File Title
1 Astronomers discover 'heavy metal' supernova rocking out
2 Rocket Lab says ground equipment marred New Zealand launch
3 NASA's scientific balloon program reaches new heights
4 NASA studies tethered CubeSaturday, mission to study lunar swirls
5 NASA program gives students access to astronauts
6 Educational app released ahead of highly anticipated solar eclipse
7 Image: Prometheus and the Ghostly F Ring
8 NASA and Norway to develop Arctic laser-ranging station
9 New CubeSaturday, propulsion system uses water as propellant
10 NASA instrument key to understanding solar powered planet arrives at Kennedy Space Center
11 9-year-old wants to be NASA's 'planetary protection officer'
12 NASA tests autopilot sensors during simulations
13 Astronauts to bring asteroid back into lunar orbit
14 New Horizons' next target just got a lot more interesting
15 Image: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory watches a sunspot
16 NASA develops solar eclipse Braille book
17 What's a total solar eclipse and why this one is so unusual
18 US in rare bull's-eye for total solar eclipse on August 21
19 Eclipse to shed light on weather in space and on Earth
20 Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection
21 Spinning diamonds for quantum precision
22 New technique to suppress sound waves from disorder to improve optical fiber communication
23 Scientists probe the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear reactions
24 Researchers set record for fastest light pulse
25 Scientists closer to explaining why matter persists over antimatter
26 4-D camera could improve robot vision, virtual reality and self-driving cars
27 Air travel: Researchers say factors like plane size and boarding method can have a huge impact on infection rates
28 Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements
29 Microbot origami can capture, transport single cells
30 Physicists investigate fundamental limits of quantum engines
31 Physicists shed light on rarely seen 16th-century metal-working technique
32 Quantum magnets doped with holes
33 World's smallest neutrino detector observes elusive interactions of particles
34 Intertwining vortices finally measured in laboratory
35 Standard model of the universe withstands most precise test by Dark Energy Survey (Update)
36 Improving understanding of the quantum world with quantum dots
37 Fast, noninvasive technique for probing cells may reveal disease
38 Observation of the hyperfine spectrum of antihydrogen
39 'Perfect liquid' quark-gluon plasma is the most vortical fluid
40 Detecting radio waves with entangled atoms
41 Riding the wave: Pioneering research tames nanoquakes
42 Ferroelectric phenomenon proven viable for oxide electrodes, disproving predictions
43 New algorithm finds the optimal bond breaking point for single molecules
44 New theory on the origin of dark matter
45 High-resolution optical coherence tomography without particle accelerator
46 Invisibility cloak takes one step closer to revealing itself
47 Inspecting matter using terahertz light
48 Metal cloud to protect fusion reactor walls
49 The source of up to half of the Earth's internal heat is completely unknown--here's how to hunt for it
50 Finding neutrinos--a Q&A with Matthew Green
51 Researchers produce long-lived radioisotope that generates a needed isotope on demand
52 Gauge block guide supports dimensional measurement in industry
53 Low-power, high-performance optical receivers
54 Research raises hope for erbium-based integrated photonics device
55 It's never too cold for quantum
56 Magnon circular birefringence--polarization rotation of spin waves and its applications
57 What's the best way to rank research institutes?
58 Scientists discover unique thermoelectric properties in cesium tin iodide
59 Single-photon emitter has promise for quantum info-processing
60 Clarifiying complex chemical processes with quantum computers
61 New optical device could help detect drugs, bomb-making chemicals and more
62 Clarifiying complex chemical processes with quantum computers
63 New optical device could help detect drugs, bomb-making chemicals and more
64 New solid lubricant shown to reduce friction and wear on steel surfaces
65 Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water
66 Metal-free nanoparticle could expand MRI use, tumor detection
67 Chemotactic movement used to carry drugs through blood-brain barrier
68 From greenhouse gas to 3-D surface-microporous graphene
69 2-D materials clean up their act
70 Team uses phage-enhanced nanoparticles to kill bacteria that foul water treatment systems
71 Rapid 3-D printing in water using novel hybrid nanoparticles
72 Molecular nanoparticles lead to major advancement in the development of solar cells
73 Energy storage solution combines polymers and nanosheets
74 New MRI contrast agent tested on big animals
75 Chemists make laser-induced graphene from wood
76 Novel technique using graphene to create solar cells
77 Single molecular layer and thin silicon beam enable nanolaser operation at room temperature
78 Fundamental breakthrough in the future of designing materials
79 New method promises easier nanoscale manufacturing
80 Nanoscale magnetic device mimics behavior of neurons and can recognize human audio signals
81 Research shows reusable, carbon nanotube-reinforced filters clean toxic heavy metals from water
82 Atomic discovery opens door to greener, faster, smaller electronic circuitry
83 Novel RNA nanodevices in living cells can sense and analyze multiple complex signals
84 A new low-cost battery offers a hefty voltage and sustained energy capacity
85 Color-shifting electronic skin could have wearable tech and prosthetic uses
86 Nanoparticles loaded with component of common spice kill cancer cells
87 Carbon nanotubes stand at attention
88 Multitasking monolayers lay groundwork for devices that can do two things at once
89 Scientists investigating properties of hybrid systems consisting of carbon nanostructures and a dye
90 MRI contrast agents accumulate in the brain
91 Nanoparticles trick body into accepting organ transplants
92 Using angles to improve the future of electronics
93 Technique to synthesize monolayer films
94 Big impact, tiny element--hydrogen power on the nanoscale
95 Spin dynamics of graphene explained through supercomputing
96 Research team bends individual tetrapod nanostructures
97 Nanowire resonators can be used to miniaturize energy-efficient electronics
98 Development of novel electron microscopy techniques to extract obscured information on material properties
99 Large single-crystal graphene is possible
100 Chemical route to electronic devices in graphene
101 Quantum computing building blocks
102 Writing with the electron beam--now in silver
103 Optical high-bitrate nanoantenna developed for use with optical waveguide
104 Clothes intertwined with nanotech will treat eczema
105 Bubble technique used to measure shear forces between graphene sheets
106 Here's a tip: Indented cement shows unique properties