File Title
1 Perfect mannequins a turnoff for some consumers
2 New device could turn heat energy into a viable fuel source
3 Z-endoxifen shows promise as new treatment for common breast cancer type
4 Jordan faces likelihood of much more frequent long and severe droughts
5 Eating protein three times a day could make our seniors stronger
6 Sharks with frickin' lasers: Gold nanoparticles fry cancer on glowing mice
7 Good as gold
8 Key factor identified in gene silencing
9 Protecting the guardians
10 Understanding perceptions of reputation and identity offers opportunity, study shows
11 Breastfeeding reduces risk of endometriosis diagnosis
12 'Open gym' format shortens waiting time for cardiac rehab
13 Magnetic fields in distant galaxy are new piece of cosmic puzzle
14 Tracking down the whale-shark highway
15 New 'carbs study' shows salacia extract helps curb appetite and manage blood sugar
16 Gut bacteria that 'talk' to human cells may lead to new treatments
17 UMass Amherst environmental chemist flashes warning light on new nanoparticle
18 A magic formula to predict attraction is more elusive than ever
19 Study negates concerns regarding radioactivity in migratory seafood
20 A blood test can predict early lung cancer prognosis
21 Robotic system monitors specific neurons
22 Millennials prefer healthy habits, less likely to choose opioids to manage pain
23 Fungal spore 'death clouds' key in gypsy moth fight
24 UT Health San Antonio researchers developing drug for recurring ER-positive breast cancer
25 Machine-learning earthquake prediction in lab shows promise
26 Periodic table of ecological niches could aid in predicting effects of climate change
27 New approach to genetic testing leads to dramatic response in MET fusion lung cancer
28 Study examines dietary fats' impact on healthy, obese adults
29 Breakthrough in understanding mitochondria
30 Soybean rust develops 'rolling' epidemics as spores travel north
31 Researchers raise health concerns about off-road vehicles and inhalation of asbestos
32 Researchers propose how the universe became filled with light
33 Hope for improving protection of the reticulated python
34 Scientists discover spring-loaded mechanism in unusual species of trap-jaw ant
35 Wolf behavior undeterred by tailings ponds and pit mines
36 Patient plays saxophone while surgeons remove brain tumor
37 New study: Shifting school start times could contribute $83 billion to US economy within a decade
38 When it comes to looking for jobs, it's not how many you know, but how well you know them
39 New robot rolls with the rules of pedestrian conduct
40 Lithium-ion batteries will get more efficiency due to silicon, germanium, carbon nanowalls
41 Do squirrels teach bears to cross the railroad? Grizzlies dig squirrel middens for grains
42 Leaf sensors can tell farmers when crops need to be watered
43 Research on the meaning of ancient geometric earthworks in southwestern Amazonia
44 Fast-forward aging due to DNA damage
45 How invasive species threaten bats
46 A slam dunk for women head coaches--so drop the bias
47 Fetal membranes may help transform regenerative medicine
48 Is changing languages effortful for bilingual speakers? Depends on the situation
49 Stroke patient improvement with a brain-computer interface
50 Researchers find optimal rules for seedings in knock-out tournaments
51 Stabilizing TREM2--a potential strategy to combat Alzheimer's disease
52 Higher levels of cooperation for provision than for maintenance of public goods
53 Inherited herpesvirus study finds links to ancient humans
54 Nano chip system measures light from single bacterial cell to enable chemical detection
55 Adoption of robotics into a hospital's daily operations requires broad cooperation
56 An island getaway: Why some Listeria strains survive good food hygiene standards
57 The underwater jungles of the sea give clearer water
58 A big difference between Asian and African elephants is diet
59 Conservation hindered by geographical mismatches between capacity and need
60 New research on fossil whales' teeth shows they were ferocious predators
61 Researchers tackle methane emissions with gas-guzzling bacteria
62 Silicon solves problems for next-generation battery technology
63 New clue may reveal the fate of famous French explorer
64 Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences uncover factors that shape sea life
65 Acting like a muscle, nano-sized device lifts 165 times its own weight
66 IFCT-0302 results question role of CT-scan in NSCLC post-surgery follow-up
67 Volcanic eruptions drove ancient global warming event
68 Study finds pallid bat is unfazed by venom of Arizona bark scorpion
69 Largest study to date evaluates occupational health risks to hardmetal workers
70 Sequencing all 24 human chromosomes uncovers rare disorders
71 Motorized molecules drill through cells
72 'Seeing' robot learns tricky technique for studying brain cells in mammals
73 Expanding tropical forest spells disaster for conservation
74 Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest treatment, outcomes varies by racial make-up of neighborhood
75 Dog walkers motivated by happiness, not health
76 Shared custody equals less stress for children
77 ALMA finds huge hidden reservoirs of turbulent gas in distant galaxies
78 Profitable cooperation: Ants protect and fertilize plants
79 Inflammation required for 'smell' tissue regeneration
80 Researchers discover MRI can measure kidney scarring and predict future kidney function
81 Artificial intelligence analyzes gravitational lenses 10 million times faster
82 Monkeys with Parkinson's disease benefit from human stem cells
83 US investors shun Quebec firms
84 Cardiac arrests in black neighborhoods less likely to get CPR, defibrillation
85 Two distinct brain regions have independent influence on decision-making
86 Protein turnover could be clue to living longer
87 Scientists recover nova first spotted 600 years ago by Korean astrologers
88 U study provides new insight toward reducing racial bias in courtroom
89 Shaking up the fish family tree: 'Living fossil' not as old as we thought
90 St. Jude unveils powerful resource to advance treatment of pediatric solid tumors
91 American pika disappears from large area of California's Sierra Nevada mountains
92 Spectroscopy: Simple solution for soil sample
93 Antibacterial combination could fight drug-resistant tuberculosis
94 Barbers, hair salons market cosmetic surgery on Instagram
95 Tick saliva may hold potential treatment for reducing HIV-linked heart disease risk
96 NIAID scientists illuminate mechanism of increased cardiovascular risks with HIV
97 Virus that causes mono may increase risk of MS for multiple races
98 Researchers set new bar for water-splitting, CO2-splitting techniques
99 Say hello to the 3-D Obama ant
100 Sampling of the active alpine fault in New Zealand reveals extreme hydrothermal conditions
101 Using DNA to predict schizophrenia and autism
102 Faulty DNA repair depresses neural development
103 New mini tool has massive implications
104 Discovery suggests new significance of unheralded chemical reactions
105 A new estimate of biodiversity on Earth
106 Cosmetic surgery may help patients quit smoking
107 Two-stage approach to risk-reducing mastectomy improves results for women with large breasts
108 Scientists map genomic atlas of your inner fish gut
109 NASA's Lunar mission captures solar eclipse as seen from the moon
110 Children of unintended pregnancies may experience depressive symptoms in early adulthood