File Title
1 Oral, dental problems may be sign of child abuse, neglect
2 Forensic scientists use oral bacteria to estimate time since death
3 Drug for kidney disease tied to infection risk
4 Zika probably not spread through saliva: study
5 Women who gain weight between babies at higher risk for diabetes
6 Scientists develop sensors to show drug uptake
7 Pneumonia, sepsis linked to increased risk of heart disease
8 Study: Students at 2-year colleges more likely to go hungry
9 Patent approved for CRISPR use in T-cells in Europe
10 Unused painkillers kept by two out of three patients after surgery, study says
11 First human gene editing performed on human embryo
12 Drugs that block aldosterone may benefit hypertensive women
13 FDA approves chronic graft versus host disease treatment
14 Drug therapy could reduce kidney transplant rejection
15 Scientists create model to track Zika transmission in mice
16 Report: New ways to develop dietary intakes based on disease
17 New botulinum neurotoxin may benefit medical conditions
18 Study: Gut plays key role in development of type 2 diabetes
19 Infant drug withdrawal more likely when opioids prescribed with psychiatric drugs
20 More than half of U.S. residents regularly take a prescription drug, survey says
21 Study: Stopping statins after stroke may raise risk for another
22 Studies show yoga may help ease depression
23 Addiction drug underused by primary care docs in U.S.
24 As world's population ages, blindness rates likely to grow
25 Asthma drug may help kidney patients regain sense of smell, study says
26 Research casts doubt on medication expiration dates on bottles
27 Study: Resistance training may slow multiple sclerosis
28 Poor sleep habits increase risk for obesity, study says
29 Seniors riskier behind the wheel than other teen drivers
30 Prenatal exposure to fire retardants linked to lower iQs in children, review says
31 Registry in works to connect lead-affected Flint residents with services
32 New model gives more accurate picture of opioid, heroin fatalities
33 Scientists develop new regenerative tissue technology
34 Moderate drinking linked to reduced risk for dementia
35 CRISPR study finds new genes that create T-cell resistant cancer
36 Researchers raise 'loneliness epidemic' as major threat to public health
37 Study: Hospital admissions for seniors increase after natural disaster
38 Less sugar quickly improves health of overweight kids, adults
39 Blood pressure fluctuations tied to dementia risk: study
40 Most people not bargain hunters when it comes to health care
41 Angioplasty outcomes almost equal among hospitals
42 Study: Water-based antiseptic solution just as good as alcohol-based
43 New noninvasive way to monitor intracranial pressure developed
44 FDA increases efforts to keep kids off e-cigarettes
45 NIH accelerates genomics in clinical healthcare
46 Ready-to-use cells are safe, effective at treating viral infections
47 Five threatened white-bellied sea eagles die after being poisoned in eastern Victoria
48 Scientists in race to stop caterpillars developing into hybrid super pests
49 NBN: Internet providers say controversial CVC charge for bandwidth is too expensive
50 Could moving house often be bad for us, or is it just the new normal?
51 Obesity fight: Fat-regulating 'switch' in brain may not work on obese people
52 Loggerhead turtles blown off course rest easy in south-west WA sanctuary
53 Driverless cars 'to save thousands of lives' as trial set for NSW
54 We finally know what the single ancestor of all modern flowers looked like
55 White spot disease DNA found in supermarket seafood products
56 More climate scientists needed to avoid expensive mistakes, review urges
57 Australian trapdoor spider may be a seafaring castaway from Africa
58 First embryo gene repair holds promise of wiping inherited diseases out of family's bloodline
59 What you need to know about scientists fixing mutant genes
60 How do you measure the world's largest indoor soap bubble?
61 Turtle researchers turn to sex toys to determine male and female of species
62 Gene repair offers new possibilities for Australian with genetic heart condition
63 Jeans for Genes raising funds and giving hope to Illawarra child unable to grow
64 Rogue chatbots taken offline in China after refusing to say they love the Communist party
65 Dear viewers, it's time to let go of the 'weather girl' stereotype
66 Augmented reality project to return Tasmanian tigers to the bush for tourists
67 In search of Australia's biggest tree: How you can help identify giant plants
68 Murray River to Broken Hill water pipeline not needed, Flinders University research says
69 Financial risk-taking influenced by the intensity of light, study says
70 NASA responds to job application from 9yo 'guardian of the galaxy'
71 Bug warfare: Making good insects and spiders work against the bad bugs around your home
72 Explainer: What is artificial intelligence?
73 Equine-assisted therapy: Horses bringing people closer to understanding themselves
74 Healthcare records outlive us. It's time to decide what happens to the data once we're gone
75 Woolworths system glitch withdraws money from customers' accounts
76 'There's nothing for people like us': Calls for more funding for rare cancer patients
77 Beer bottles on floor of River Derwent make ideal home for endangered handfish
78 Queensland chief scientist Suzanne Miller charged using forged immigration document
79 Newcastle researchers a step closer to developing early test for ovarian cancer
80 Google fires employee who blamed lack of gender diversity on 'biological causes'
81 Australia must embrace AI revolution with automation set to affect every job, report says
82 Dairy farmers keeping close eye on virtual fencing research project
83 Komodo dragon venom could one day be used to treat life-threatening blood clots
84 Earth Overshoot Day: We used a year's worth of resources in seven months
85 NASA Mars Curiosity rover: Five years on the red planet
86 Medicine's gender revolution: How women stopped being treated as 'small men'
87 'Sea bug' creatures behind bloody attack on Melbourne teen's legs identified as amphipods
88 Artificial intelligence: Professor Toby Walsh on 10 ways society will change by 2050
89 Want to learn something? Sleep on it, but not too deeply: study
90 Magnetic fields turn up the heat on bacterial biofilms
91 Scientists restore youthful plasticity to the brains of adult mice
92 Hormone shows promise as cognition enhancer
93 Blocking enzyme linked to Alzheimer's may reverse memory loss
94 Playing action video games can actually harm your brain
95 Researchers discover potential cancer treatment breakthrough
96 One step closer in explaining multiple sclerosis relapse during upper respiratory infection
97 How to trick your heart into thinking you exercise
98 Prostate cancer cells become 'shapeshifters' to spread to distant organs
99 Sleep makes it possible for babies to associate words with content--and not with noise
100 Instagram photos may offer snapshot of mental health
101 New genes discovered regulating brain metastases in lung cancer
102 Calcium in arteries influences heart attack risk
103 Scientists prevent neurodegeneration-associated protein clumping in lab study
104 Online team-based game helps patients with diabetes lower blood glucose
105 Deaths from colon cancer up among younger white Americans
106 Newly discovered pathway for pain processing could lead to new treatments
107 Drug hope for acute myeloid leukemia
108 Side effect to blood pressure drugs is genetically determined for some patients, study finds
109 Regular energy drink use linked to later drug use among young adults
110 Independent pharmacies and online coupons help patients save money on drugs