File Title
1 Breast cancer patients on opioids less likely to stick to vital treatment
2 Kessler researchers correlate cognitive fatigue after TBI with activation of the caudate
3 Palliative care makes only limited gains in Africa
4 Scientists identify climatic risks for dengue disease outbreaks
5 August 2017 Jobs Report: Labor Day job numbers remain upbeat for Americans with disabilities
6 Physician experts highlight research ahead of Otolaryngology's annual meeting
7 Lifestyle factors may affect how long individuals live free of disability
8 Bit data goes anti-skyrmions
9 Etosis phenomenon discovered in human blood monocytes
10 Vaccines save 20 million lives, $350 billion in poor countries since 2001
11 Equatorial jet in Venusian atmosphere discovered by Akatsuki
12 Electricity production: When enzymes rival platinum
13 Updated ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale set to evaluate single-arm studies
14 Virus hijacks cell's transportation system
15 Reusable ruthenium-based catalyst could be a game-changer for the biomass industry
16 Molecules move faster near sticky surfaces
17 Brief primary care intervention cut risky drug use among Latinos by 40 percent
18 The 'reality' of accent change
19 Researchers find microbes key to reef survival
20 Adipose tissue may affect cancer development in multiple ways
21 Nature imagery calms prisoners
22 Immune system changes during pregnancy are precisely timed
23 Arizona State University team shines new light on photosynthesis
24 Study identifies new genetic risk factor for developing autism spectrum disorder
25 Inflammation may precede sleep apnea, could be treatment target
26 Asthma medicine halves risk of Parkinson's
27 Mayo Clinic researchers identify genes fueling neuroblastoma spread
28 Panama's native tree species excel in infertile tropical soils
29 New boarding procedures, smaller cabin size may limit infection on planes
30 Coming soon to Montreal: The infrastructure cost of climate change
31 More research needed on effects of maternal stress in wild animals
32 Risk of preeclampsia can sometimes be linked to fetal genes
33 Measuring the cost of quality measurement
34 LSUHealthNO discovery may be key to obesity, Diabetes Rx
35 Insect eyes inspire new solar cell design from Stanford
36 Method speeds up time to analyze complex microscopic images
37 Study reveals ways collegiate sports venues can achieve 'zero waste'
38 Pinpointing the sources of trans-Pacific dust
39 Low health literacy is associated with preventable emergency department visits
40 Fossil footprints challenge established theories of human evolution
41 Protein transport channel offers new target for thwarting pathogen
42 Addressing domestic violence should be part of recovery plan during natural disasters
43 How a bunch of bird brains led to the development of touch screens
44 New findings on brain functional connectivity may lend insights into mental disorders
45 Caching system could make data centers more energy efficient
46 People become more economically conservative when angered
47 Center for Biorenewable Chemicals introduces idea for new molecules, innovation, value
48 Drugs found to be more effective against depression than electric current
49 Exploring periodontitis in patients with Chediak-Higashi syndrome
50 For older adults with chronic conditions, non-drug behavioral treatments may help
51 Hubble delivers first hints of possible water content of TRAPPIST-1 planets
52 NASA scientists seek to improve sea ice predictions
53 Songbird study shows how estrogen may stop infection-induced brain inflammation
54 Aerospace test at Sandia goes green with alternative to explosives
55 Mind wandering is common during driving
56 More evidence: Untreated sleep apnea shown to raise metabolic and cardiovascular stress
57 Racism on college campuses is rooted in the small things people say and do
58 Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region
59 Children's sleep quality is related to mothers' insomnia symptoms
60 A new method used to generate ensemble initial perturbations
61 Volcanic carbon dioxide drove ancient global warming event
62 Little known theory could hold key to sporting success
63 Children's sleep quality linked to mothers' insomnia
64 Family of proteins involved in brain's connectivity are controlled by multiple checkpoints
65 Nature gem within the city: What grows in the biodiversity-rich Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve
66 Why are coyote populations difficult to control?
67 PolyU discovers a newly emerged superbug
68 New possibility of studying how Alzheimer's disease affects the brain at different ages
69 BCG jab may protect against TB for nearly twice as long as previously thought
70 Nature Conservation special: Guidelines for the monitoring of beetles protected in Europe
71 New Zealand researchers makes 'natural born killer' cell discovery
72 Noise reduction: Scientists clear the chatter of buck converters
73 Scientists propose method to improve microgrid stability and reliability
74 X-ray footprinting solves mystery of metal-breathing protein
75 Record-low 2016 Antarctic sea ice due to 'perfect storm' of tropical, polar conditions
76 Alcohol abuse, dental conditions, and mental health found to be the top causes of avoidable emergency room visits
77 Discrimination leads older Chinese-Americans to consider suicide at high rates
78 New study shows that Americans are not eating much bread
79 Technique could aid mass production of biodegradable plastic
80 Reconstructing life at its beginning, cell by cell
81 Apes' abilities misunderstood by decades of poor science
82 Drugs targeting the beta2-adrenoreceptor linked to Parkinson's disease
83 Staying in education linked to lower risk of heart disease
84 New research delivers hope for reef fish living in a high CO2 world
85 Yawning--why is it so contagious and why should it matter?
86 New assessment predicts fracture risk for patients in long-term care
87 Study recommends 3 policies to improve children's language development
88 Climate change may be linked to spike in US road deaths in 2015
89 Women in India nearly 40 times more likely to die after assault as their US peers
90 Chemo-boosting drug discovered for leukemia
91 Stressed lemurs have worse chances of survival
92 How DACA affects the health of America's children
93 Cross-kingdom regulation of honeybee caste development by dietary plant miRNAs
94 Does indoor spraying help prevent dengue?
95 Compound regulates genetic risk factor in Parkinson's disease
96 Scents and social preference: Neuroscientists ID the roots of attraction
97 New findings may help protect the kidney health of individuals with obesity
98 E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but there's a catch
99 What changes when you warm the Antarctic Ocean just 1 degree? Lots
100 Bacterial protein acts as aphrodisiac for choanoflagellates
101 Honeybees become workers or queens depending on the plant microRNAs in their diet
102 Fathers of American newborns keep getting older, Stanford study finds
103 Mouth clicks used in human echolocation captured in unprecedented detail
104 Biologists find new source for brain's development
105 Robots on the move: How to better track movement
106 Discovery of drug combination: Overcoming resistance to targeted drugs for liver cancer
107 Techniques used in forensic science help discover new molecular fossils
108 The power of society: Scientists propose new area of study in energy generation
109 Improving earthquake resistance with a single crystal
110 Robot learns to follow orders like Alexa