File Title
1 Skin is a battlefield for mutations
2 Tomatoes 'mixing chemical cocktails': Early detection of disease resistance in food crops
3 Stillbirth reduction strategy remains unproven, study finds
4 Stroke incidence rising in Taiwan contrary to falls in Western countries
5 Ledumahadi mafube--South Africa's new jurassic giant
6 True burden of stillbirths in Europe vastly underestimated
7 Enhanced rehab for stroke doubles movement recovery
8 Virtual reality motion sickness may be predicted and counteracted
9 First-born children more likely to learn about sex from parents
10 Researchers find how Natural Killer cells regulate protective HIV antibodies
11 Trial participation among factors influencing risk of relapse in AYA leukemia patients
12 How a sleeping cancer awakens and metastasizes
13 Therapy applied directly inside the eye best for treating uveitic macular edema
14 Scientists discover genetic basis for how harmful algal blooms become toxic
15 Vitamin D supplements may promote weight loss in obese children
16 Study identifies most effective treatment approaches for uveitic macular edema
17 Shake, rattle, and roll to high efficiency photovoltaics
18 New study probes the ancient past of a body plan code
19 Despite restaurant pledges, most kids receive unhealthy items with fast-food kids' meals
20 In the battle of cats vs. rats, the rats are winning
21 Certain reflux and ulcer medications linked with bone fractures in dialysis patients
22 Newly described, giant relative of Brontosaurus roamed South Africa 200 million years ago
23 People can die from giving up the fight
24 New bird flu viruses in ducks after vaccines largely prevented H7N9 in chickens
25 Feeding ants dopamine might make them smarter foragers
26 Device that integrates solar cell and battery could store electricity outside the grid
27 Vampire bats found to carry infectious bacteria at high rates
28 Polymer coating cools down buildings
29 PCB pollution threatens to wipe out killer whales
30 NIST's electro-optic laser pulses 100 times faster than usual ultrafast light
31 Finding new combination therapies for neuroblastoma
32 Quantum mechanics work lets oil industry know promise of recovery experiments
33 UCF selling experimental Martian dirt--$20 a kilogram, plus shipping
34 New research helps to inform the design of scientific advisory committees
35 Bacterial protein mimics DNA to sabotage cells' defenses
36 Hidden health problems can appear up to two years after elective hip surgeries
37 Model System Researchers identify factors linked to mortality after traumatic brain injury
38 Building a flu factory from host cell components
39 Steelhead life cycle linked to environment, pink salmon abundance
40 The cart before the horse: A new model of cause and effect
41 Moffitt researchers use new technique to identify a novel drug combination for NSCLC
42 Fewer biofuels, more green space: Climate action researcher calls for urgent shift
43 Researchers challenge our assumptions on the effects of planetary rotation
44 Scientists discover genetic basis for how harmful algae blooms become toxic
45 Cancer hijacks the microbiome to glut itself on glucose
46 Child Mind Institute study: Wearables could inform selective mutism research, diagnosis, treatment
47 NSF awards new level of support for tribal colleges, establishes STEM centers
48 In dangerous fungal family's befriending of plants, a story of loss
49 Medicaid expansions linked to slower rises in overdose deaths
50 Cancer risk due to certain lifestyle and environmental factors is preventable
51 New, highly stable catalyst may help turn water into fuel
52 Early Parkinson's patients waiting too long to seek medical evaluation
53 Sensitive babies become altruistic toddlers
54 Now is the time to answer questions about climate engineering disease impacts
55 Ice-free corridor sustained Arctic marine life during last Ice Age
56 Acne stigma linked to lower overall quality of life, Irish study finds
57 Machine learning helps improving photonic applications
58 Cosmetic surgeons offering incomplete information for breast augmentation customers
59 Scientists created proteins controlled by light
60 New insights into the structure of a killer protein
61 Global study finds taller plant species taking over as mountains and the Arctic warm
62 Green mango peel: A slick solution for oil-contaminated soils
63 Scientists studied the influence of gravity on liquid evaporation characteristics
64 Perovskite solar cells leap toward commercialization
65 Researchers find value in unusual type of plant material
66 How some algae may survive climate change
67 Diagnostic protocol effective in identifying ED patients with acute chest pain
68 Observing the development of a deep-sea greenhouse gas filter
69 Improved in vivo imaging of atherosclerotic plaque development
70 Discovery paves way for improved ovarian cancer care
71 Teens who've tried marijuana have used it in more than one form
72 A role for Scn5a missplicing in cardiac arrhythmias in myotonic dystrophy
73 Neglected baby beetles evolve greater self-reliance
74 Minority medical residents face burden of bias during training
75 Programs to reduce absenteeism more successful for youth with more absences
76 Vitamin B supplements may protect kidney function in children with diabetes
77 Crime, not money, drives migration from El Salvador and Honduras
78 China has seen remarkable progress in diabetes research over the past two decades
79 Binding energies of near proton-drip line Z = 22-28 isotopes determined
80 Regulating upconversion core@shell structures for double-model fluorescence security encoding
81 Scientists propose that vibrios have significant roles in marine organic carbon cycle
82 Unveiling the mechanism protecting replicated DNA from degradation
83 Patients 65 years of age or older with hip or spine fracture should be treated for osteoporosis
84 New study confirms Mediterranean diet prevents a leading cause of blindness
85 Determinations of air flow behaviors in the human upper airway by visualizing flowing air directly
86 Scientists use AI to develop better predictions of why children struggle at school
87 Mobile device by UCLA enables easy prediction and control of harmful algal blooms
88 Cancer Immunotherapy Conference features latest research on response, resistance, treatment
89 Bacterial therapy tolerable, shows early promise in patients with advanced solid tumors
90 New cancer vaccine shows early promise for patients with HER2-positive cancers
91 Patient-partnered genomics study IDs immunotherapy as potential treatment for rare cancer
92 EU countries unprepared to move future Alzheimer's treatment into rapid clinical use
93 Eye discovery to pave way for more successful corneal transplants
94 FAIR Health releases state-by-state visualizations of opioid abuse and dependence
95 Studies in men reveal higher chance of secondary fractures, value of bone strengthening exercises
96 Immune system's balancing act keeps bowel disease in check
97 New concept to cool boiling surface may help prevent nuclear power plant accidents
98 Study: Having an online social forum for class networking gives physics students a boost
99 Community satisfaction demands interaction
100 UM researchers publish discoveries on antibiotic resistance
101 Don't treat e-cigarettes like cigarettes
102 Experiencing extreme weather is not enough to convince climate change skeptics
103 A wrench in Earth's engine
104 Scientists uncover why you can't decide what to order for lunch
105 Research brief: A look at 377 metros--can local food product meet local household demand?
106 Researchers: Redesign dating apps to overcome racial bias
107 Checked off 'the talk' with your teen? Not so fast: Once isn't enough
108 New weather model could increase tornado-warning times
109 Providers often fail to consider ehrlichia when treating tick-borne infections
110 CRISPR tames the wild groundcherry