File Title
1 Mathematician Claims He Solved 160-Year-Old Math Problem. Critics Say Probably Not.
2 Traces of an Ancient Virus in Our Genes May Play a Role in Addiction
3 Secrets of the Perfect Water-Bottle Flip Unlocked: Thanks, Physicists!
4 These People Drank Their Own Blood--for Science!
5 Syphilis Cases Surge Among US Newborns, Reaching 20-Year High
6 This Was the World's Largest Bird. It Weighed as Much as a Dinosaur.
7 WWII Bombs Had Rippling Effect on the Edge of Space
8 Primeval Black Holes Could Reveal How the Universe Formed
9 Scientists Find Source of Bizarre Space Object 'Oumuamua
10 Profiling a Conspiracy Theorist: Why Some People Believe
11 A Japanese Company Says It Will Use SpaceX Rockets to Land on the Moon
12 This Bizarre, Blind Swamp Eel Breathes Through Its Blood-Red Skin
13 Your Hair Can 'Smell,' and It Just Might like the Scent of Sandalwood
14 Otzi the Iceman's Tattoos May Have Been a Primitive Form of Acupuncture
15 The Field You Work in Could Predict Whether You're Doomed to Divorce
16 One of the World's Rarest Tigers Was Just Killed by a Pig Trap
17 These Venomous Snakes Travel by Hitchhiking on Planes
18 Was this Man a Bronze-Age Cyborg? His Metal Hand May Have Been a Prosthetic.
19 Inky Black, Polluted Rivers Seep into Ocean After Hurricane Florence in NASA Image
20 Rat Poison-Laced Synthetic Pot Made People Bleed. Here's How Doctors Treated Them.
21 Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out of Antarctica's Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics
22 Strange Blobs Beneath Earth Could Be Remnants of an Ancient Magma Ocean
23 Why a Seal Smacked Kayaker in the Face with an Octopus
24 There's So Much Methane in this Arctic Lake that You Can Light the Air on Fire
25 Quitting Junk Food May Trigger Withdrawal-Like Symptoms
26 'Thunderclap at Dawn' Dino's Totally Metal Name Honors Colossal Size
27 How Reliable Are the Memories of Sexual Assault Victims?
28 There Is a Rogue Group of Stars Behaving Very Suspiciously in the Milky Way's Disk
29 Many People with Appendicitis Don't Need Surgery, Just Antibiotics
30 Water Flea Giving Birth Makes a Big Splash in 'Small World' Videos
31 What Can Be Done to Prevent Another Rise in Flu Deaths this Year
32 SEC Sues Elon Musk for Fraud Over Twitter Statements About Tesla
33 Infamous Wreck of Ill-Fated Franklin Expedition Yields More Artifacts, but No Ship's Log
34 Renaissance Master Caravaggio Didn't Die of Syphilis, but of Sepsis
35 Painted 'Comics' with 'Speech Bubbles' Found in Ancient Roman Tomb
36 This Week's Strangest Science News
37 Watch a Moth Suck the Tears Out of a Bird's Eye, Because Nature Is Metal
38 Puppy Outbreak: What Dog Owners Should Know About Campylobacter
39 7-Degree Global Temperature Rise Is Inevitable, Trump Administration Presumes (and Shrugs It Off)
40 Reference: Human Brain: Facts, Functions & Anatomy
41 Father Transmits HIV to Newborn Son in Rare Case: How Did It Happen?
42 This Is the First Case of a Human Contracting Rat Hepatitis E
43 Reference: What Is a Drought?
44 New approach offers high-resolution seismic monitoring of the shallow subsurface
45 'Bin chicken' plays unique role in story of evolution
46 Chinese researchers discover how bird feathers resist tearing
47 How Sacred Ibis mummies provided the first test of evolution
48 Child Mind Institute researchers, colleagues release non-human primate brain imaging data
49 Hospital privacy curtains may harbor dangerous germs: New study
50 New invasive bryozoan arrives in Alaskan waters
51 Hawai'i land impacted by sea level rise may be double previous estimates
52 Deaths of despair in the era of Donald Trump: The opioid epidemic is just part of the problem
53 Following the path of chemicals through the soil
54 UC political scientist reveals surprising answers about religious freedom
55 Decades in the making--a breakthrough in the hunt for a vaccine against foal pneumonia
56 When neglected children become adolescents
57 The brain diet
58 Illinois research accurately predicts US end-of-season corn yield
59 Aphids use sight to avoid deadly bacteria, could lead to pest control
60 Large stretches of coral reefs can be rehabilitated
61 Amazon mangrove forest stores twice as much carbon per acre as region's famous rainforest
62 WSU researchers develop sugar-powered sensor to detect, prevent disease
63 'Cellular memory' of DNA damage in oocyte quality control
64 Unusual case of father-to-son HIV transmission reported
65 2018 Arctic summertime sea ice minimum extent tied for sixth lowest on record
66 Narrowing sexual health equity gap for Puerto Rican adolescents
67 Research teams find widespread inflammation in the brains of fibromyalgia patients
68 DNA vaccine targets family of tumor antigens & shows promise for cancer immunotherapy
69 Non-small cell lung cancer patients see improved survival with durvalumab
70 Scientists propose a new model for the specialization of cells
71 Fewer children in social care in Northern Ireland than rest of UK, according to new report
72 HPV vaccination can play critical role in global prevention of cervical and genital cancers
73 Genetic analyses hone risk prediction for coronary disease
74 How swarms of nanomachines could improve the efficiency of any machine
75 Beach sand ripples can be fingerprints for ancient weather conditions
76 Putting noise to work
77 Physical exercise improves the elimination of toxic proteins from muscles
78 Decoding multiple frames from a single, scattered exposure
79 Can we teach heart cells to grow up?
80 Software finds the best way to stick a Mars landing
81 Managing congenital adrenal hyperplasia requires shared decisions among patients, families, and heal
82 Well established theories on patterns in evolution might be wrong
83 New study hints at potential antibiotic breakthrough
84 Henry Ford Hospital patient is first in the US to receive angina device
85 Method to determine oxidative age could show how aging affects nanomaterial's properties
86 Antimicrobial resistance of uropathogenic Escherichia coli from elderly patients
87 Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source
88 Medical-records study links dementia-related brain changes to hospital stays for critical illness
89 A simple measurement of abdominal obesity
90 A protein prevents plants from premature flowering
91 Why a 'cuckoo in the nest' can go undetected
92 Women much less likely to ask questions in academic seminars than men
93 Silver fox study reveals genetic clues to social behavior
94 Viruses discern, destroy E. coli in drinking water
95 Combination antibody therapy results in long-term viral suppression in HIV infection
96 Exploration of microscopic structure of black holes from the viewpoint of thermodynamics
97 The warm glow of kindness is real--Sussex study confirms
98 Plasma thruster: New space debris removal technology
99 Postnatal depression could be linked to fewer daylight hours during late pregnancy
100 Composite significantly reduces electromagnetic pollution
101 Researchers identify a metal that withstands ultra-high temperature and pressure
102 Ride-hailing increases vehicle miles traveled
103 Where are they?
104 Vaccine, anti-PD1 drug show promise against incurable HPV-related cancers
105 UBC study: Publicizing a firm's security levels may strengthen security over time
106 New screening tool can improve the quality of life for epilepsy patients with sleep apnea
107 New gene variants associated with chronic back pain
108 New study examines 'strategic retention' of teachers by effective principals
109 Scientists show polar 'polynya' supported marine life during last Ice Age
110 Educating the next generation of medical professionals with machine learning is essential