File Title
1 Trash to treasure: The benefits of waste-to-energy technologies
2 Paleontologists discover new species of sauropod dinosaur in Tanzania
3 Microbes compete for nutrients, affect metabolism, development in mice
4 Which TAVR patients are at risk for hospital readmission?
5 For pregnancy or profit: Motive for undergoing IVF may alter the experience
6 Augmented reality technology may help guide plastic and reconstructive surgery
7 Conformal metasurface coating eliminates crosstalk and shrinks waveguides
8 New research on Fragile X syndrome reinforces importance of early detection
9 UNC-Chapel Hill reaches milestone in development of Kinase Chemogenomic Set
10 New results reveal high tunability of 2-D material
11 New therapeutic antibody for dog cancers
12 ILCregs play an important role in regulation of intestinal inflammation
13 New study provides high-resolution insights into plants' light harvesting process under low light
14 The pancreas provides a potential drug candidate for brain disease
15 Ringing in ears keeps brain more at attention, less at rest, study finds
16 Penn ethicist proposes new category for psychiatric patients to justify instances of compulsory treatment
17 Tracking down the jumping genes of maize
18 Carbon nanotubes worth their salt
19 Long, mysterious strips of RNA contribute to low sperm count
20 DNA sensor plays critical role in cancer immunotherapy via response to unexpected DNA form
21 PPPL physicist discovers that some plasma instabilities can extinguish themselves
22 NASA's Webb Telescope will study our solar system's 'ocean worlds'
23 Even after reforms, few ineffective teachers are identified as ineffective, study finds
24 Manganese in underground drinking water is cause for concern
25 Farming, cheese, chewing changed human skull shape
26 World's oldest Italian wine just discovered
27 ASU/Biodesign researchers enter race for early Alzheimer's test
28 Finding what fuels the 'runaway train' of autoimmune disease
29 CRI scientists characterize regulatory DNA sequences responsible for human diseases
30 Potential impacts of planned Andean Amazon dams outweigh benefits, scientists say
31 Scientists from the MSU adjusted a microalgal technology for wastewater
32 As Tolstoy noted (sort of), all unhappy microbiomes are unhappy in their own way
33 Enzyme produced in the liver promotes obesity, fatty liver disease and insulin resistance
34 Nearly 1 in 4 hospitalized patients has diabetes
35 Manipulating a single gene defines a new pathway to anxiety
36 Research reveals how estrogen regulates gene expression
37 Illinois researchers develop origami-inspired robot
38 Monitoring network traffic more efficiently
39 Man-made fossil methane emission levels larger than previously believed
40 More solar power thanks to titanium
41 Study explains why patients with shingles feel pain
42 Viewers who tweet during presidential debates learn more about political issues
43 Study shows incisionless surgery with MR-HIFU effective in destroying painful bone tumors
44 Everyone's an expert, but a computer program may be able to pick the best ones
45 Rapid diagnostic test helps distinguish between severe and uncomplicated malaria in Africa
46 Flu vaccine rates for kids may drop when the nasal spray vaccine is unavailable
47 New receptor found on scavenger cells
48 Caffeine tempers taste, triggering temptation for sweets
49 Researchers report better way to create organic bioelectronics
50 Metal simplifies synthesis of antibody drugs
51 Gene therapy with BMP4 protects against weight gain and insulin resistance in mice
52 This is how belly fat could increase your cancer risk
53 HIIT releases endorphins in the brain
54 Upon prolonged irradiation, human stem cells' defenses are activated
55 Physical activity in midlife not linked to cognitive fitness in later years, long-term study shows
56 Researchers report breakthrough in magnesium batteries
57 How the emotions of others influence our olfactory sense
58 FSU researchers find school board diversity reduces school suspensions
59 Scientists discover how tuberculosis hijacks the immune system
60 Panic disorder symptoms may be tied to acid-sensing receptor
61 Reduced performance triggers turnover for nonprofit executives
62 New green solvent could help clean our air
63 Physicists find strange state of matter in superconducting crystal
64 ICU patients who survive ARDS may suffer from prolonged post-intensive care syndrome
65 1 in 5 women with postpartum mood disorders keep quiet
66 Scientists take first snapshots of a molecular propeller that runs at 100 degrees Celsius
67 Missed nursing care due to low nurse staffing increases patient mortality
68 Illegal dumping during road construction in Ethiopia affects child mortality
69 HKBU clinical observation finds efficacy rate of over 70 percent in Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure
70 Updated assessment of the health risks posed by longer-term consumption of foods contaminated with fipronil
71 Revolutionary approach brings 3-D sound into the living room
72 New imaging technique spots prostate tumors starved of oxygen
73 The Medici Effect: Highly flexible, wearable displays born in KAIST
74 Mathematical tools improve theory and prediction in psychiatry
75 Understanding how omega-3 dampens inflammatory reactions
76 Phoenicid meteor shower from dead comet arises again after 58 years
77 Making better batteries via real-time TEM observation
78 New research examines avocados' potential impact on cognitive health in older adults
79 The first hard evidence for the 'outside-in' theory of the origin of teeth
80 New dinosaur discovery suggests new species roosted together like modern birds
81 Fossils reveal how bizarre mammal beat extinction
82 UBC researchers test new technique to help with concussion diagnosis
83 Variation in the recovery of tetrapods
84 3-D scanning methods allow an inside look into fossilized feces
85 Ice age era bones recovered from underwater caves in Mexico
86 Elucidating the biology of extinct cave bears
87 The dinosaur museum that visits you
88 Exploring the ground truth: NASA's twin study investigates metabolites
89 Baby boomer squirrels master tricky timing
90 LGB older adults suffer more chronic health conditions than heterosexuals, study finds
91 Plant 'smells' insect foe, initiates defense
92 Severity of North Pacific storms at highest point in over 1,200 years
93 'Pop drop' study finds more ER visits & higher costs for older disabled patients
94 Anesthesia and surgery during infancy may impact white matter during childhood
95 Survival of soil organisms is a wake-up call for biosecurity
96 Antibiotic resistance rises in 'lonely' mutating microbes
97 Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors
98 Cancer drug can reactivate HIV
99 Age-related hearing loss and communication breakdown in the clinical setting
100 Scientists develop novel 'dot' system to improve cancer detection
101 Researchers closer to understanding how a drug could induce health benefits of exercise
102 General patient infections transferred similarly to hospital-acquired infections
103 Research sheds new light on the link between gut bacteria and anxiety
104 Researchers discover cancer stem cell pathway in endometrial cancer
105 Hunter-gatherers' seasonal gut-microbe diversity loss echoes our permanent one
106 HPV vaccination rates lag for vulnerable population of childhood cancer survivors
107 How the human brain detects the 'music' of speech
108 Average cost of first 2 years of oropharyngeal cancer treatment in Texas is $139,749
109 Leprosy turns the immune system against itself, study finds
110 Outperforming nature's water filtration ability with nanotubes