File Title
1 Why Are These Water Buffaloes Covered with Tiny Frogs?
2 Here's What the Last Common Ancestor of Apes and Humans Looked Like
3 Myths Aside, Eclipses Don't Endanger Pregnancies
4 'Nastiest' Jurassic Croc Named for Motorhead's Lemmy
5 US Men's Condom Use Is on the Rise
6 Marijuana's Popularity Among US Adults Continues to Grow. Here's Why
7 Reference: What Is Global Warming?
8 Can a Solar Eclipse Really Blind You?
9 Why this Meteorologist Is Eager for the Total Solar Eclipse
10 Reference: Suicide: Statistics, Warning Signs and Prevention
11 New railgun ready for testing
12 General Dynamics receives $272.2 million for M1A2 Abrams upgrades
13 LOC Performance receives $49.1 million Bradley upgrade contract
14 NASA, Norway to develop Arctic laser-ranging station
15 New laser design offers more inexpensive multi-color output
16 Recreating interstellar ions with lasers
17 The sharpest laser in the world
18 Changing the color of laser light on the femtosecond time scale
19 Strathclyde-led research develops world's highest gain high-power laser amplifier
20 Biggest X-ray laser in the world generates its first laser light
21 New organic lasers one step closer to reality
22 Lasers measure jet disintegration
23 Laser sensors spot trees with larch disease
24 Green laser light probes metals for hidden damage
25 NASA laser communications to provide Orion faster connections
26 Researchers plan simulations of laser pulse-material interactions
27 'Flying saucer' quantum dots hold secret to brighter, better lasers
28 Using lasers to create ultra-short pulses
29 New application of the selective laser melting method
30 New X-ray glasses concentrate, strengthen laser beams
31 When ultrafast laser pulse meets magnetic materials
32 Lasers could give space research its broadband moment
33 Brits, Czechs claim world's most powerful 'super laser'
34 Scientists probe the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear reactions
35 New simulations could help in hunt for massive mergers of neutron stars, black holes
36 NASA continues to study pulsars, 50 years after their chance discovery
37 Vast new super cluster of galaxies named Saraswati
38 Smallest-Ever Star Discovered by Astronomers
39 Heart of an exploded star observed in 3-D
40 Cosmic 'dust factory' reveals clues to how stars are born
41 Researchers show how to make your own supernova
42 Artificial brain helps GAIA catch speeding stars
43 Radioactive Elements in Cas A Suggest Neutrino-Driven Explosion
44 Star's birth may have triggered another star birth, astronomers say
45 Radio astronomers peer deep into the stellar nursery of the Orion Nebula
46 ALMA hears birth cry of a massive baby star
47 Failed Star Orbits a Dead Star Every 71 Minutes
48 CU Boulder researchers explain mystery of 'banging' galaxy clusters
49 NRL Astronomers Inspire Youth to Gaze at Stars
50 New NASA Mission to Study Mysterious Neutron Stars, Aid in Deep Space Navigation
51 Drones reporting for work
52 Raytheon receives $25.9 million contract for Global Hawk sensor upgrades
53 Mobile force protection aims to thwart adversaries' small UAVs and Drones
54 Northrop Grumman receives contract for MQ-4C Triton surveillance UAVs
55 The flying kettle
56 Special focus on formation control of unmanned systems
57 Singapore offers Manila drones, urban warfare training
58 Explotrain develops drone-simulated IED training system
59 New Reaper drone variant performs first combat mission
60 Smart Quadcopters Find their Way without Human Help or GPS
61 General Atomics finishes key cockpit review for drone program
62 Leonardo receives NATO surveillance system contract
63 US-led coalition downs Iran-made drone in Syria
64 Elbit Systems offer Airborne Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance Solution for HLS and Defense Needs
65 Drones could save lives with rapid heart attack response
66 Australia to acquire small unmanned aerial vehicles
67 Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?
68 NASA Drone Traffic Management Tests Take Off in Reno
69 SkyGuardian drone tops 48 hours in air
70 Northrop Grumman awarded contract for MQ-4C drone maintenance
71 General Atomics receives MQ-9 contract
72 Drone to replace Israeli manned maritime patrol aircraft
73 UK prison moves to stop drone deliveries of contraband
74 Latvian daredevil in 'drone-diving' world first
75 U.S. Army awards contract for extended range drone
76 US drone back on Earth after nearly two years in space
77 X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle-4 lands at Kennedy Space Center
78 Logos Technologies tests its Redkite sensor
79 Newest Secret US Spacecraft Returns to Earth After Over 700 Days in Space
80 GKN Aerospace building fuel bladder system for MQ-9B drone
81 Fire Scout helicopter drone to receive software, radar upgrade
82 Lockheed flies long-range endurance test flights of Fury unmanned aircraft
83 Service Academies Swarm Challenge Live-Fly Competition Begins
84 MQ-8C Fire Scout takes first flight from littoral combat ship
85 MS-177 sensor completes test on Global Hawk
86 Radar warning receiver flies for first time in Predator drone
87 Whiteflies provide insight into stabilizing manmade drones during takeoff
88 U.S. Navy tests updated Triton drone
89 General Atomics building ground control station for drones
90 SRC's counter-drone system on display
91 GA-ASI starts testing of mid-air launch-and-recovery drone vehicles
92 General Atomics producing additional MQ-9 drone parts
93 Heron 1 UAV becomes operational in Singapore
94 Canada limits recreational drone use as incidents soar
95 Trump gives CIA power to conduct drone strikes
96 US military deploys attack drones to S. Korea
97 The sun's core makes a complete rotation in one week
98 Joint NASA-Brazil SPORT CubeSaturday, mission will aid better space weather prediction
99 Our solar system's 'shocking' origin story
100 NASA Selects Proposals to Study Sun, Space Environment
101 NASA mission surfs through waves in space to understand space weather
102 NASA looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth's energy system
103 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory sees sunspot turn toward Earth
104 Improved representation of solar variability in climate models
105 Scientists uncover origins of the Sun's swirling spicules
106 Polish astronomers attempt to solve pulsating blue stars puzzle
107 Scientists find four Earth-like exoplanets orbiting closest sun-like star
108 Hubble detects exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere
109 An Earth-like atmosphere may not survive Proxima b's orbit
110 Turbulence in planetary cores excited by tides