File Title
1 Study shows nurses' scrubs become contaminated with bacteria in hospitals
2 UConn chemist synthesizes pure graphene
3 Why does rubbing a balloon on your hair make it stick?
4 Researchers discover new immunotherapy combination effective at killing cancer cells
5 Ames Laboratory scientists move graphene closer to transistor applications
6 Expanding the reach of therapeutic antibodies
7 Women largely unaware of minimally invasive treatment for uterine fibroids
8 Bahamian songbirds disappeared during last glacial-interglacial transition
9 Weightlessness affects health of cosmonauts at molecular level
10 Rise of male individuals in stingless bees colonies leads to queen's death
11 Photosynthesis discovery could help design more efficient artificial solar cells
12 Otters learn by copying each other
13 Extreme exposure
14 Where's the line? Managing extreme speech on social media
15 Obesity prevention guidelines are not followed for preschool children
16 Exclusion from school can trigger long-term psychiatric illness
17 UMass Amherst biochemists simulate a protein-folding chaperone's functional dance
18 High-tech electronics made from autumn leaves
19 Evolutionary ecology could benefit beekeepers battling diseases
20 NREL analysis identifies where commercial customers might benefit from energy storage
21 Researchers validate UV light's use in improving semiconductors
22 Study finds hormone therapy improves sleep quality for recently menopausal women
23 NREL, Swiss scientists power past solar efficiency records
24 Designing novel biologic agents to target colorectal cancer
25 Altered bacterial communities in the gut could be an indicator for Parkinson's disease
26 Clamping down on causality by probing laser cavities
27 Thorough analysis reveals immune system dynamics after immunotherapy
28 Don't be salty--tiny tubes desalinate water one molecule at a time
29 First atlas of B-cell clones in body forms new foundation for infectious disease research
30 Study shows slow walking pace is good predictor of heart-related deaths
31 HPV vaccination rates especially low among childhood cancer survivors
32 New species of crab with unusual outgrowths has its name written in the stars
33 Pinpointing the origins of autism
34 New research strengthens link between mental health and retirement savings
35 When it comes to antennas, size matters
36 Experts release US policy roadmap to reduce antibiotics used in food animals
37 Sense of smell is key factor in bird navigation, new study shows
38 Lively tunes boost sales in crowded stores
39 Caspian Sea evaporating as temperatures rise, study finds
40 Lasers zap decontaminates from soil
41 Severity of psoriasis linked to increased risk of death
42 Magnetic stimulation of the brain improved awareness of subject's own cognitive abilities
43 Study highlights new link between gene fusion and bladder and brain cancer
44 Obese people lack cells with satiety hormones
45 Tears in tiny bone cells called osteocytes appear an important step to better bones
46 Pathway's power to boost, halt tumors may be promising cancer therapy target
47 How parents, siblings can become teachers for special needs children
48 Federal preemption of taxes on state and local sugar-sweetened beverages is not warranted
49 In the face of climate change can our engineers keep the trains running on time?
50 Inattentive kids show worse grades in later life
51 Bowel cancer study reveals impact of mutations on protein networks
52 NTU scientists use brewery waste to grow yeast needed for beer making
53 Rare-metals in the Himalayas: The potential world-class treasure
54 Regular, early lifestyle changes key to reducing type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular disease
55 Doping in sports: Official tests fail to pick up majority of cases
56 A bed & breakfast in L.A. reveals the lifestyle of a secretive fly species
57 Numeric modelling of nonpoint pollutions in the Chinese Bohai Sea
58 Cartilage degeneration algorithm predicts progression of osteoarthritis
59 Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
60 How new blood vessels sprout
61 Doping in sports: Official tests fail to pick up majority of cases
62 Drought response in global crops may be as complex as day and night
63 Unraveling Alzheimer's: New study documents how brain cells go bad
64 Researchers reveal link between PCOS, type 2 diabetes
65 Love your beauty rest? You can thank these brain cells
66 New osteoporosis treatment uses traditional Chinese herb to prevent bone loss
67 New antibodies target protein structures common to several neurological diseases
68 Bone-derived hormone reverses age-related memory loss in mice
69 Asian dust and acute myocardial infarction: Prediction and prevention
70 Rethinking dual antiplatelet guidelines in acute coronary syndrome? (CHANGE-DAPT)
71 Preventing sudden death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: ESC guidelines (HCM-EVIDENCE)
72 Revisiting dietary fat guidelines? (PURE)
73 Reassessing the benefits of plant-based eating (PURE)
74 No advantage of ambulance over hospital anti-clot therapy (SCAAR)
75 Ablation of atrial fibrillation improves quality of life more than drugs (CAPTAF)
76 Autoimmune diseases increase cardiovascular and mortality risk
77 High-speed switching for ultrafast electromechanical switches and sensors
78 New findings on the past and future of sea ice cover in the Arctic
79 Japanese study questions benefit of treat-to-target statin therapy (EMPATHY)
80 Electrocardiogram recording by patients boosts atrial fibrillation diagnosis (REHEARSE-AF)
81 Anacetrapib reduces risk of serious cardiovascular events in high risk patients (REVEAL)
82 Century-old seal pelts reveal changes in Ross Sea ecosystem
83 International study shows moderate consumption of fats and carbohydrates best for health
84 Cell culture system could offer cancer breakthrough
85 Researchers identify a common genetic variant linked to muscle pains in statin users
86 New treatment options for type 2 diabetes
87 New diagnostics tool, the Xpert Ultra assay, improves detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis
88 An alternative to wolf control to save endangered caribou
89 Woolly rhino neck ribs provide clues about their decline and eventual extinction
90 Meta-analysis suggests PCSK9 inhibitors do not increase short-term risk of type 2 diabetes
91 Dark chocolate with olive oil associated with improved cardiovascular risk profile
92 Poor sleep is associated with ischemic heart disease and stroke
93 New technique to aid IVF embryo selection
94 Drug breakthrough for mosquito virus outbreaks
95 Portland State research in ancient forests show link between climate change and wildfires
96 The outsized role of soil microbes
97 New view of dispersants used after Deepwater Horizon oil spill
98 NJIT Oil spill expert assesses use of deep-sea dispersants in Deepwater Horizon cleanup
99 Self-identifying as disabled and developing pride in disability aid overall well-being
100 New liquid-metal membrane technology may help make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles viable
101 Study estimates number of births, population prevalence of Down syndrome in nine states
102 It's not a rat's race for human stem cells grafted to repair spinal cord injuries
103 Study finds romance and affection top most popular sexual behaviors
104 Algae fortifies coral reefs in past and present
105 New app uses smartphone selfies to screen for pancreatic cancer
106 Single-nucleus RNA sequencing, droplet by droplet
107 Black hole models contradicted by hands-on tests at Sandia's Z machine
108 Mass. General team reports first response of central nervous system tumor to CAR T-cells
109 Country's largest estuary facing increasing acidification risk
110 Study identifies methods for preventing overcrowding in emergency rooms