aims to help catch child killers
33 New study finds nanoparticles show promise in therapy for triple-negative breast cancer
34 Dormant genes brought to life in new generations
35 Chemists of TU Dresden develop highly porous material, more precious than diamonds
36 Attosecond pulse leads to highest molecular level probe resolution
37 Doctors issue caution over missed cancer diagnoses tied to immune disorder
38 Insufficient sleep associated with risky behavior in teens
39 Newborns face increased risk of thrombosis
40 No 'reservoir': detectable HIV-1 in treated human liver cells found to be inert
41 Maryland Health Enterprise Zones linked to reduced hospitalizations and costs
42 Familiar voices are easier to understand, even if we don't recognize them
43 Decline in native fish species--invasive species on the increase
44 Eighth-century skeleton found at Torcello
45 Virtual reality can reduce pain and increase performance during exercise
46 Future cars to be made from revolutionary new material
47 Ciprofloxacin has dramatic effects on the mitochondrial genome
48 A biofuel for automated heat generation
49 Siberian paleontologists discovered the oldest macro-skeleton remains
50 Genes key to identifying drug resistant parasites in Brazil
51 3D bioprinting of living structures with built-in chemical sensors
52 Where did broadleaved evergreen trees survive during the last glacial period in Japan?
53 Psychotropic polypharmacy is common in Alzheimer's disease
54 Red glow helps identify nanoparticles for delivering RNA therapies
55 Focus on neuroscience, nociception to improve anesthesia, paper says
56 Pioneering biologists create a new crop through genome editing
57 A new global marine environmental forecasting system will serve the public soon
58 A golden ticket to faster muscle recovery
59 High CO2 levels cause plants to thicken their leaves, could worsen climate change effects
60 How can we reduce concussions in football? Change kickoffs, experts say
61 Eco-friendly nanoparticles for artificial photosynthesis
62 Do price spikes on some generic drugs indicate problems in the market?
63 More bad news for artificial sweetener users according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
64 Medicaid expansion improved immigrants' access to health care, but disparities persist
65 Genetic variants reveal new targets for chronic kidney disease treatment
66 Children's violent video game play associated with increased physical aggressive behavior
67 Exercise helps bones, but not metabolism, in ovarian function loss
68 Drug cocktail may treat postmenopausal PCOS complications
69 Delayed pregnancy--heart health risks for moms and sons, study shows
70 Anxious and forgetful after menopause? Low estrogen may be to blame
71 Set in amber, fossil ants help reconstruct evolution of fungus farming
72 Can chiropractic care disrupt vision?
73 Drought losses in China will soar with continuing global warming: Study
74 Nurseries may trump informal or childminder care for kids' psychological development
75 Dutch study estimates 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men set to develop dementia/parkinsonism/stroke
76 New study reveals association between diuretic drug use in type 2 diabetes and risk of lower limb amputation
77 Levels of sex hormone binding protein could predict risk of developing insulin resistance
78 Study reveals how weight loss can put type 2 diabetes into remission
79 New study reveals the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery in obese individuals with type 2 diabetes
80 Increasing BMI from age 10 to adulthood is associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes than a high BMI throughout life
81 Large meta-analysis links early menopause to higher type 2 diabetes risk
82 Link between low blood glucose and death in people with diabetes and dementia revealed
83 Defects promise quantum communication through standard optical fiber
84 Dog intelligence 'not exceptional'
85 Microresonators offer a simpler approach to sensing with light pulses
86 Super-resolution microscopy builds multicolor 3D from 2D
87 Keeping our cells stable: A closer look at microtubules
88 Expert: Keep up with latest discoveries through automated updates in reporting genetic test results
89 University of Oxford: Bold male birds fall faster and harder for their partners
90 Specific protein identified as regulator of glioblastoma tumor migration
91 130-year-old brain coral reveals encouraging news for open ocean
92 A new way to manufacture small batches of biopharmaceuticals on demand
93 This wild plant could be the next strawberry
94 With a little help from my friends
95 Animal study suggests deep space travel may significantly damage GI function in astronauts
96 Penn discovers new, rare mechanism for ALL to relapse after CAR T cell therapy
97 What's in your DNA? Poll of older adults shows high interest, with a dose of skepticism
98 Genetics of cholesterol point to possible drug targets for heart disease, diabetes
99 Child abuse could leave 'molecular scars' on its victims
100 Study looks at brain networks involved with free will
101 Yo-yoing weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar readings may raise heart attack and stroke risk
102 Immune cells help older muscles heal like new
103 Designing a more productive corn able to cope with future climates
104 Mayo researchers develop new genetics-based prognostic tool for myelodysplastic syndrome
105 How to improve health care in Canada
106 Shifting causes of death in Shanghai, China, over many decades
107 Learning to see friendly faces in different places
108 Shorter physician encounters associated with antibiotic prescribing [plus other topics]
109 Invasive plants can boost blue carbon storage