File Title
1 UMass Amherst study of bee health finds no natural medicine in once-promising compound
2 Coronary artery bypass surgery effective in patients with type 1 diabetes
3 Researchers unlock regenerative potential of cells in the mouse retina
4 Combination of conventional and new drugs enhances tumor cell death
5 Bone marrow protein may be target for improving stem cell transplants
6 CLAMP's dual duties may make it model for studies of protein function in context
7 Nanoparticles pollution rises 30 percent when flex-fuel cars switch from bio to fossil
8 Mimicking birdsongs
9 Beetle's best friend: Trained dogs most efficient in monitoring hermit beetle larvae
10 'Marrying up' is now easier for men, improves their economic well-being, study finds
11 Brain changes linked to physical, mental health in functional neurological disorder
12 Keeping pandas off endangered list ledge
13 Helping corals to cope with pressure
14 Study finds the burdens of spousal caregiving alleviated by appreciation
15 Astronomers use Kepler satellite to study variability in the Seven Sisters Cluster
16 A low-cost method for solar-thermal conversion that's simpler and greener
17 New ancient sea reptile found in Germany--The earliest of its kind
18 Solar hydrogen production by artificial leafs: Scientists analysed how a special treatment improves cheap metal oxide photoelectrodes
19 Optical control of magnetic memory--New insights into fundamental mechanisms
20 Anti-inflammatory therapy cuts risk of lung cancer
21 Reducing inflammation without lowering cholesterol cuts risk of cardiovascular events
22 Grid-based continual analysis of molecular interior for drug discovery, QSAR and QSPR
23 Eating triggers endorphin release in the brain
24 Oil and gas wells as a strong source of greenhouse gases
25 Breakthrough discovery presents hope for treating fibrotic diseases which cause organ impairment
26 Perovskite solar cells go single crystal
27 Oil and water may combine if conditions are right, study suggests
28 New neutron holography technique opens a window for obtaining clear 3-D atomic images
29 Popularity outranks strategy in supply chain integration decisions
30 Chronic lack of sleep increases risk-seeking
31 Nagoya-led team flips the switch on ferroelectrics
32 Compounds in cocoa may help delay onset of type 2 diabetes
33 Is telomere length associated with the cognitive response to a lifestyle intervention?
34 Atrial fibrillation and blood pressure: More than just a number (AFFIRM)
35 Anti-aldosterones save lives in STEMI heart attack patients: ALBATROSS, REMINDER
36 NIPPON follow-up: Shorter dual antiplatelet therapy stands the test of time (DAPT)
37 New analysis examines how low cholesterol can safely go (FOURIER)
38 PATHWAY-2 uncovers main cause of drug-resistant hypertension, finds old drugs work best
39 SPRINT post-hoc analysis: Food for thought on defining the ideal blood pressure target
40 Bag-mask ventilation fails to improve on endotracheal intubation in cardiac arrest (CAAM)
41 Closure of left atrial appendage during heart surgery protects the brain (LAACS)
42 Study reveals clinical benefit of LDL cholesterol lowering depends on how it is lowered
43 Sildenafil should be avoided in valve disease with residual pulmonary hypertension
44 Ibuprofen associated with blood pressure rise in arthritis patients at cardiovascular risk
45 Oxygen therapy does not improve survival (DETO2X-AMI)
46 Apixaban lowers stroke risk in AF patients undergoing cardioversion (EMANATE)
47 Education and feedback improve use of stroke prevention drugs in AF (IMPACT-AF)
48 Inclisiran lowers 'bad' cholesterol for up to 1 year (ORION 1)
49 Renal denervation lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients
50 Screening for vascular disease saves one life for every 169 patients assessed (VIVA)
51 Gene therapy using 'junk DNA' could lower risk for heart disease
52 Acid zone in Chesapeake Bay identified
53 VLA reveals distant galaxy's magnetic field
54 US opioid epidemic reaches new level of crisis in overdoses, hospitalizations and cost
55 Coral skeletons may resist the effects of acidifying oceans
56 Special Nature Conservation issue: Monitoring protected insects in the European Union
57 Medical treatment may prevent, alleviate mitral valve damage after a heart attack
58 Repetitive elements shape embryonic chromatin landscape
59 80-year-olds as street-savvy as 18-year-olds
60 Worm infection reveals cross-talk in the lymph nodes
61 Men, women and risk of developing Alzheimer disease: Is there a difference?
62 Do estrogen therapies affect sexual function in early postmenopause?
63 How low should LDL cholesterol go?
64 Study: After Hurricane Katrina, personal debt fell for those worst hit--but at a cost
65 Study corrects the record on the relative risk of Alzheimer's between men and women
66 Record-breaking galaxy 5 billion light-years away shows we live in a magnetic universe
67 Climate may quickly drive forest-eating beetles north, says study
68 Largest Ichthyosaurus was pregnant mother
69 Studies reveal how shingles vaccine should be used in arthritis patients
70 Electricity consumption in Europe will shift under climate change
71 Americans' risk of needing nursing home care is higher than previously estimated
72 Shedding consistent pounds each week linked to long-term weight loss
73 Dispersants improved air quality for responders at Deepwater Horizon
74 Young adults, especially men, fall behind in high blood pressure treatment and control
75 Concurrent treatment with OX40- and PD1-targeted cancer immunotherapies may be detrimental
76 Cutbacks in foreign aid for HIV treatment would produce great harm, generate few savings
77 Using donor stem cells to treat spinal cord injury
78 Boosting immune cell memory to improve vaccines and cancer immunotherapy
79 Mount Sinai identifies strategies to optimize statin treatment for muscle symptoms
80 Infants' race influences quality of hospital care in California, Stanford study finds
81 Neighborhood socioeconomic position an important predictor of cardiovascular risk [+ another topic]
82 Maternal suicide in pre- and postnatal periods in Ontario
83 16-year study suggests air temperature is external trigger for heart attack
84 Study suggests statins associated with lower rates of breast cancer and mortality
85 Transcatheter aortic valve implantation safe and effective in nonagenarians
86 PCSK9 inhibition could ameliorate cardiovascular disease by immune mechanisms
87 Married patients with heart disease have better survival rates
88 NUS study: Deforestation in Cambodia linked to higher risk of ill health in young children
89 Size matters when innovating dairy products
90 Shape-shifters soak up sunshine
91 Drug cuts cardiovascular disease and lung cancer risk by reducing inflammation (CANTOS)
92 Catheter ablation improves outcomes in patients with heart failure and AF (CASTLE-A)
93 Rivaroxaban plus aspirin improves outcomes in stable cardiovascular disease (COMPASS)
94 Rivaroxaban plus aspirin reduces adverse events (COMPASS)
95 Risk factor driven upstream AF therapy improves sinus rhythm (RACE 3)
96 Researchers find combination therapy works best for heart diseases
97 Catheter ablation better than traditional drug therapies for treating atrial fibrillation
98 When two is better than three: Dual antithrombotic therapy cuts bleeding risk
99 Higher coffee consumption associated with lower risk of death
100 Study confirms safety of rapid algorithm to rule-out and rule-in myocardial infarction
101 PCSK9 is a co-activator of platelet function beyond its role in cholesterol homeostasis
102 High salt intake associated with doubled risk of heart failure
103 Implanted cardiac monitors indicate incidence of undiagnosed AFib may be substantial in high-risk patients
104 ESC Guidelines on ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction published today
105 ESC focused update on dual antiplatelet therapy in coronary artery disease published today
106 ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial diseases published today
107 ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease published today
108 Underweight associated with highest mortality and costs after cardiac catheterisation
109 Gender gap in death from heart attack reduces particularly in younger women
110 Women less likely to receive recommended statin doses to prevent cardiovascular events