File Title
1 Dopaminergic neurons derived from iPSCs in non-human primate model
2 Researchers develop method that could produce stronger, more pliable metals
3 Relieving antibiotic resistance: Researchers take steps toward new treatment for E. coli
4 Cooking up new ways to clean up our planet
5 Sweet! Sugar-coated probe yields better acid test
6 New microscope technique reveals internal structure of live embryos
7 Researchers study synthetic protein cages
8 New approach makes it easier to find novel drugs
9 Researchers find novel technique for tuning the color of LED light emission
10 Monkey wrench molecule jams tuberculosis protein
11 Researchers describe protein previously unknown in biology
12 New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety
13 Ultrasonic vibrations force a polymer to be a semiconductor
14 New biosensor stimulates sweat while patient is cool and resting
15 Carbonitride aerogels mediate the photocatalytic conversion of water
16 Lab develops dual-surface graphene electrode to split water into hydrogen and oxygen
17 New additive helps researchers more selectively convert CO2 to multicarbon fuels
18 Study reveals exactly how low-cost fuel cell catalysts work
19 Active machine learning for the discovery and crystallization of gigantic polyoxometalate molecules
20 Getting therapeutic sound waves through thick skulls
21 Heat-conducting plastic could lead to lighter electronics, cars
22 New catalysts efficiently and rapidly remove BPA from water
23 The nitty-gritty behind how onions make you cry
24 Deciphering potent DNA toxin's secrets
25 Taking concrete steps toward lower carbon dioxide emissions
26 Technique enables printable and rewritable color images
27 Divalent gold complex isolated for the first time in a pure form
28 Successful synthesis of a new insulin analogue
29 Towards environmentally friendly production of active pharmaceutical ingredients with a flow reactor
30 MOF keeps humidity in the Goldilocks zone
31 New model for bimolecular reactions in nanoreactors
32 Diagnostic platform could extend to detecting biomarkers for disease
33 New polymer inspired by crystalline silicon to build better computers and solar cells
34 Learning new tricks from sea sponges, nature's most unlikely civil engineers
35 Bioprinted veins reveal new drug diffusion details
36 Interdisciplinary team designs gas flow cell to analyze catalytic behavior
37 An end to cavities for people with sensitive teeth?
38 Encoding smart antibiotics
39 Lighting the way: Sensors show drug uptake
40 Detection of fermentation processes in electricity-generating bacteria
41 Cheap and simple detection of neurotoxic chemicals
42 Researchers designing an instrument to identify uranium, atoms at a time
43 How the electrodes of lithium-air batteries become passivated
44 Row over Google employee's defense of tech gender gap
45 Why humans find faulty robots more likeable
46 A Chinese 3D print studio fuses ancient art with modern tech
47 Team sets new record for magnetic tape storage--makes tape competitive for cloud storage
48 Mishap doesn't dampen enthusiasm for security robots
49 Hyperloop startup says superfast rail a reality
50 Cicada wings may inspire new surface technologies
51 Team finds reason behind defects in 3-D printing
52 Researchers dress virtual avatars with digitally captured clothing
53 Apple's next big leap might be into augmented reality
54 Celebrity Twitter accounts display 'bot-like' behavior
55 Bitcoin dispute results in split-coin
56 Biofeedback technology helping improve balance in Parkinson's patients
57 Europe battles Google News over 'snippet tax' proposal
58 Watch out Messi, here come the footballers at RoboCup
59 Making animated characters jump just got easier
60 Design method helps animated characters gain physical form
61 Mainstream Model 3 holds promise--and peril--for Tesla
62 Seeing the light: Researchers seek to improve solar cell technology using new materials and nanowires
63 Berlin orders recall of 22,000 Porsches over emissions cheating (Update)
64 World gears up for electric cars despite bumps in road
65 Researchers make augmented reality a group experience
66 Adobe bidding Flash farewell in 2020
67 Musk, Zuckerberg duel over artificial intelligence
68 Microsoft Paint brushed aside
69 Fired Google engineer files complaint, weighs legal options
70 Can AI prevent the spread of HIV in homeless youth?
71 Annual wind report confirms tech advancements, improved performance, low wind prices
72 Apple will reportedly release an LTE Apple Watch: report
73 Hacking cybersecurity to anticipate attacks
74 US arraignment of British cybersecurity expert postponed (Update)
75 This is how regional rail can help ease our big cities' commuter crush
76 State wouldn't break even on Foxconn incentives for 25 years
77 Public opinion unlikely to curb a U.S. president's use of nuclear weapons in war, scholar finds
78 Hackers demand millions in ransom for stolen HBO data
79 Google firing fans flames of diversity debate in tech sector
80 Optimizing e-mobility use for everyday life
81 Snyder: 'Strong possibility' for Foxconn to come to Michigan
82 'Yeah, if you could win spreadsheet title, that'd be great'
83 Electric car startup Faraday, Future signs factory deal
84 Latest research suggests cybercriminals are not as anonymous as we think
85 SoftBank adding technology ambitions, with ARM, robotics
86 Spectacular images thanks to an efficient algorithm
87 UCI celestial census indicates that black holes pervade the universe
88 Sunshield layers fully integrated on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
89 Massive multiple star system found by astronomers
90 Musk says maiden Falcon Heavy rocket to launch in November, acknowledges high risk
91 An artificial eclipse for imaging extrasolar planets
92 Magnetic fields in massive star formation cores
93 TESS mission to discover new planets moves toward launch
94 Two weeks in the life of a sunspot
95 Twilight observations reveal huge storm on Neptune
96 Astronomers identify oldest known asteroid family
97 New work offers fresh evidence supporting the supernova shock wave theory of our Solar System's origin
98 New clue to solving the mystery of the Sun's hot atmosphere
99 New simulations could help in hunt for massive mergers of neutron stars, black holes
100 Hubble detects exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere
101 Chandra observations provide insights about young stellar cluster NGC 3293
102 Simulations suggests Venus may once have had an ocean
103 NASA continues to study pulsars, 50 years after their chance discovery
104 Sun's core rotates four times faster than its surface
105 Image: Intense star formation in the Westerhout 43 region
106 Voyager spacecraft still reaching for the stars and setting records after 40 years
107 An Earth-like atmosphere may not survive Proxima b's orbit
108 NASA tests the Webb telescope's communication skills
109 Gallium in lunar samples explains loss of moon's easily vaporized elements
110 Other planets may never be as hospitable as Earth: study