File Title
1 Fatal attractions for disease-carrying mosquitoes
2 New fly fossil sheds light on the explosive radiation of flies during the Cenozoic Era
3 The crew of the Civil War submarine HL Hunley likely died from airblast injuries
4 Parenting style reduces kids' distress in war
5 What the world's tiniest 'monster truck' reveals
6 Spinning plant waste into carbon fiber for cars, planes
7 Mosquitoes fatally attracted to deadly, sweet-smelling potion
8 Researchers discover how fish recognize toxic prey
9 Sub-tropical corals vulnerable, new study shows
10 National Maglab achieves new world record with strongest resistive magnet
11 More than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science
12 NIST study suggests frailty makes elderly more likely to die in home fires
13 Tricking the eye to defeat shoulder surfing attacks
14 Self-powered paper-based 'SPEDs' may lead to new medical-diagnostic tools
15 Ancient Earth's hot interior created 'graveyard' of continental slabs
16 Like adults, children show bias in attributing mental states to others
17 Study finds that gravity, 'mechanical loading' are key to cartilage development
18 Hormonal tug-of-war helps plant roots navigate their journey through the soil
19 How cytoplasm 'feels' to a cell's components
20 When given the chance to pay less, patients choose cheaper prescription drugs
21 Out-of-pocket health costs can cause financial problems for survivors of childhood cancer
22 No microbes? No problem for caterpillars
23 ShAPEing the future of magnesium car parts
24 Researchers devise microreactor to study formation of methane hydrate
25 An AADR perspective on the 'Advancing dental education: Gies in the 21st century' project
26 Technique speeds chemical screening to prioritize toxicity testing
27 Getting hold of quantum dot biosensors
28 Study links fish stress hormones to whether they take the bait
29 A silent search for dark matter
30 Designing custom robots in a matter of minutes
31 Artificial intelligence predicts dementia before onset of symptoms
32 Where do heart cells come from?
33 Oropouche virus could emerge and cause a public health problem
34 Orange is the new green: How orange peels revived a Costa Rican forest
35 Study identifies miR-122 target sites in liver cancer, links 3 genes to patient survival
36 Wealth disparity and family income impact the brain development of female youth
37 Study documents continued decline in use of hormone therapy by Canadian women
38 How do international development projects affect property values?
39 What's the annual value of trees? $500 million per megacity, study says
40 Why do young adults post harmful personal content on social media?
41 Bond dissociation energies for transition metal silicides accurately determined
42 Crystal structure reveals new details of nonstandard RNA transcription
43 New test for rare immunodeficiency
44 Yoga and meditation improve mind-body health and stress resilience
45 Princeton professor calls for federal guarantee of quality education for kids
46 Sales newbies, don't fret--just go above and beyond
47 Opioid misuse can be tracked using Twitter
48 Thoracic kyphosis in those over 50 may not be a predictor of physical decline
49 The brains of newborns distinguish between caresses
50 Firing of neurons changes the cells that insulate them
51 Russian scientists have analyzed the process of rock destruction
52 Molecular volume control
53 Nanoparticle ink produces glowing holograms with simple inkjet printer
54 How continents were recycled
55 Methane hydrate is not a smoking gun in the Arctic Ocean
56 Solidifying advanced alloy design
57 Quantum ruler for biomolecules
58 Schools need to encourage broader participation in science learning outside of the classroom
59 Dogma overturned: New studies into inflammation in the infarcted heart could lead to changes in therapy
60 Social media culture can encourage risky and inappropriate posting behavior
61 Blood test predicts prostate tumor resistance
62 Large study reveals women have superior response to esophageal cancer treatment
63 How a bacterium can live on methanol
64 Researchers create magnetic RAM
65 Can 'large stars' anti-aging research' help future memory devices?
66 Clinical study shows that retinal imaging may detect signs of Alzheimer's disease
67 An echo from the past to the future on abrupt seasonal changes of the general circulation
68 New recommendations for managing menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors
69 Scientists develop infection model for tickborne flaviviruses
70 Brain's self-regulation in teens at risk for obesity
71 High moral reasoning associated with increased activity in the human brain's reward system
72 Is childhood obesity a psychological disorder?
73 New meta-analysis finds a plant-based vegetarian diet is associated with lower cholesterol
74 The environment can become a noninvasive therapeutic approach to bolster white matter health
75 Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and policies are a failure, research shows
76 Hoping to be seen as powerful, consumers prefer wider faces on watches, cars, study finds
77 Frontline supervisors use micro-power strategies to cope with middle-manager status
78 Retaining one normal BRCA gene in breast, ovarian cancers influences patient survival
79 Wild sheep grazed in the Black Desert 14,500 years ago
80 Scientists uncover a deadly 'addiction' in esophageal cancer
81 Steroids not effective for chest infections in non-asthmatic adults
82 A potential breeding site of a Miocene era baleen whale
83 Stretchable biofuel cells extract energy from sweat to power wearable devices
84 Study suggests serotonin may worsen tinnitus
85 Updated analysis finds newer type of LDL-C reducing drugs still not cost-effective
86 Oral steroid does not reduce lower respiratory tract infection symptoms in nonasthmatic adults
87 Medicaid patients continue high prescription opioid use after overdose
88 Satellite photos reveal gigantic outburst floods
89 Supermarkets could trick you into buying fewer calories
90 Study: Clear link between heavy vitamin B intake and lung cancer
91 New report finds growing number of people in Ontario treated for opioid addiction
92 Low-income patients more likely to take blood pressure medication when doctor involves them in conversation
93 Study: Contact in sports may lead to differences in the brains of young, healthy athletes
94 Common antiseptic ingredients de-energize cells and impair hormone response
95 Scientists find RNA with special role in nerve healing process
96 Mouse model of human immune system inadequate for stem cell studies
97 How humans and their gut microbes may respond to plant hormones
98 Close friendships in high school predict improvements in mental health in young adulthood
99 Mothers' responses to their babies' distress help predict infant attachment
100 Religious affiliation impacts language use on Facebook
101 Does a mother's pre-pregnancy weight determine her child's metabolism?
102 Turning human waste into plastic, nutrients could aid long-distance space travel (video)
103 'Coffee-ring effect' harnessed to provide rapid, low-cost analysis of tap water (video)
104 Cyborg bacteria outperform plants when turning sunlight into useful compounds (video)
105 Getting fat to 'talk' again could lower blood glucose and weight
106 Personifying places can boost travel intentions
107 Meter-sized single-crystal graphene growth becomes possible
108 Why tiger snakes are on a winner
109 Penn biologists show how plants turn off genes they don't need
110 Using machine learning to improve patient care